Ramp up…

I like sweet potatoes! ~ Bobby Draper

Mon July 19: 00:29, 3 miles, Casa Trails shake out
Tues July 20: 00:57, 5.86 miles, Casa Trails w/surges
Wed July 21: 2:43, 15.18 miles, GGCSP Zoo loop
Thurs July 22: 2:15, 11.71 miles, Casa Trails
Sat July 24: 2:59, 17.75 miles, GGCSP Zoo loop
Sun July 25: 2:50, 17.42 miles, Ned Loop to Rollinsville
Total: 12:25, 70.92 miles, 9829′ vert

This week was nuts. On top of the mileage, I worked something like 55 hours and traveled to the valley on three different days. Not my normal way of doing things. Had some great runs, however. So it all works out.

The highlights were probably Tuesday’s surge run and Saturday’s redemption in the Park. Tuesday, was like Wild Kingdom out there and I saw many creatures along my route. First some fancy ducks in the pond near our house. Not sure what they were but they weren’t mallards. Then a muskrat swam right up to me in the same pond. I wasn’t in the pond, the muskrat was. Then I stumbled across a black bear just wandering down the neighborhood road. Then I spooked a bunch of elk and got to hear the babies and moms calling to one another. Then I saw a bat. Good times. The run was awesome too so bonus!

I had kindof an unfocused run on Wednesday in Golden Gate Canyon State Park so I ventured back on Saturday for redemption. And that’s what I found with a really focused, sustained effort throughout. Really excellent results.

Sunday started out really strong but then I think I got a little backwards on my water and electrolytes and started feeling the effects. And it was hot. Really hot for up here. I was completely soaked with sweat when Rach met me in Rollinsville with water and smiles and so I just jumped in the car and called it a day. I certainly could have made it home without issues but it just seemed prudent to not push it at this point.

Heading up to Leadville on Saturday for the last big weekend before the race. Planning to run about 27 on Saturday then tackle the final 50 on Sunday. Should be exciting. I’ll keep you posted.


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