If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, keep moving. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sat 29 May: 1:36, 9.5 miles, Big Casa loop
Sun 30 May: 5:54, 33.25 miles, Heil/Hall

Saturday featured another fun trail run near my house. Essentially the same loop I ran the prior week with a section tacked on and reversed direction. Really great to be back on familiar ground and running well. During most of this session, things just “clicked”. Felt really great. Smooth. Efficient.

Capped the week off with a solid long run (33+ miles) in north Boulder/Lyons. Felt really strong throughout and finished the week with 76 miles total. Definitely a high mark for me this year. Started in north Boulder and spun a lap on dirt roads then moved on to the Heil/Hall network of trails. I had never dropped down from Heil to Hall before. The new connector section is super cool and makes for a nice way to hook up these two classic trail sections.

Once I jumped onto the Nighthawk trail at Hall, I was able to make my way up far enough in my allotted run-time to get a really awesome view of Longs Peak. Made it totally worth the long climb. Totally runnable trail with a big pay off at the top. On a cool day (like yesterday), this one is well worth a peek.

This run finished up a week that saw three really strong efforts (and great training all around). Wednesday’s tempo run kicked things off. Saturday’s trail run was a definite breakthrough in the comfort department. Sunday just moved things to a new level for which I have been clamoring for quite some time now. Onward and upward.


Back on trails…

Anyone can start strong. ~ me

  • Thurs 13 May: 1:40, 7.03 miles, Boulder Creek/Sanitas run/hike
  • Sat 15 May: 00:50, 5.77 miles, Peak-to-Peak surges
  • Sun 16 May: 3:45, 19.01 miles, Boulder Creek, Flag, Green
  • Mon 17 May: 00:20, 2.16 miles, Mtn Meadows barefoot
  • Tues 18 May: 00:49, 5.02 miles, Casa trails to Beaver Creek surges
  • Wed 19 May: 1:50, 10.86 miles, GGCSP Raccoon to Thorne Lake tempo
  • Thurs 20 May: 2:11, 9.3 miles, Mesa to Saddle Rock to Green to Gregory run/hike

One would think, that with my abundance of free time, I’d be posting more. Well you thought wrong, my friend as apparently the last 10 days got away from me. Now it’s catch-up time and you better get ready. Or not, your call.

Decent week of training/recovery. Lower mileage than I would have liked but moving to trails definitely slows things up, I am working in more hiking into my routine and I am still not 100% recovered. Getting there, however and starting to feel a lot better, thank you.

I guess the highlight of the week was just getting out on trails that weren’t completely packed with snow. Refreshing, to say the least. Yesterday’s run/hike found Green to be completely snow-free – a marked change even from last Sunday. Things are opening up in the high(er) country as well with trails east of the P2P getting more and more thawed out. Springtime in the Rockies… gotta love it.

I’m off today for a little rest then back at it Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to a good weekend of training then another solid week to finish up a fairly weak May then ready to really open it up in June.

Three months until the LT100. Getting pretty psyched.


Give your all…

Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’. ~Paul Tergat

Tues May 11: 00:24, 2.55 miles, Janet’s house
Wed May 12: 1:30, 10.5 miles, Gilpin Rec Center Track

Two decent (albeit somewhat congested) runs. Starting to feel normal again, which is nice. yesterday was super mellow. Ran with Janet Runyan who worked with me on relaxation, grounding and posture. Mostly relaxation. Gave me this awesome focus of letting my ribcage relax down on my diaphragm. Good stuff. Mostly just cruised and tested the waters.

Today I was hoping to get outside but a relatively decent spring storm rolled in and dumped about a foot of snow. This made even road travel a challenge so I just hit the gym and got dizzy. Started out mellow and just settled into a groove of 9:00 miles. Spun 8 of these then ramped up to sub 7:30s for two, then did the last 1/2 mile barefoot. Actually felt great. Had a bit of a coughing fit once when I stopped briefly but as soon as I got moving again, it was all systems go.

Tomorrow, I have a 30-minute run and 1:15 hike on the docket. Anyone interested in a mid-afternoon jaunt in Boulder?



