Give your all…

Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’. ~Paul Tergat

Tues May 11: 00:24, 2.55 miles, Janet’s house
Wed May 12: 1:30, 10.5 miles, Gilpin Rec Center Track

Two decent (albeit somewhat congested) runs. Starting to feel normal again, which is nice. yesterday was super mellow. Ran with Janet Runyan who worked with me on relaxation, grounding and posture. Mostly relaxation. Gave me this awesome focus of letting my ribcage relax down on my diaphragm. Good stuff. Mostly just cruised and tested the waters.

Today I was hoping to get outside but a relatively decent spring storm rolled in and dumped about a foot of snow. This made even road travel a challenge so I just hit the gym and got dizzy. Started out mellow and just settled into a groove of 9:00 miles. Spun 8 of these then ramped up to sub 7:30s for two, then did the last 1/2 mile barefoot. Actually felt great. Had a bit of a coughing fit once when I stopped briefly but as soon as I got moving again, it was all systems go.

Tomorrow, I have a 30-minute run and 1:15 hike on the docket. Anyone interested in a mid-afternoon jaunt in Boulder?


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