Back on trails…

Anyone can start strong. ~ me

  • Thurs 13 May: 1:40, 7.03 miles, Boulder Creek/Sanitas run/hike
  • Sat 15 May: 00:50, 5.77 miles, Peak-to-Peak surges
  • Sun 16 May: 3:45, 19.01 miles, Boulder Creek, Flag, Green
  • Mon 17 May: 00:20, 2.16 miles, Mtn Meadows barefoot
  • Tues 18 May: 00:49, 5.02 miles, Casa trails to Beaver Creek surges
  • Wed 19 May: 1:50, 10.86 miles, GGCSP Raccoon to Thorne Lake tempo
  • Thurs 20 May: 2:11, 9.3 miles, Mesa to Saddle Rock to Green to Gregory run/hike

One would think, that with my abundance of free time, I’d be posting more. Well you thought wrong, my friend as apparently the last 10 days got away from me. Now it’s catch-up time and you better get ready. Or not, your call.

Decent week of training/recovery. Lower mileage than I would have liked but moving to trails definitely slows things up, I am working in more hiking into my routine and I am still not 100% recovered. Getting there, however and starting to feel a lot better, thank you.

I guess the highlight of the week was just getting out on trails that weren’t completely packed with snow. Refreshing, to say the least. Yesterday’s run/hike found Green to be completely snow-free – a marked change even from last Sunday. Things are opening up in the high(er) country as well with trails east of the P2P getting more and more thawed out. Springtime in the Rockies… gotta love it.

I’m off today for a little rest then back at it Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to a good weekend of training then another solid week to finish up a fairly weak May then ready to really open it up in June.

Three months until the LT100. Getting pretty psyched.


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