Bonking and hand-held do not mix…

These effects aren’t very special. ~ Butthead

Yesterday’s run was an exercise in physiology management, mostly. It is becoming more and more clear that I should never try the Badwater Ultra as I just do not do well at all when confronted with unrelenting sunshine and warm temps. It wasn’t even that hot yesterday but man, I suffered a bit due to lack of any shade, the warm-ish temps and poor nutrition.

We were up early to clean runs at the bunny shelter which is truly a rewarding experience. Rach went in at some ungodly hour of the day to get started and I followed shortly thereafter – sans breakfast. We got the bunnies cleaned up very quickly and had decided we would go see a movie around noon so I had just enough time to get in a “long” run and then get changed and to the movies.

The run started off rather poorly. I whacked down an apple but felt super clunky and not at all fluid. After a couple of miles I started feeling better and just focused on staying relaxed with good form. This is not my day to go out and break any speed records so I settled into a nice 9:00-9:30 pace and was able to keep my heartrate down for the most part. I circled one of Broomfield’s open space areas on dirt and then jumped into some neighborhood road running for the second portion of the day’s run.

Really, I felt okay for most of the run but never great and the longer I went, the hotter it got and there was little to no protection from the sun’s intensity. I wound my way back around on surface streets then picked up the Big Dry Creek trail for the next portion of the outing. It was during this stretch that I started feeling pretty crappy and my watch died so I had no information about how long I had been out but only a vague idea as to my timing. I circled back around to the shelter, checked the time and dropped off my non-functional HRM, then headed back out for another mile and a half or so to finish the day with about 11 miles and 1:45 or thereabouts of time. Overall, not too shabby but I wish I had felt a bit better.

Post run, Rach and I headed to see District 9. I was feeling a bit bonked and dehydrated and grabbed a burrito pre-screening to see if getting some food in my belly would help me feel better. It did, albeit briefly, and by about 2/3 of the way through the film I was feeling quite queasy. I think the combination of bonking, being a little dehydrated and the massive amounts of hand-held footage during the film combined to make things a little rough. I soon recovered and started feeling a bit better and enjoyed the film. Great effects. Good acting. Good story. Interested to see how much they screw up the sequel.

So today I am resting and recovering a bit and will get back out there tomorrow. I felt like I made progress this week. The abs still are bugging me a bit but overall, I feel pretty solid.


Where’d the last week go?

Caleb and me at the Basin.

Slipped my mind… ~ Dean

[Ed. ~ So I forgot to post this yesterday or whenever I actually managed to get it written. How much does that rule?]

Apparently, I have been busy as the last week has flown by. I know I have been working a ton and did manage to check out a movie (Milk) on Sunday after cleaning bunny cages at the House Rabbit Society with Rach in the morning. It was quite good. Go see it immediately. I haven’t skied since last Friday though, which is a bit of a drag and today the wind is working overtime up here so I am not sure Eldora will even have the upper mountain open. Plus it will probably be scoured. I’ll keep you posted on that though.

I did break out the trainers on Saturday and hit the dreadmill at the gym. Felt pretty awful after way too much time away from regular running. I did do 5 miles at a moderate (joggy) sort of pace of 9-10-minute miles. A far cry from my standard pacing. But that’s okay. I probably shouldn’t have taken so much time off but I was hoping some of the nagging injuries I have been experiencing would go away in the interim (they haven’t). Still having problems with my psoas muscles and toes. But if these are my biggest problems in life then I have it pretty good, really.

I did get in day 20 up at A-Basin on the 2nd with Caleb. Pete and Edy came up for a few runs too. I was feeling pretty tired and beaten up at the start but got way better as the day went on and by the time we had to leave, I was skiing really pretty well. Dropping the cornice, then top rocks and even flowing a tricky little rock feature mid-way down the mountain. All in all, I am skiing pretty well.

So given today’s conditions, I may hit the gym for my lunchtime adventure instead of braving the wind at the Rock. We’ll see how things go.


Four in a row…

My dog ate my homework. ~ Anon

Today we hit Eldora again. Not even nearly as cold as yesterday but twice as windy. Plus senor douchebag was put in charge of the lower lift maze and was channeling his inner hall monitor. First run I got yelled at for skating in the maze (I shit you not) and then the second run both Luke and I got yelled at for not having leashes. Holy crap on a pita. The skiing was fun, though, until the waves had waves then it was time to head out. This was day 13 for me. Four in a row.

I spent the latter half of the day shooting a Bunny Tune Up class at the House Rabbit Society. Good times. We are hoping to put this together into an instructional video in the not-too-distant future.

Once I got home I was treated to the wrath of Ember. When left to his own devices he can get a little chewy and took our his vengeance upon some of my computer stuff. Not a big deal and how can I stay mad at this face:

Ember is on the left.

That just about covers it for today.


Rabbit cages…

Men will never rest until they’ve spoiled the earth. ~ Fiver

Yesterday: Run – Leadville course, 6 hours ~29 miles
Today: Bunny cages – COHRS, ~2.5 hours
Tomorrow: Run – Boulder?, 1.5 hours

Today was our day to clean the bunny runs at the Colorado House Rabbit Society. We (by “we” I mean “Rach”) got up early so we could beat the heat a bit. I somehow managed to sleepwalk my alarm off, which is pretty awesome. Fortunately, Rach didn’t leave me behind but roused me from my slumber in time to whack down a pb&j and head down to the shelter.

We made good time at the shelter and were done just before A Prairie Home Companion came on. Which is nice, because I can’t stand that friggin’ show. People seriously like that stuff? Anyway… I have included some shots taken after we completed our day’s effort. Doesn’t Terri look adorable with her little bow?

Clean bunny runs. A joyous occasion.

Still life with ball and Meredith.

Extreme close-up.

Turbo nap. Elijah demonstrates excellent sleeping form.

Molly likes to sleep on Rach’s head. Rach is not quite as fond of this arrangement.

B.Z. is the newest member of our crew…

She may be vain and evil but we love her.

Movietime: Last night we watched Shortbus, a James Cameron Mitchell film (writer/director/lead actor in Hedwig and the Angry Inch). I rather enjoyed Shortbus but this is not a film for the feint of heart. It features quite a lot of nudity, adult themes and graphic sexuality so if you aren’t prepared for that type of film, this is NOT the one to rent.

In lieu of…

You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics. ~ Charles Bukowski

Often times, we seem to only see the full task of what lies ahead and that can be quite overwhelming. “Why even start?” one may ask. Look for the small victories, the tiny differences we can make that, as individual pieces of the puzzle mean little but are quite powerful as a collective whole. If we do what we can, make small sacrifices or changes to our lifestyles, we can make a difference. And by making a difference, we can influence others to do the same. And so on.

Today was spent at COHRS cleaning rabbit cages. I had plans to get out for a run or ski but just didn’t have it in me today. Good to take some rest when you feel the need.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to get out for some backcountry sking. Will see if that plan comes to fruition but mark your calendar for a Tuesday evening Singlespeed ride. Should be ready to roll by 4:30 or so.

How will you make a difference today?