Patience is a virtue…

But I’m angry now. ~ Homer Simpson

Tues 9 Mar: 00:48, 4.8 miles, ‘hood surges
Wed 10 Mar: 2:01, 14.3 miles, Westview tempo

Janet’s call for patience seems to have paid off as the last two days featured pretty fantastic running. I tend to want to get after it when I slip on the trainers and, subsequently, find myself in a hole later in long runs. So I really worked on starting things off slow and easy (yesterday, especially) and it seems to have paid off thus far.

I focused solely on keeping my heartrate down during the warm up phase of yesterday’s run and, aside from one section that was exclusively uphill, was successful. Then I did a bunch of surges and felt fairly mechanical. In a good way.

Today, I jammed down to Boulder to meet up with the crew for a tempo run. I was a bit late getting started so my warm-up splits were a bit quicker than I intended and I also hooked up very quickly with another runner who is close to peaking for the Paris Marathon. So yeah, he is quick. We ran together to the start then got our tempo on.

Honestly, I felt great today. Really just worked the patience mantra and focused on breathing until Art cut me loose at about mile 5 out of 6.5. Timed my kick pretty well today and finished strongly then ran another half an hour cool down and mileage. Great stuff.

Tomorrow is an easy day then I jam on into the weekend where I am hoping to get in a couple more good runs in. Long on Sunday. Should be a blast.


Round and round…

Spurned buddy - Senor Treadmill
Spurned buddy - Senor Treadmill

Oh, he’s drunk. How would he know where we’re going? ~ Del

Wednesday 3 Feb: 1:18, 9.5ish miles, Indoor track Tempo run

Hit the gym for some tempo work and other than the traffic jam that was the track (seems like the whole world was there last night) and some spazzy kids running around (usually the wrong direction) and generally messing things up, it was a decent run. Warmed up for a couple miles at about a 9-minute pace, then ran tempo for 50 minutes at sub 8s, then donned the KSOs for a mile of “barefoot” cool down. It was shorter than I had scheduled but running laps on the short track (1/16th of a mile per lap) can be a bit mind numbing. Honestly, I have gone as long as 1:45 before but that day I was in the zone, no one else was there so I could reverse my direction every once in awhile and there wasn’t a gym full of screaming kids playing hoops and volleyball. So yeah, focus is a bit key.

Overall, I am feeling pretty well. The hamstring was a little tight to start but loosened right up and my knee didn’t give me any troubles whatsoever. So that is good news. I got a room booked for the night of the 12th in Moab and am getting pretty psyched to do that race. Should be fun.

We got a dusting of snow last night up here (whoa!) and so I may head over to Eldora to skate instead of running. Haven’t made that call just yet. Very excited to see Simon Boccanegra this weekend on the big screen and we are cleaning runs at the Bunny Barn on Sunday. Good times. Good times.



I told him that a player on a streak has to respect the streak. ~ Crash Davis

Wed: 1:27, 10.55 miles, Gunbarrel tempo

Never mess with a streak. Don’t call it out. Don’t switch things up. If it ain’t broke, fix it and it soon will be.

I opted for a double dose of stupid and actually paid attention to my form while running on the treadmill. Bad idea #1. I have a bit of a loop in the pick up phase of my left-foot stride. Gotta fix that nonsense, right? Also, I have a bit of a chicken wing effect going on with my left arm so I dedicated a solid 15 minutes to trying to get that straightened out. These adjustments (which were quickly abandoned, I’m sure), coupled with idiot maneuver #2, did me in.

For my second dose of dipshittery, I decided to test drive some Pear Izumi Peak XC shoes I wore a few times last spring to see if the changes I have made in my stride over the past months made them worthy of a second look. Though I am sure these are awesome shoes for the right person, I just need more stability and volume than they seem to provide and this, along with my self-diagnosed changes to my wacky stride made my right glute extremely unhappy – with a vengeance. Seriously though, if you are in the market for a super light trail flat, these are quite nice. (I’ll sell you a pair of lightly used size 10s super cheap. Hell, if you want them, drop a note in the comments and I’ll give them to you.) And from now on, I am calling any inefficiencies in my stride “style” unless someone who knows better tells me they need to be fixed.

In any event, my hamstring and glute started getting cranky towards the end of my surges yesterday and by the evening, I was paying dearly for my misguided experiments. Nothing lots of stretching and a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure, right? Guess again. Woke up with some serious cranky butt and stiffness down to my mid hamstring.

What goes well with impeded range of motion? Tempo work, of course. I jammed down to Boulder to meet up with the crew for the standard Wednesday Tempo run. I gave myself 25 minutes to make it to 63rd/Jay where we were to meet up for the start and was spinning easy, albeit hobbled 9:30s then I took a wrong turn. Bonus. So I started my tempo solo and managed to get back on the right track. Made it to the start with seconds to spare and actually was feeling better (this isn’t saying much) when we started the “real” tempo. Spun mid to high 7s to start then worked down to low 7s. Actually, ended up feeling pretty good about the effort given the complications. I figured out a couple of techniques to lessen the ouchiness and learned a valuable lesson about change. Resist it at all costs.


Trigger pulled…

Got my hand in my pocket and my finger’s on the trigger. ~ Beastie Boys

Wed: 1:30, 10.5 miles, Boulder tempo on snow

Just signed up for the Moab Red Hot 50K event February 13th. Pretty excited, to be honest. Looking forward to getting back out there and doing an early season event.

Yesterday, I headed down to Boulder and did a run on mostly snowpacked and icy roads. Warmed up for 30 minutes then did 1 hour of tempo. Didn’t feel like it but I churned out 10.5 miles total. Pretty sweet effort for a Stu. Janet worked on a couple things with me to try to get me to ground my left side a bit more to open up my right hip and, though it felt a bit wonky and ended up affecting other parts of my bod, did seem to make everything feel “easier”. Easier is good, for sure.

Was going to head up to Eldora for a few turns today but the schedule booked up and we lost water in the kitchen (stove went out last night, ugh). So I’ll stick around the house, get some work done, try to get the water back up and running and then head to the gym later for a quick run (most likely). It’s 5° out right now and my screw shoes are frozen so I’m guessing I’ll opt for the wuss route today.




They need dip-tet boosters yearly or they develop lockjaw and night vision. ~ Dot

1:30, 11 miles, tempo

Got my run on this morning then went to the doc for a check-up and tetanus shot. All appears to be doing well with the bod and I didn’t even feel the shot. That nurse was a magician, I tell ya. Either that or she faked the whole thing and is selling my tetanus medication on the black market.

Ran tempo this morning and almost missed the train. Started at around 75th and Jay in Boulder and leisurely ran up to the starting point only to remember that I forgot to slather on the Body Glide. This… ladies and gentlemen, is a problem. So I started my tempo early and jammed back to the car then pushed the pace up Jay to meet with the Wednesday tempo crew. I made it with seconds to spare (well, or a few late) and ran a progressively faster tempo for just under 5 miles at which point I shut ‘er down and jogged back to the car. Good, solid run for me and I really felt great throughout.

Took Beep-kitty to the vet this morning as she had some follow-up surgery from a lump we discovered last week that proved to be cancerous. Dr. Bock felt like the procedure went really well and that he got good margins. The lab results should be back in a day or two then we’ll know for sure but she seems to be recovering nicely at this point.

I also got my old G4 desktop back from the shop and it is in need of a power supply. That’s $400 so the old girl may get repurposed as a liquor cabinet or a planter or something since that is about $100 more than the stupid thing is worth. (Purchased in ’03 for ~$3000 – lovely.)

Tomorrow work and a quick, easy run.