Recovering quickly…

All work and no play make Homer something something. ~ Homer Simpson

Aside from spending the last two days chained to my desk, I am recovering fairly well. Not too sore, feeling rested. Good times.

I may get up and go up for some early morning slopeside office action tomorrow. Haven’t quite decided. I also need to look at the program to see what is in store training-wise for the coming weeks and figure out how to work in some volunteering. I also signed up for a meditation class on the 2nd. They took my money but I am not sure whether or not I got in. We’ll see. That is going to be a long day as Rach and I volunteer at the shelter that morning.

All in all a hectic couple of weeks leading up to the election then hopefully things will settle down a little. Or not. You know how it goes around here.

If you haven’t voted, get your butt in gear.


Delayed Dad’s Day…

Better late than never. ~ Titus Livius

Tuesday: Golf – Vista Ridge, 5 hours ~275 shots
Yesterday: Habitat for Humanity, Denver, 5.5 hours
Today: Run, Ned area, ~2 hours
Tomorrow: Bike ride, Casa del Critters, ~1 hour

Okay… Clearly I have not done such a red hot job of keeping you guys updated this week. For that, I apologize.

My first week out of the 9-5 world has been quite hectic thus far. I have been swamped with freelance projects plus signed on for volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and had a previously scheduled day with my dad. Good times!

Tuesday was my belated Dad’s Day celebration and my pops came over from Gunnison to spend the day goofing around Denver with me. First, we played a round of golf at Vista Ridge. Fun course. I still suck but had a great time. There were geese all over the course with little ones learning to fly. We also saw a big bullfrog who treated us to some serious croaking and some sort of stork or something. Not sure what he was. I think Dad shot in the high 80s and I rocked about a 215 or something. I stopped counting. The greens were really tough to figure out and the rough was, well… rough. Fun course though.

Later that night, we tried to get Dad checked into the La Quinta for which he had a reservation but apparently that was lost so we had to change plans and moved him to the Best Western. Dad is a huge Yankees fan so I got us tickets to go see the Bombers play the Rockies. (I forgot my camera, so no shots from there.) I normally am not a baseball going type of fella but had a great time at the game with Dad. The guy next to us was an uber baseball dork and was keeping score, calling his buddies with updates non-stop, and twitching all over the place in nervousness for his Yankees. Funny stuff. The game was a good one, relatively close and not a marathon session. Apparently you can’t get anything at the game that hasn’t been soaked, dipped, doused, rubbed, glazed or pickled in salt so be forewarned. I think I may have consumed a decade’s RDA of the stuff. Good lemonade, though.

I got home around midnight and was up the next morning to get some freelance stuff completed prior to heading out to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. This was the first day volunteers were on site and we had a bunch of prep-work to do in the crawl space. The foundation had been contracted out so that was all in place. Man it was hot. I am not a big fan of warm weather as you may know and it was about 97 in Denver yesterday. First, we leveled the crawl space floor and then spread pea gravel over the surface, pitched that down to a sump pump and then affixed a vapor barrier. By that point, we were virtually finished and were waiting for a load of lumber to arrive so that we could get to work on the floor joists. After hanging out for awhile with no lumber in sight, the foreman cut everyone loose early. I got home about 3:30 and started working on a couple of projects that I need to finish up by next week.

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Today, thus far, has been spent working. I am going to go for a run with Luke here in a bit (I hope) and plan to spend the rest of the evening just relaxing with Rach. Tomorrow, I need to work most of the day and will try to get out early for a ride or a run.

I forgot to tell you more about the Spring Fling at the Colorado House Rabbit Society. So everyone brought their bunnies and Rach judged a contest. Some of the categories were: Looks most like their owner, Oddest couple, Funniest, Most relaxed, etc. It was fun to see the kids get all fired up when they won a prize. There were a couple of bunnies selling kisses (yeah) and a silent auction to raise money for the shelter. The turnout was amazing and we actually had to park across the street because all the spots were taken. Rach won the grand prize to sponsor an outdoor bunny run. I think she is going to do that in Rockshot’s honor.

That’s it for now. Gotta hit the trails.


Productive Friday…

I’m reinforcing the header! ~ Buster Bluth

Yesterday: Nuttin’
Today: Ride – Casa del Critters, 1:45
Tomorrow: Longish hike/ski/run?

Just a quick one to try to get me in the habit…

Today I took the day off from work and freelanced and organized my home office a bit. Still not complete but getting there. I have a bunch of projects on which I am working with more on the horizon. I will definitely need to get myself in the groove, so to speak, in order to not get too bogged down with working all the time. I managed to squeeze out for a fun little ride in the local neighborhood and hooked up a trail I have been trying to link for a couple of years. Good times.

I actually am riding pretty well right now and managed to get almost all the way across a really technical spot I have been trying to nail for quite some time. That felt pretty good. I had one unplanned dismount (I didn’t hit the ground) that bent my derailleur hanger a little bit and somehow jacked up my front shifter as well. Weird. I guess that is what I get for riding the geared rig.

I signed up to work with Habitat for Humanity on the 2oth to help build a house on West Kentucky Avenue in Denver. I helped out this fall with a project in the same area and it was a lot of fun. It felt good to be able to lend a hand to a project of that type and to volunteer some time to help out others. With my work schedule becoming less structured, I am hoping to be able to do more volunteering on a regular basis.

Tomorrow I plan to get out and about for some sort of adventure. I may just end up doing a really long run but am not quite sure of the plan. If you have any thoughts, feel free to let me know.

Don’t you go changin’.


In lieu of…

You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics. ~ Charles Bukowski

Often times, we seem to only see the full task of what lies ahead and that can be quite overwhelming. “Why even start?” one may ask. Look for the small victories, the tiny differences we can make that, as individual pieces of the puzzle mean little but are quite powerful as a collective whole. If we do what we can, make small sacrifices or changes to our lifestyles, we can make a difference. And by making a difference, we can influence others to do the same. And so on.

Today was spent at COHRS cleaning rabbit cages. I had plans to get out for a run or ski but just didn’t have it in me today. Good to take some rest when you feel the need.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to get out for some backcountry sking. Will see if that plan comes to fruition but mark your calendar for a Tuesday evening Singlespeed ride. Should be ready to roll by 4:30 or so.

How will you make a difference today?