Kleenex is good
My new best friend

I can’t blow that far. ~ Bunny Lebowski

Tues 4 May: 00:44, 4.5 miles, Casa Trails surges
Wed 5 May: short hike
Thurs 6 May: 1:00, 3.5 miles, Sanitas hike

Weak sauce. Still apparently not invincible, I have succumbed to some foul virus and have been leaking goo from my head and trying to cough up my gall bladder for the past week or so. I checked my training schedule and this definitely wasn’t part of the program but I am dealing with it, have destroyed a small forest via Kleenex use and only lost my voice for a couple of days so far. When looking up “Health: Picture of” in the dictionary, don’t be surprised to my smiling visage in the antonym section.

So that brings us to the “rolling with the punches” section of our training regimen and frankly, I am getting pretty good at it. Sometimes things happen that are just beyond our control. We can either get super stressed and obsessive about them or, the tack I have grown to embrace, just relax, take things in stride and get back with the program when we can. Though having ones lungs fill with something more familiar with the bottom of Lake Superior is disheartening, at best, there is no added benefit to getting too tweaked about it. Particularly when there are 3.5 more months of training to which to look forward before the big event. This week’s super-long run will have to wait. It’ll be there next week, or the week after that.

Rach has been just awesome, providing care around the clock and making delicious food that unfortunately, I am unable to taste – even when she is not feeling any better than I. Time is our friend at this point and aside from treating symptoms, there is not much more we can do besides wait. Though I am getting pretty antsy to get my run on, rest is my friend and so we’ll just sit this one out and come out of it with a new-found appreciation for speech and lotion-infused tissue.


The Big Five-Oh…

La Quinta Resort Casita
My crib in La Quinta

I feel like hammered crap. ~ me

Tues 27 April: 00:54, 6.29 miles, Wash Park Surges (Denver)
Wed 28 April: 2:08, 14.04 miles, Gunbarrel tempo (Boulder)
Thurs 29 April: 00:52, 5.25 miles, Eldora run/hike (Eldora)
Totals, April: 37.47 hours, 203.31 miles
Sat 1 May: 3:29, 18.56 miles, The Cove trail run (La Quinta, CA)
Sun 2 May: 00:56, 6.31 miles, La Quinta road run (La Quinta, CA)
Week total: 8.31 hours, 50.45 miles

Whew. That’s a lot of numbers. One additional number (per the title) is my total weight loss from my top-end digits. Sometime in the summer of 2006 I weighed a solid 211 pounds. As of yesterday, I was down to 161. Craziness.

Overall, training is going well. I currently have a bit of a cold, which is a thorough drag but I will get through this as well. Just a minor bump on the road to Leadville. There will be others, I am sure. One thing I have learned over the course of the last 4 years of running and training for ultras is to not get too hung up on minor setbacks. Progress over the longer-term is the key.

So April, though filled with little, annoying issues and lots of distractions, ended up just fine in the grand scheme of things. I certainly didn’t want to start May off with an illness but by the end of the month, am confident progress will be made.

The running highlight of the last week was certainly getting to log some miles in the California desert. I was in La Quinta for a wedding and managed to get out a couple of times for fun runs. MUCH different terrain and conditions than I am used to and great to soak in some new scenery. Even got stabbed by a cactus, which you don’t get to do every day in Colorado. Though I am pretty confident I wouldn’t want to live in the Palm Springs area, it is a decent destination for someone seeking to get in some good, warm-weather training in months when Colorado is still buried under piles of snow or suffering from the dreaded “mud season”. I even had some company on my long run with two other wedding guests, Vance and Beth, joining in for a bit of the run and Rockin’ TR leading the way on his mountain bike. All in all a great day.

Got up early the following day to get in a short road run as well. Shirtlessness in the early morning was a definite treat for someone who has been buried under layers of winter clothing for the past 6 months. I suspect I may have blinded some commuters with my frog belly, however.

It’s super windy here today but the snow has melted a lot over the past week. May be time to give the local trails a go. As always, I’ll keep you posted.