Good week (and it’s only Thursday)…

Well I’ll be damned. ~ Beavis

Rach got back home Tuesday afternoon after spending a full week running the shelter in Broomfield. Needless to say, I am really happy she is home. I made some trips down to see her while she was away but it isn’t the same as having your sweetie close by. She is super tired from a long and hectic week caring for the bunnies and their owners but did an amazing job. She rules.

So I decided to step it up a bit in the last week or so… I did a fun Singlespeed ride around the neighborhood last Friday. Worked on a new section of trail that is pretty promising and just tooled around in the woods. I broke my chain about 2/3 of the way through and had to coast/walk/kick home but it was still fun to get out and explore.

Saturday, Luke, Pete and I met up in Ned for a fun SS ride. We hit the Highschool Trails then the Habitrail then did some exploring up high above West Mag. Fun stuff. Pete recently picked up a sweet 29’er Singlespeed ride and it is a blast. Once I got home I decided to do some work around the house then, since I was still grubby, threw on the running shoes and went back out for a quick 5-miler. Felt great. I kept a sub 10 pace (average) and just kindof cruised. It was good to get a double in.

I took Sunday off then went back out on Monday for my longest run this year to date. I ran from my house, up some old trails with new singletrack to the Park, then headed out for the long Zoo loop (Raccoon to Mule Deer, to Elk and back down Raccoon, through the campground and back home). This was about 18 miles and I did it in right around 3 hours. Felt decent for about the first 12 then a bit pukey for the last 6 but that is how it goes sometimes. I ran out of water and spun a lap back through the campground to refill then somehow managed to turn off my watch so I don’t have exact numbers but the above are pretty close guesses.

Wednesday, I headed back up to the Park for a little exploration and the goal of hitting 10 miles. I was really focusing on staying relaxed, keeping my heartrate down and flowing. Mission accomplished. I was trying to keep a 10 minute pace for most of the run (didn’t manage that, really) but didn’t really walk much at all and ran everything on Raccoon, which was cool. It was nice to be able to conceptualize and then accomplish a nice, smooth, easy 10 miles. Several years ago I wouldn’t have considered this possible so am pretty happy with my progress. I felt really great for about 7.5 miles then started getting a little tired but rolling almost 30 miles in a couple of days felt good. I am hoping to get out again tomorrow (Friday) and then maybe again on Saturday depending upon what is going on.

So all in all, a good week. I am starting to feel strong again, have really started to feel more efficient and am able to pick a pace and stick with it longer than ever before. This week will be decision time regarding Leadville. Right now I am on the fence. We’ll see if this weekend will kick me to one side or the other.


Rain run…

What are you… made of sugar? ~ Rachel

Yesterday: Singlespeed Ride – Caribou/Mud Lake Trails, 1 hour 45 minutes
Today: Run – Neighborhood trails, 1 hour
Tomorrow: Off

Headed out today with rain threatening and then was quickly greeted with a steady downpour. No biggie, I usually dry out eventually. I ran at a leisurely pace for about an hour and felt okay. Not great but just fine for such a short effort. The rain subsided a bit mid-run and then came back in the last 15 minutes or so. With temperatures in the upper 60s, this was no big deal.

Getting organized for the big day. Rach has been helping to get things sorted out and I have a pretty solid pace schedule and crew plan at this juncture. Everything is falling into place and now I am just waiting for Friday when I head up the hill and the countdown really starts. I have some final checks this week, have to buy supplies and food, pack up the rig and get my run on.

Movie review: Last night, I watched Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. This film is set in France in the 1700s and paints a really scary picture of people living in that period. This is a fine adaptation from an equally fine novel. It features some seriously grotesque scenes but is a movie I would recommend if you are into that sort of thing. Really well done.


Blogger doesn’t like the iPhone…

Would you like to touch my monkey? ~ Dieter

Yesterday: Singlespeed ride – Casa del Critters, 1.5 hours
Today: Night run – West Mag trails, 1.5 hours
Tomorrow: Ride – Ned trails, 1.5 hours

So the iPhone and Blogger don’t play well. Interesting. I am guessing a fix for this has to be in the works but for now, no mobile blogging from my phone. Which is actually probably a blessing.

So 10 days out (or so) and I am feeling great. Getting a little antsy to start but really just feeling excited. I go to sleep most nights visualizing the course (rarely make it past Fish Hatchery before I drift off and have to start over). The Crüe is all jazzed. We are full steam ahead.

Last night I went for a glorious post-rain singlespeed ride. Just dinked around the forest and explored some trails in the area on which I had not ridden for quite some time. I didn’t feel as well as the previous day’s adventure but I had just whacked down another amazing meal and was a bit stuffed. I really am enjoying the one-speeder… looking forward to exploring some more this fall post-race.

