The Big Five-Oh…

La Quinta Resort Casita
My crib in La Quinta

I feel like hammered crap. ~ me

Tues 27 April: 00:54, 6.29 miles, Wash Park Surges (Denver)
Wed 28 April: 2:08, 14.04 miles, Gunbarrel tempo (Boulder)
Thurs 29 April: 00:52, 5.25 miles, Eldora run/hike (Eldora)
Totals, April: 37.47 hours, 203.31 miles
Sat 1 May: 3:29, 18.56 miles, The Cove trail run (La Quinta, CA)
Sun 2 May: 00:56, 6.31 miles, La Quinta road run (La Quinta, CA)
Week total: 8.31 hours, 50.45 miles

Whew. That’s a lot of numbers. One additional number (per the title) is my total weight loss from my top-end digits. Sometime in the summer of 2006 I weighed a solid 211 pounds. As of yesterday, I was down to 161. Craziness.

Overall, training is going well. I currently have a bit of a cold, which is a thorough drag but I will get through this as well. Just a minor bump on the road to Leadville. There will be others, I am sure. One thing I have learned over the course of the last 4 years of running and training for ultras is to not get too hung up on minor setbacks. Progress over the longer-term is the key.

So April, though filled with little, annoying issues and lots of distractions, ended up just fine in the grand scheme of things. I certainly didn’t want to start May off with an illness but by the end of the month, am confident progress will be made.

The running highlight of the last week was certainly getting to log some miles in the California desert. I was in La Quinta for a wedding and managed to get out a couple of times for fun runs. MUCH different terrain and conditions than I am used to and great to soak in some new scenery. Even got stabbed by a cactus, which you don’t get to do every day in Colorado. Though I am pretty confident I wouldn’t want to live in the Palm Springs area, it is a decent destination for someone seeking to get in some good, warm-weather training in months when Colorado is still buried under piles of snow or suffering from the dreaded “mud season”. I even had some company on my long run with two other wedding guests, Vance and Beth, joining in for a bit of the run and Rockin’ TR leading the way on his mountain bike. All in all a great day.

Got up early the following day to get in a short road run as well. Shirtlessness in the early morning was a definite treat for someone who has been buried under layers of winter clothing for the past 6 months. I suspect I may have blinded some commuters with my frog belly, however.

It’s super windy here today but the snow has melted a lot over the past week. May be time to give the local trails a go. As always, I’ll keep you posted.


Where’d I go…

Rach has a problem.

Son, you got a panty on your head.
~ Pickup Driver

Hmmm… apparently I haven’t been so great about updating this puppy. Apologies.

I have been super busy with work. We landed some new clients – The Solar Foundation, Strategic Sustainability Consulting, Healthy Chocolate Shop – so getting those projects up and running has kept me busy. I have also been able to run quite a bit and very consistently. Really starting to feel fit again and (gasp!) healthy, even. Good times.

I jammed out to L.A. last weekend to visit the brothers Roach. No agenda, just mellow time at sea level kicking it. We ate some good food and went to a Chivas game and I got in a couple of runs that were damp but fun. It was super warm and humid, even on the West side, and I came back from my “long” run on Sunday completely soaked. It was a quick, fun jaunt out to the nuttiness that is the City of Angels.

Running is going really well. My abdominal pain continues to decrease and I am feeling stronger every week. Did a great run on Wednesday on Boulder’s Mesa trail where I put the hurt on myself for a solid 35 minutes. Parts were way slow but I managed to finish strongly and had a blast. Looking forward to more excitement this weekend with a short run on Saturday and 2:15 on Sunday.

Rach also turned me onto a great book – Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall. Great read and peppered with people and places with which I am familiar making it extra fun. If you are a runner, and particularly an ultra runner, you must check it out.