How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? ~ William Shakespeare

I am healing up nicely. Yesterday morning I was still hobbling around a bit but I went to the driving range at lunch with Bret and then went for a Singlespeed ride after work with Luke and felt a lot better this morning. I am a pretty bad golfer. That much hasn’t really changed. Good to know some things are consistent.

Luke and I headed out towards Heil Ranch north of Boulder but time constraints (mine) forced us back through on trails west of the Res. Luke showed off his Singlespeed skills by riding all the way up the Foothills Trail climb. I was thwarted by the steps at the top and my brain. Must avoid caving into the urge to stop.

Samantha is hanging in there. Rage is doing a great job of keeping up with her meds and fluids and whatnot. They went in for a doctor’s visit this morning and we now get to wait to hear about test results. Hope it is good news. She is being a trooper and is spending lots of time getting pets from Rage.

Tomorrow, I plan to spin a few laps up at A-Basin before they close. I think they are trying to stay open until June 3rd but don’t know if they will make it. Depending upon what skiing gets done, I may do a run in the afternoon. The Boulder Adventure Film Festival is this weekend too so we will probably try to catch some of that. Seems like there is never enough time to do everything on one’s list.

Today, I plan to do a whole lot of nothing. May take a short hike when I get home but other than that, I just plan to kick it. Let me know if you have other activities in mind.

I leave you with a photo of a goat in a tree:


Short but sweet…

Ouch! Quit it. Ouch! Quit it. ~ Bart Simpson

Still recovering from Tuesday’s debacle. Luke and I ran a variation on the Foothills Trail yesterday at lunch. Just a quick jaunt to get things moving again. I am hoping this doesn’t set me back too much.

Sam is hanging in there but really doesn’t feel well at all. Rage is being awesome and taking care of Sam’s medical needs along with giving her lots of pets, which she loves. Siamese cats are a bit odd – they are so vocal normally, you don’t really know when they are feeling lousy. They kind of fuss all the time anyway. Part of their charm.

On the way in to work today I saw a fox running down the sidewalk with some dead thing in his mouth. There was a woman walking the opposite direction who freaked out when she saw him and took an immediate left to try to get away from him. Of course, he went right. Hilarity ensued.

For those of you trying to actually find some substantive information about running Leadville, I pinged the Boulder Trail Runners Group yesterday to get some advice on what lights work well for the night segment of the race. The consensus seems to be the Gerber LX3. I have not yet tried this out myself but plan to give it a whirl shortly. I have been using headlamps but a lot of the feedback I received indicated that one gets better results from a hand-held light while running trails. I’ll let you know.

For those of you looking for something fun to do this weekend, you should check out the Boulder Adventure Film Festival. This is an annual event that focuses on outdoor, adventure and environmental film. Screenings are held at the Boulder Theater and this year it features a filmmaker’s seminar on Saturday. Check it out!

For today’s “training”, I am hoping to hit some golf balls at lunch and then go for a Singlespeed ride post work. Ping me if you have an interest in attending either of those events.

See you out there.


Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday…

This is a very deep cut. ~ Morris “Mo” Wanchuk

Seems that gravity is more than just a theory, my friends. Yesterday witnessed two casualties of Newton’s First Law: Brad decided it would be a good idea to test the tensile strength of a street sign, and I introduced my mouth to a very large rock. The rock, as you can imagine, won.

Our Singlespeed ride was a blast. I may have to outfit my ride with a fork, however, as I quickly remembered why full-rigid went the way of the dodo bird. How did we ever ride this way? Still, a good time was had by all and Brad and Luke kept the fun and/or games in full effect. We headed out from Brad’s house (post road sign encounter) and jammed up to Betasso for a quick lap. Then it was back to town to toss on the running duds for a run with Jess up Sanitas. Up was a steady slog, as usual. On the descent, the excitement began.

Essentially, I blew a step, tripped and decided somewhere along my fast arc to the ground that it would be best to lead with my face. Fortunately, my teeth are all intact and my jaw only feels slightly like I took a pummeling from Mike Tyson. Or Cicely Tyson at least. Overall, the damage wasn’t too bad: a scraped and banged knee, hip, wrist and chin and a small cut on my lip. If you want to bake a cake, you have to break a few eggs. Unless you don’t eat eggs in which case you can use Egg Replacer and my analogy gets all shot to hell.

Today, I may go for a short ride run at lunch and maybe a hike after work but will chalk today up as a rest/recovery day. Luke and I were going to try a modified Cirque de Boulder tomorrow but I think that will be postponed for the time-being. I’ll keep you posted.


Ex-STREAM skiing…

Idiots rule. ~ Jane’s Addiction

Today’s adventure began with a trip to the Vet. Sam, our wonderful Siamese kitty is sick. This is really horrible news after the loss of Oliver just a couple of weeks ago. We have pretty much ruled out the pet food problems that have been seen around the country but Sam is having the same problems as Oliver and this is not good news. She is back home now and resting.

Post Vet, I hooked up with Luke and Pete for some backcountry skiing. We opted out of another Chihuahua/Margories loop for a sojourn into the National Forest around Eldora. We were promptly kicked out of the Eldora lot and headed down to the Hessie Trailhead to try our luck skinning up the back way. After several false starts, we were on our way.

The skin took WAY longer than we hoped as we did a bunch of poking around to see if there was an easy way to ford South Boulder Creek which, being May 7, is roaring. No luck. So after bushwhacking back up to the main trail and getting a ton of practice donning and removing our skis, we finally made it to Lost Lake.

Conditions were a little sketchy so we opted out of starting our ski from the top of Left/Right Chutes and just launched out descent from the roll. Not a lot of vert but still good lines were lain. Lain? Sure, lain.

On the way out, Pete jacked his knee up which made for some interesting navigating. We decided to traverse over to Corona and jam straight back down to the car. Pete handled it all with good humor and Luke showed off his stream skiing and tree skiing skills on the way out when we crossed back over the creek – sans bridge. Needless to say, I am putting my boot drier to very good use.

I may still go out for a run later this evening but am looking forward to seeing Shirley at In Motion Rehabilitation (Luke, this may be the worst site I have ever seen. Think they’d trade us some bench time for a little help?) tomorrow and then going for a bike ride. Singlespeeders, start your engines for a 4:30 launch. Be there or be elsewhere.


In lieu of…

You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics. ~ Charles Bukowski

Often times, we seem to only see the full task of what lies ahead and that can be quite overwhelming. “Why even start?” one may ask. Look for the small victories, the tiny differences we can make that, as individual pieces of the puzzle mean little but are quite powerful as a collective whole. If we do what we can, make small sacrifices or changes to our lifestyles, we can make a difference. And by making a difference, we can influence others to do the same. And so on.

Today was spent at COHRS cleaning rabbit cages. I had plans to get out for a run or ski but just didn’t have it in me today. Good to take some rest when you feel the need.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to get out for some backcountry sking. Will see if that plan comes to fruition but mark your calendar for a Tuesday evening Singlespeed ride. Should be ready to roll by 4:30 or so.

How will you make a difference today?


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