Patience, Grasshopper. ~ Master Po

Tues 9 Feb: 00:40, 4.2 miles, Treadmill surges
Wed 10 Feb: 00:39, 4.8 miles, Boulder Creek Path progressive tempo

First of all, my birthday rocked. Went skiing at Eldora in the morning (very briefly) then headed down the hill with Rach to see the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Really enjoyed that film. We then jammed back home, stopping to pick up food at Kathmandu in Nederland. Then some serious kickin’ it was thrown down. All in all, a great way to spend my birthday.

Tuesday I was back at it and hit the gym after meetings in Denver to do a quick, easy run with some surges. Felt fantastic, frankly and spun easy 10s with a few surges thrown in for good measure. Then I did a couple circuits in the weight room and called it a night.

Today I had more meetings in Denver and then a client hike/meeting in Boulder. Hiking Sanitas and talking shop were both great. Still a bit snowpacked and icy in spots but nothing too horrendous. I then got in a quick run along the Boulder Creek Path at dusk. Glute/hamstring was a bit tight throughout and I have a very poor ability to monitor my efforts but overall it was a great run. Yeah, I went a bit too fast but I had fun, dammit.

Tomorrow will be race prep day then I hit the road Friday morning to head to Moab for the race. Looking forward to it for sure. Just need to work on my throttle control.


Round and round…

Deep e deep dow do dee do do ~ Hamster Dance

Tues: 00:55, 6.00 miles, Treadmill surges
Wed: 1:37, 12 miles, Treadmill/Track tempo
Thurs: 1:00ish, Not terribly far, Skate skiing

Words can not really describe how nice it was to get out of the hamster maze yesterday. The temps here have been incredibly low of late and yesterday, they finally started to break from their single-digit (or lower) rut and climbed into the mid teens. It wouldn’t have mattered as I was bound and determined to get outside for some fun in the sun but seeing 12° when I pulled on the skate boots at the base of Eldora lifted my spirits for sure. More on that in a moment.

I have been stuck in the gym but have been making good use of my time and spinning some solid efforts. On Tuesday, I warmed up for 30 minutes then did 10, 1×1 surges at an increasing pace. Felt a bit woozy to start after less-than-ideal nutrition for the day and a massage but a gel picked me up and I was able to finish the full workout with gusto. Then I did a circuit of upper body weights and called it an evening.

Wednesday featured the addition of wind to the frigid temps as well as client meetings in Denver so it was back to the gym for a tempo workout. I tried to mix things up a bit to fight off the boredom associated with running on the ‘mill and track and ended up having a great run. Started on the treadmill with 30 minutes at a 10-minute pace, then went into my tempo slowly with 2 miles at 8:00, and 1 mile at 7:30. Then I moved to the track for 35 minutes at 7:00 then cooled down for 10 minutes at 10:00 on the treadmill for a total of 1:37 and 12 miles. Felt great but I was definitely getting pretty sick of running in circles by the end.

So that brings us back to Thursday. This was the first time I have skated since college (about 18 years) and I was definitely rusty. The wind was howling at the Rock but the nordic center there is hidden in the trees so once one gets going it isn’t that big of a deal. I fell pretty much immediately (whoa those skis are skinny!), got up, fell again and broke the grip on my pole. Hmmm. Not an auspicious start but I was committed so I went in and got some rental poles and got back after it.

“Graceful” is not the adjective one would use to describe my form but in the next hour or so, I managed to quickly improve to the point where I was able to glide some uphill and didn’t eat it any more, which was nice. Just worked on staying upright, getting used to standing up on toothpicks and trying to not look like a total kook. Two out of three ain’t bad, I suppose. Had a lot of fun and am excited to get my pole fixed so I can get back after it.

Looking back at the past few weeks, I definitely have had some days that were better than others. All were productive, however and, though occasionally suffering, really have enjoyed myself. Some days feel a bit more like suffering than others but really, post run or ski, I feel way better about well… everything. That’s why I do it and why I encourage others to just go spend a little time getting the old heart pumping. It soothes what ails ya.


Lovin’ Lost Lake Laps…

Phew! I haven’t felt that good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland in 1978! ~ Mark “Rent Boy” Renton

Ok. So good I had to just do a brief post…

Luke and I grabbed first chair (well… 15th) at the Rock this morning and made about 3 turns down Ambush on our way to Corona where we were the first to drop Salto, which was nice. Then we headed out the gate for three AWESOME runs in the Lost Lake Chutes. We were spinning 45-50 minute laps even while slogging around in the woods breaking trail trying to find the good traverse line. Left, Hourglass, Left of Left. Quite a bit of sluffing but only a little evidence of fracturing on heavily loaded areas. Man, it was really good.

Luke took first turns in Left and skied it all the way out to the lake making only a few huge, sweeping turns on the face. I followed suit, straight-running the pinch.

We then lapped it back up and Luke jammed down Hourglass to the lake. I came FLYING out of the bottom of the ‘glass grinning ear to ear.

We then rallied one more lap and I took first tracks down the left edge of Left where it was still really deep and pointed it out the bottom. Luke aired into the left notch for the day’s boldest line. Great stuff.

We spun the 4 laps and were back at the car by noon. Amazing morning of great skiing.


Give me a three! Give me a nine…

Never try to tell everything you know. It may take too short a time. ~ Norman Ford

Day 39 was pretty damned good if I do say so my damned self. Gale-force winds made the hike out exciting but created Etch-a-Sketch conditions in the Lost Lake chutes. Really, really amazing skiing. Ben and I did a couple fairly quick laps then met up with Luke for another. Skied the circuit (Right, Left, Members) then I had to bolt to get some work done and keep the right side of my face from freezing again. The air temps weren’t that low but the wind was howling. Bare faced Stu made for a bad combo and I got a little frost nip. No biggie.

Our first run was in Right which was super consolidated and filled with at least a foot of untracked blow-in. Overhead, blinding face shots all the way down to the Nose and Bowl which were also untouched. We then scampered back out to nail Left, which was even better. A little less consolidated (sluffy) but way deep and just a killer run. Members was also just killer skiing. A great day all around.

I came home to get some work done on proposals, some marketing stuff and whatnot. Sometimes I wish I was more irresponsible. Oh well. I have bunnies to feed. Speaking of bunnies, Rach brought Aaron home to be pals with Skipper and Nigel. He is a cutie. So is Rach.

I may have to go back out tomorrow for a short jaunt. Feels so good to get out in the wilderness.



Rinse, repeat. ~ Back of my shampoo bottle

Etch-a-Sketch day in the Lost Lake Chutes. Fresh turns in Right, then more fresh in Left. With the wind the way it was, I am sure that Right would have been fresh again by the time we got back around.

Good times with Pete and Caleb.


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