I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my mind ~ Gnarls Barkley

This week was crazy nuts. Tons of work to get done. So I signed up to run the Golden Gate Canyon 1/2 Marathon this Sunday and then pulled the trigger on the Denver Marathon on October 17th. Yes, there is something wrong with me.

I also ran with Caleb twice (tempo run last Saturday and then 800 repeats on Tuesday) and hooked up with the Denver Trail Runners group on Thursday which was pretty awesome. Those guys are fast. Hoping this will tee me up well for the Denver race and get me moving in the right direction to try for a sub-3-hour marathon in the near future.

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes. Hoping to get in under 2-hours which would be a PR for that course.


Ramp up…

I like sweet potatoes! ~ Bobby Draper

Mon July 19: 00:29, 3 miles, Casa Trails shake out
Tues July 20: 00:57, 5.86 miles, Casa Trails w/surges
Wed July 21: 2:43, 15.18 miles, GGCSP Zoo loop
Thurs July 22: 2:15, 11.71 miles, Casa Trails
Sat July 24: 2:59, 17.75 miles, GGCSP Zoo loop
Sun July 25: 2:50, 17.42 miles, Ned Loop to Rollinsville
Total: 12:25, 70.92 miles, 9829′ vert

This week was nuts. On top of the mileage, I worked something like 55 hours and traveled to the valley on three different days. Not my normal way of doing things. Had some great runs, however. So it all works out.

The highlights were probably Tuesday’s surge run and Saturday’s redemption in the Park. Tuesday, was like Wild Kingdom out there and I saw many creatures along my route. First some fancy ducks in the pond near our house. Not sure what they were but they weren’t mallards. Then a muskrat swam right up to me in the same pond. I wasn’t in the pond, the muskrat was. Then I stumbled across a black bear just wandering down the neighborhood road. Then I spooked a bunch of elk and got to hear the babies and moms calling to one another. Then I saw a bat. Good times. The run was awesome too so bonus!

I had kindof an unfocused run on Wednesday in Golden Gate Canyon State Park so I ventured back on Saturday for redemption. And that’s what I found with a really focused, sustained effort throughout. Really excellent results.

Sunday started out really strong but then I think I got a little backwards on my water and electrolytes and started feeling the effects. And it was hot. Really hot for up here. I was completely soaked with sweat when Rach met me in Rollinsville with water and smiles and so I just jumped in the car and called it a day. I certainly could have made it home without issues but it just seemed prudent to not push it at this point.

Heading up to Leadville on Saturday for the last big weekend before the race. Planning to run about 27 on Saturday then tackle the final 50 on Sunday. Should be exciting. I’ll keep you posted.


Almost there…

But it’s wafer thin, sir. ~ Waiter

Sat 10 April: 00:36, 3.5 miles, Casa trails to Firehouse loop
Sun 11 April: 1:19, 7.91 miles, P2P to Gap to Raccoon, around Thorne Lake

Well, that was not a stellar week but I did manage to get in a few miles despite continuing to shed weight and have little-to-no appetite. Ugh. That food bout of food poisoning kicked my ass. Today is a new day, however, and I am bound and determined to get back on that pony and ride. (“Pony,” in this case meaning “running schedule,” NOT “dirty food eating.”)

As I mentioned, Friday’s run was fairly miserable. Saturday was better in regard to gut-pain, but energy levels were pretty “meh” and it wasn’t like I felt like doing long surges. I tossed in a couple of very mild, very short bursts and didn’t feel completely like jumping off a bridge, so that was nice. There is still a ton of snow in the woods around the house. We need a couple good rains to compliment the already massive melting going on due to warmer temps to really start to take a bite out of the biggest drifts but we’re getting there.

Yesterday, I tried to get out for a couple of hours but the energy levels just weren’t there to support that kind of effort. Managed to make pretty decent time up to the park where I dropped down Raccoon Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park to test the (frozen) waters. Still a lot of snow on this loop as well wis MASSIVE drifts toward the bottom. My plan was to spin a lap but once I started up the climb from the bottom, decided that idea was for the birds. So I just headed home on another route.

Met up with a young fella (probably about 4-years old but I am terrible at estimating the ages of kids) on my way who came bursting out of his driveway inquiring frantically, “Why are you running?” I stopped and explained that I run for fun – an answer that apparently didn’t jive with his 4-year-old world-view. “But why?” I laughed and he quickly moved on to asking, “What are those things in your ears?” (My earrings.) “Why do you have them? That tree attacked me. Can I come with you? Who’s that dog?” All delivered shotgun style. I explained that he needed to ask his mom before coming with me and he agreed that she would probably not be down with that action. I was then instructed to walk, don’t run and we parted ways. Funny exchange, to say the least.

Eating was still not breaking into my “top-activities-for-a-Sunday” list (try as I might) and so I whacked down what I could and decided to just roll with it for now. Hoping that today produces a marked change in my stomach’s ability to deal with solids. I am approaching race weight from 1989 when I was a skinny cyclist. Not really where I planned to be at this time in my life.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.


Flyin’ solo…

You get your ass out there and you find that fucking dog. ~ Billy Madison

Rach is covering the House Rabbit Society this week while her co-manager, Nancy, is visiting Maine so I am flying solo for the week. Just me and the critters up here at the casa – and quite a few less critters than normal. Rach took down all the critical care guys so the house feels a little empty. I have moved my motorcycle, ski and bike collection in to fill the void and get a little Spring tune-up action going so that is filling the now-empty space. (I kid, I kid.)

