Apparently, I didn’t get the memo…

One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. ~ Oogway

A new study has taken a look into “the perfect running pace” and determined that though this pace is unique for each individual, the average optimal pace to travel 1 mile for males is 7:18. It does sound as if the study took into account only traveling a single mile so it would be interesting to know what the pace would be for those traveling greater distances. Anyway, that is my running link for the day. Enjoy!

I took Saturday completely off in an effort to recover a little bit from Thursday and Friday’s skiing excitement and drove down to Boulder on Sunday to do some really sloppy trail running. It was beautiful out, a bit breezy at times and the trails were wet and muddy. Good stuff.

I started out at Eben G. Fine park and made my way under Canyon Blvd to Prospect Park. My heartrate spiked pretty much immediately (gotta work on that) as I made my way up and over the hogback and on to Sanitas. I ran/walked up the gut of Sanitas , enjoying the scenery and perfect running weather then dropped off the top toward 4th.

This trail was SUPER muddy and very slick at points. I fell once but managed to get a hand down to keep from being coated in sloppy, wet clay, so that was a plus and eventually made it down without further incident and on to the Wonderland Lake trails.

This section was very wet but at this point, it didn’t really matter so I just tried to keep a sub 12-minute pace and let my legs spin. Unfortunately, my abs were really acting up and so I am sure I looked less than graceful. I ran North across Lee Hill road, up to the top of the hill and turned around for the return journey.

The only complication came while climbing back up the muddy access to Sanitas – just slow-going. I was pretty bonked by the end as well and man, my guts were killing me. Only 9.5ish miles, which took me about 1:45. Not stellar but given that I haven’t been running at all really, I am nursing two injuries, and it was only my second time on major hills/trails since who knows when, I’ll go easy on myself.

So the great experiment of running marathons over the fall months seems to have only really resulted in my having a nagging injury (abs) and less improvement in the efficiency department than expected. I’ll keep working to get the ab problem resolved… perhaps that is what is holding me back. The knee had several “twingey” moments but overall was okay. I definitely wouldn’t want to run 50+ miles on it right now.

Given the lingering injury situation, I have decided to postpone the double traverse until the fall but am looking at a few options for 50k races in May/June. The first, the Sage Burner, is in Gunnison on May 23rd. It follows a lot of the Rage in the Sage course which I used to race/train on heavily when I raced Mountain Bikes. This course has a hometown feel for me so it would be a fun one to do. The second upcoming event is also a “home course” kind of deal – The Golden Gate Dirty Thirty. This race is on June 6 and is run on the trail system near my house where I spent a lot of the last two summers training. Should be a lot of fun.

I am going to take today mostly off (will probably head to the gym later to lift) but am hoping to start ramping things up, move skiing more to the backcountry and start to feel better soon. At least that is the goal.

By the way, if you ever have electric motor repair needs, go see the guys at Boulder Electric Motor. They are awesome.


Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday…

This is a very deep cut. ~ Morris “Mo” Wanchuk

Seems that gravity is more than just a theory, my friends. Yesterday witnessed two casualties of Newton’s First Law: Brad decided it would be a good idea to test the tensile strength of a street sign, and I introduced my mouth to a very large rock. The rock, as you can imagine, won.

Our Singlespeed ride was a blast. I may have to outfit my ride with a fork, however, as I quickly remembered why full-rigid went the way of the dodo bird. How did we ever ride this way? Still, a good time was had by all and Brad and Luke kept the fun and/or games in full effect. We headed out from Brad’s house (post road sign encounter) and jammed up to Betasso for a quick lap. Then it was back to town to toss on the running duds for a run with Jess up Sanitas. Up was a steady slog, as usual. On the descent, the excitement began.

Essentially, I blew a step, tripped and decided somewhere along my fast arc to the ground that it would be best to lead with my face. Fortunately, my teeth are all intact and my jaw only feels slightly like I took a pummeling from Mike Tyson. Or Cicely Tyson at least. Overall, the damage wasn’t too bad: a scraped and banged knee, hip, wrist and chin and a small cut on my lip. If you want to bake a cake, you have to break a few eggs. Unless you don’t eat eggs in which case you can use Egg Replacer and my analogy gets all shot to hell.

Today, I may go for a short ride run at lunch and maybe a hike after work but will chalk today up as a rest/recovery day. Luke and I were going to try a modified Cirque de Boulder tomorrow but I think that will be postponed for the time-being. I’ll keep you posted.