Tonight (in about a half an hour), I am meeting Bob and Brad for a night run in Ned. I am really itching to run at this point which I can’t imagine being a bad thing. Better to go into a hundred-miler excited to run than sick of it. At least that is the theory on which I am working.

We got the new Simpsons DVD set today and are rocking that as we speak. Season 10 was the last for which we actually had tapes so we’ll be entering new territory once season 11 comes out. Good stuff.

Movie review: At some point I saw the trailer for Alpha Dog and I guess it looked not bad enough to warrant a peek. Though it wasn’t awful, it definitely wasn’t great. It was watchable for the most part but I wouldn’t recommend rushing out to rent it or anything. So there you have a mediocre review to match.

Gotta get my stuff together.

See you out there.



Oh, why does everything I whip leave me? ~ Homer Simpson

Friday: Night Run – Neighborhood, 30 minutes
Singlespeed Ride – Casa del Critters, 1 hour 30 mintues
Today: Ride – Ned area?, 2 hours
Tomorrow: Off

Ladies and gentlemen… we have broken the 2-week barrier. Despite my recent setbacks, I am feeling strong. Tested the shin on Friday night and it felt great (though, a 30-minute run is really not a hardcore test). I’ll take anything I can get at this point.

I am feeling strong. Tonight’s singlespeed ride was a blast and I hammered up hills that previously I had to push. I went to the chiropractor on Friday and he gave me the thumbs up to start testing out the leg so away I go.

It is pouring down rain here right now (Saturday night post… delayed push due to internet outage) and in two weeks I’ll be approaching Half Moon, roughly 70 miles into the race. Hoping the weather is different then but I plan to move forward whatever gets thrown at me. That is how this past year has been. Roll with the punches and come back swingin’.

I’ll be staying fairly active over the next couple of weeks but with shorter durations and levels of intensity. I had planned to do one more super-long effort but this week was a bitch work-wise. Brad, my first pacer, would like to go up and do Hope Pass so I may go do that one day this week but that would be the toughest effort I would toss in the mix for the remainder of the time until the race. Have to consult my experts on that one.

Movies: We went to see The Simpsons on Friday and it was a lot of fun. Very funny. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was the best movie I have seen but it was certainly a great adaptation from the TV show and it kept things fresh after 20-years of laughs. The team that puts that show together is incredibly talented and I was happy to hear earlier this year that they are planning to bring back Futurama. Great news.

I also watched Lucky Number Slevin. This film started out a bit slowly but then actually became fairly interesting. I had pretty low expectations and, though no masterpiece, was entertained. It had a bit of a Boondock Saints kind of vibe – some decent writing and an ok idea but just not quite as polished as it might have been. Probably worth the watch though.

Ok. My shoes are getting soaked so I guess I’ll be back on the singlespeed tomorrow. Give a shout if you want to join in the fun and/or games.


My bike shoes smell like cat pee…

Yesterday: Ride – Ned trails, 3.5 hours
Today: Singlespeed Ride – Caribou, 2.75 hours
Tomorrow: Chiropractor, rest

Normally, I wouldn’t go around sniffing shoes, mine or anyone elses, but last year Dylan took a whiz in my bike shoes and well… it lingers. Whatchgonnado?

This weekend, I logged some hours on the mountain bikes to give the shin a rest. Seems to have worked nicely. No problems either day which, as you can imagine, makes me pretty happy. The riding went pretty well too. I got soaked on Saturday but it was warm and there wasn’t any lightning so I stayed out. Hit up some old trails in the Ned/Eldora area and then explored some new ones on the way home. My bike was destroyed afterwards from all the mud but it cleaned up nicely.

Today, Luke and I headed up to Eldora to suffer up the Caribou Flats climb on the singlespeeds. I wouldn’t really recommend this one unless you have the right gears. Both Luke and I are rocking pretty tall ratios so we ended up pushing a fair amount. Full-rigid is a little rough as well but sometimes you have to keep it really, really real. Old school. After a couple of missteps, we managed to find a kickass section of singletrack I had not ridden for many years and let me tell you, it was well worth it. Great ride. Here’s the full album.

Tomorrow I plan to do a whole lot of nuthin’. I have an appointment with Dr. Dave but will be taking the rest of the day off. I’m into my taper at this point and rest is going to be my primary focus over the next few weeks. I’ll roll out for a few runs here and there to test the leg, will do a few medium rides and take it easy until the race. I need to finalize my race plan for Megan, Nichole and Luke to review and get everything in order prior to the event. That is on this week’s agenda for sure.

Keep the peace.


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