My bike shoes smell like cat pee…

Yesterday: Ride – Ned trails, 3.5 hours
Today: Singlespeed Ride – Caribou, 2.75 hours
Tomorrow: Chiropractor, rest

Normally, I wouldn’t go around sniffing shoes, mine or anyone elses, but last year Dylan took a whiz in my bike shoes and well… it lingers. Whatchgonnado?

This weekend, I logged some hours on the mountain bikes to give the shin a rest. Seems to have worked nicely. No problems either day which, as you can imagine, makes me pretty happy. The riding went pretty well too. I got soaked on Saturday but it was warm and there wasn’t any lightning so I stayed out. Hit up some old trails in the Ned/Eldora area and then explored some new ones on the way home. My bike was destroyed afterwards from all the mud but it cleaned up nicely.

Today, Luke and I headed up to Eldora to suffer up the Caribou Flats climb on the singlespeeds. I wouldn’t really recommend this one unless you have the right gears. Both Luke and I are rocking pretty tall ratios so we ended up pushing a fair amount. Full-rigid is a little rough as well but sometimes you have to keep it really, really real. Old school. After a couple of missteps, we managed to find a kickass section of singletrack I had not ridden for many years and let me tell you, it was well worth it. Great ride. Here’s the full album.

Tomorrow I plan to do a whole lot of nuthin’. I have an appointment with Dr. Dave but will be taking the rest of the day off. I’m into my taper at this point and rest is going to be my primary focus over the next few weeks. I’ll roll out for a few runs here and there to test the leg, will do a few medium rides and take it easy until the race. I need to finalize my race plan for Megan, Nichole and Luke to review and get everything in order prior to the event. That is on this week’s agenda for sure.

Keep the peace.



Ka-CHOW! ~ Lightning McQueen

Yesterday: Nuttin’
Today: Ride – Peak to Peak, ~30 minutes
Tomorow: Ride – Big Ned, ~4 hours?

Time was short today so I made due. And felt like crap. Got up fairly early and headed out on the ‘Cross bike. Just had time for a short lap. It was glorious out, so that made the way I felt less gruesome. I have come to understand that not only are some days better than others, but that it takes me forever to warm up these days. So no biggie.

The leg was a little tight but not too shabby. No stabbing shards of glass embedded in my shin. I’ll count this as progress.

I rode down to a meeting today on the motorbike. On the way back up I headed directly into a pretty solid thunderstorm. Typical this time of year. Lightning was striking all around as I wound up the canyon and shortly thereafter it started pouring. I was wearing my trusty Aerostich so no soaked Stus. These suits are awesome.

Tomorrow I am planning a nice, long ride. Probably will head out to the dots and down to Ned. Then I’ll explore around to see what fun can be had out there. I was planning to log some road miles but just can’t seem to muster up the desire to toss on the slicks and hit the pavement. Probably has something to do with the debacle that calls itself professional cycling. Bunch of cheaters, those guys are. Makes me ill.

Movie stuff: Last night we watched Tideland, a Terry Gilliam vehicle. Gilliam is the master of the beautiful/horrible but this one was more horrible than beautiful. Kind of an Alice in Wonderland inspired tale but for me, it just didn’t work. Not on my recommended list.


Course ride…

Funny thing about weekends when you’re un self employed… they don’t mean quite so much – except you get to hang out with your workin’ friends. ~ Primus

Yesterday: Ride – Fish Hatchery to Twin Lakes and back, ~ 4.5 hours
Today: Hike – GGCSP, ~ 1 hour
Tomorrow: Hike – GGCSP, ~ 1 hour

I need to get my Zen on.

Things have been pretty stressful of late and I need to get control of everything. I am super busy with work and that, coupled with this leg injury, has detracted from my ability to train as effectively as I had planned for these past couple of weeks. I did manage to get back up on the course yesterday for a long ride that took a bit longer than I anticipated.

I started out at the Fish Hatchery around 12:30 and felt solid heading out the main road toward Halfmoon. I had a healthy tail/cross wind that pushed me along at a nice clip. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the temperatures were in the low-to-mid 80s, I believe. This portion of the course is probably the least interesting – several miles of relatively flat paved or improved dirt roads. Pretty boring, actually. There are some nice views of the nearby mountain ranges that I plan to use to distract me from the less-than-exciting running conditions of this section during the race.

As one gets closer to Halfmoon, the road begins to climb and features a long-ish false flat up to the checkpoint. About a mile later, we will turn onto the Colorado Trail which is pitched steeply for about the first mile then settles into some very tasty, smooth singletrack running through green aspen groves. This is definitely the prettiest part of the course I have seen thus far (and the nicest portion of the course per racer accounts). This singletrack rolls along for a few miles then reaches a trailhead. This is where I proceeded to get off-course yesterday. The trail crosses a large bridge then dumps onto a jeep road for about 200 meters where it reaches an intersection. Here, I banged a left, following the main road down and should have gone right briefly to follow the partially obscured singletrack to the south. My mistake dropped me several miles east of Twin Lakes where I followed the main highway back into town. This is why I am visiting the course regularly – to work out these kinks prior to race day.

Twin Lakes was bustling. Tourists were everywhere, checking out the history of the area and generally being tourists. I stopped briefly at the Windspirit Lodge to confirm my reservation for the race weekend (confirmed) and then headed back out on the course (for real this time) for my return to the Fish Hatchery. Thus far, I felt strong and fresh and didn’t have much concern about being able to get back smoothly. I was a bit slower to Twin Lakes than I hoped but chalked this up to poor route finding and getting off course.

On the climb (push) out of Twin Lakes, I whacked down and sandwich and started to hear a hiss coming from my rear tire. Yup, apparently I pinched a tube on the descent and I quickly found myself on the side of the trail changing the flat. Not the fastest exchange I have ever accomplished either. Once that was repaired I was off again, pushing a lot more than I liked. For whatever reason, I was really uncomfortable riding marginally steep sections that I should have been able to ride and found myself walking much of the course at this point. Not sure why I was unable to ride but I just tried to keep moving upward along the trail. Soon I was back to the spot where I had missed my connection on the way out and back on familiar terrain. I began feeling a bit better and moved at a steady pace back to the top of the steep, technical section and jammed back down to Halfmoon and along the dirt road in a big gear – even passing a couple of cars along the way. The pavement section was a bit less forgiving as I contended with a stiff headwind back to the Fish Hatchery in about 4 and a half hours. Given the extra miles, route finding problems, stops in Twin Lakes and to fix the flat, not really such a bad effort in the long-run. I am guessing I did about 42 miles or so total.

Heading back home, I thought I would have smooth sailing as the traffic was light all the way past the Loveland Pass exit on the East side of Eisenhower. Then, the dreaded I-70 parking lot set in with a vengeance. For whatever reason, I was unable to hook up the frontage road and kept missing key exits. I think it took me 3 hours or so to get home. Ugh. I have said it before (and unfortunately will probably say it again) but I would not be sad to never have to drive I-70 on a weekend again.

Once I got home, Rach and I hung out for a bit and I got up early this morning to get some work done. This is going to be a crazy week and I need to get a jump on it. So… here I am updating my blog. Yeah. Gotta get to work.

See you out there.


More: My parents made the trip over this weekend as well and I got to play golf with my dad on Saturday at Fossil Trace. I like this course, actually. It is pretty sweet for a municipal course. I think I shot about 170. I still rule. Definitely no threat to anyone out there who is a golfer.

A quick one…

All work and no beer make Homer something something. ~ Homer Simpson

Yesterday: Nothing (ugh)
Today: Short Ride – Around the neighborhood/Flume, 1 hour
Tomorrow: Ride

So I have not seemed to have any time lately. Feeling a bit stressed about that but what are you going to do? I have had a bunch of meetings this week which have cut into production time and have had to drop down into the valley almost every day thus far. Have I mentioned that I don’t miss my commute?

Today I got up relatively early to do a quick ride before this morning’s meeting in Broomfield. Fairly uneventful ride, really. I felt strong. The leg hurt a little. It is still gorgeous up here. Etc.

I need to work out the remainder of my training and am trying to get a better feel for pacing as well. I ran my first draft by some friends with Leadville experience and they both thought I was being a little aggressive on the return. I was trying to be conservative on the way out but was probably pushing it a little bit on the way home. I have made adjustments so that my out/back splits are about 44/56. We’ll continue to tinker with this a bit and see if I can make them work.

We are having our first crew meeting tonight as well. I am letting Luke, Nichole and Megan run these so that I can focus on the run. It will be fun to get everyone together for a quick run-down of the event.

Alright… back to work.