On the running front, I am still at it though with ill-definined goals currently. I took Tuesday off to rest and went to see Star Trek, which was entertaining. JJ needs to relax a bit on the lens flairs but it featured an entertaining story, capable acting and good action with just a fine schmear of cheese. And what would Trek be without some cheese?

I ran short on Wednesday and did some surges which got me a couple of thumbs up from passing motorists on the Beav’. I felt great, actually and was able to keep my form solid throughout my run, which is precisely what we are after. So mission accomplished. Short, meet sweet.

Thursday got away from me a little bit with some work wackiness then a quest to find Rach a new headset so that she can actually get some work done while fielding calls at the shelter. I then went to see Sandy to get a little work done on my never-en ading ab problem and by the time I got home, my desire to run had wained quite a bit. I finally levered myself off the couch and just said, “Man, get your ass in gear and go run.” And I listened! Go figure. Usually I buck authority.

The first half of the run was decidedly unpleasant. My poor attitude was coupled with really not feeling well at all. It was late (I didn’t start until after 7p) and I had wacked down some ill-advised snacks just prior to the run. Plus I was feeling a bit exhausted in general. So I ran/walked up a trail near my house with the ultimate goal of reaching Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Clunkiness continued for about 2.5 miles until I started to feel it. The second half of the run went really well and I turned on the heat to finish up with a total time of 1:04 and 6.5 miles – all on dirt and technical trails. I think this is actually as fast as I have ever done this loop so all’s well that end’s well. The lesson learned is “get off your couch, jackass… you might be missing your best run ever!” (Not that this was my best run ever per se, but it could have been and I could have missed it, jeez.)

So I am off again today and have to roll down to Boulder for a meeting. I may try to catch another movie… not sure. Tomorrow is the big race that I am not doing (ugh). I am going to volunteer at Aid Station 3 so say “hi” as you run by or just come out to watch everyone else running the Dirty 30. Sunday I volunteer at the shelter and then am shooting some video for the shelter then am going to figure out how to work in an 11-miler. May turn into my first night run of the season. We’ll see.

On a less awesome note, I ask everyone to employ their good juju and point it toward the mountains of China for a bit. My buddy, Jonny Copp and two climbing partners are past due returning from a first ascent attempt of Dojitsenga, a 5,700-meter peak in the Kangri Garpo range. They are currently at least two days late. This is not really something new for J to the C but any good thoughts you might send his way couldn’t hurt. Read more about it.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.


Good week (and it’s only Thursday)…

Well I’ll be damned. ~ Beavis

Rach got back home Tuesday afternoon after spending a full week running the shelter in Broomfield. Needless to say, I am really happy she is home. I made some trips down to see her while she was away but it isn’t the same as having your sweetie close by. She is super tired from a long and hectic week caring for the bunnies and their owners but did an amazing job. She rules.

So I decided to step it up a bit in the last week or so… I did a fun Singlespeed ride around the neighborhood last Friday. Worked on a new section of trail that is pretty promising and just tooled around in the woods. I broke my chain about 2/3 of the way through and had to coast/walk/kick home but it was still fun to get out and explore.

Saturday, Luke, Pete and I met up in Ned for a fun SS ride. We hit the Highschool Trails then the Habitrail then did some exploring up high above West Mag. Fun stuff. Pete recently picked up a sweet 29’er Singlespeed ride and it is a blast. Once I got home I decided to do some work around the house then, since I was still grubby, threw on the running shoes and went back out for a quick 5-miler. Felt great. I kept a sub 10 pace (average) and just kindof cruised. It was good to get a double in.

I took Sunday off then went back out on Monday for my longest run this year to date. I ran from my house, up some old trails with new singletrack to the Park, then headed out for the long Zoo loop (Raccoon to Mule Deer, to Elk and back down Raccoon, through the campground and back home). This was about 18 miles and I did it in right around 3 hours. Felt decent for about the first 12 then a bit pukey for the last 6 but that is how it goes sometimes. I ran out of water and spun a lap back through the campground to refill then somehow managed to turn off my watch so I don’t have exact numbers but the above are pretty close guesses.

Wednesday, I headed back up to the Park for a little exploration and the goal of hitting 10 miles. I was really focusing on staying relaxed, keeping my heartrate down and flowing. Mission accomplished. I was trying to keep a 10 minute pace for most of the run (didn’t manage that, really) but didn’t really walk much at all and ran everything on Raccoon, which was cool. It was nice to be able to conceptualize and then accomplish a nice, smooth, easy 10 miles. Several years ago I wouldn’t have considered this possible so am pretty happy with my progress. I felt really great for about 7.5 miles then started getting a little tired but rolling almost 30 miles in a couple of days felt good. I am hoping to get out again tomorrow (Friday) and then maybe again on Saturday depending upon what is going on.

So all in all, a good week. I am starting to feel strong again, have really started to feel more efficient and am able to pick a pace and stick with it longer than ever before. This week will be decision time regarding Leadville. Right now I am on the fence. We’ll see if this weekend will kick me to one side or the other.


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