May 2010 in Review…

At its heart, running is pretty simple, so I try to keep it that way. ~ Anton Krupicka

When one steps back and looks at the numbers, May turned out okay. It should have been a lot bigger but given that I was sick for about 2 full weeks and had to take one week completely off, I feel pretty good about how things turned out. Here are the digits:

  • Miles: 213.99
  • Hours: 38:53:13
  • Vertical: 28,349

I was hoping for 250-260 but am completely satisfied with what I accomplished. It ended up being my second biggest month of the year and I finished very strongly – teeing things up nicely for June. Here are some numbers for the year to date, just for fun:

  • Miles: 996.68
  • Hours: 191
  • Vertical: 73,431 (low by probably 15K)

So I am 3.5 miles shy of the 1K mark for the year. That makes me pretty happy. I’ll get that tomorrow then move on to bigger and better goals.


Almost there…

But it’s wafer thin, sir. ~ Waiter

Sat 10 April: 00:36, 3.5 miles, Casa trails to Firehouse loop
Sun 11 April: 1:19, 7.91 miles, P2P to Gap to Raccoon, around Thorne Lake

Well, that was not a stellar week but I did manage to get in a few miles despite continuing to shed weight and have little-to-no appetite. Ugh. That food bout of food poisoning kicked my ass. Today is a new day, however, and I am bound and determined to get back on that pony and ride. (“Pony,” in this case meaning “running schedule,” NOT “dirty food eating.”)

As I mentioned, Friday’s run was fairly miserable. Saturday was better in regard to gut-pain, but energy levels were pretty “meh” and it wasn’t like I felt like doing long surges. I tossed in a couple of very mild, very short bursts and didn’t feel completely like jumping off a bridge, so that was nice. There is still a ton of snow in the woods around the house. We need a couple good rains to compliment the already massive melting going on due to warmer temps to really start to take a bite out of the biggest drifts but we’re getting there.

Yesterday, I tried to get out for a couple of hours but the energy levels just weren’t there to support that kind of effort. Managed to make pretty decent time up to the park where I dropped down Raccoon Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park to test the (frozen) waters. Still a lot of snow on this loop as well wis MASSIVE drifts toward the bottom. My plan was to spin a lap but once I started up the climb from the bottom, decided that idea was for the birds. So I just headed home on another route.

Met up with a young fella (probably about 4-years old but I am terrible at estimating the ages of kids) on my way who came bursting out of his driveway inquiring frantically, “Why are you running?” I stopped and explained that I run for fun – an answer that apparently didn’t jive with his 4-year-old world-view. “But why?” I laughed and he quickly moved on to asking, “What are those things in your ears?” (My earrings.) “Why do you have them? That tree attacked me. Can I come with you? Who’s that dog?” All delivered shotgun style. I explained that he needed to ask his mom before coming with me and he agreed that she would probably not be down with that action. I was then instructed to walk, don’t run and we parted ways. Funny exchange, to say the least.

Eating was still not breaking into my “top-activities-for-a-Sunday” list (try as I might) and so I whacked down what I could and decided to just roll with it for now. Hoping that today produces a marked change in my stomach’s ability to deal with solids. I am approaching race weight from 1989 when I was a skinny cyclist. Not really where I planned to be at this time in my life.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.



How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? ~ William Shakespeare

I am healing up nicely. Yesterday morning I was still hobbling around a bit but I went to the driving range at lunch with Bret and then went for a Singlespeed ride after work with Luke and felt a lot better this morning. I am a pretty bad golfer. That much hasn’t really changed. Good to know some things are consistent.

Luke and I headed out towards Heil Ranch north of Boulder but time constraints (mine) forced us back through on trails west of the Res. Luke showed off his Singlespeed skills by riding all the way up the Foothills Trail climb. I was thwarted by the steps at the top and my brain. Must avoid caving into the urge to stop.

Samantha is hanging in there. Rage is doing a great job of keeping up with her meds and fluids and whatnot. They went in for a doctor’s visit this morning and we now get to wait to hear about test results. Hope it is good news. She is being a trooper and is spending lots of time getting pets from Rage.

Tomorrow, I plan to spin a few laps up at A-Basin before they close. I think they are trying to stay open until June 3rd but don’t know if they will make it. Depending upon what skiing gets done, I may do a run in the afternoon. The Boulder Adventure Film Festival is this weekend too so we will probably try to catch some of that. Seems like there is never enough time to do everything on one’s list.

Today, I plan to do a whole lot of nothing. May take a short hike when I get home but other than that, I just plan to kick it. Let me know if you have other activities in mind.

I leave you with a photo of a goat in a tree: