Extreme lunch..

I seem to recognize your face haunting, familiar, yet I can’t seem to place it. ~ Pearl Jam

I intended to write about this last night but got distracted making fun of Spartacus with Rage. Man, that is one funny movie. For whatever reason we have seen a couple of Tony Curtis movies recently (Some Like It Hot also). Not sure why he made the Netflix list of late but amusing nonetheless. From the really stilted dialogue, to the way the ruling class was portrayed, to the acting style of some of the actors who were clearly cast simply based on their looks (seemed some were chanelling John Wayne) – just a very unintentionally amusing film. We commented on how blatant the gay themes are in the film and how, at the time, these were considered very subtle (see or read Cellulide Closet for more on this) but were reminded about how this just wasn’t on the general public’s radar back when Sparticus was released. (And continues to fly under the radar for people of that generation.) Reminds me of a story my buddy told me about his dad…

They were driving along the 1 north of Santa Monica and got in the vicinity of Will Rogers State Beach when his dad commented how cool it was to see “all the fit guys walking around with their dads.” “Those guys are gay, Dad,” commented my friend. “No way,” replied my friend’s dad. Really amusing. In any event. The movie is pretty funny when looked at through 21st century eyes.

See, I got distracted again! Anyway…

I rode the dirt bike over to Idaho Springs to meet Cort for lunch yesterday and decided to ride dirt back home. There is a road that goes up through Apex and then drops over the western side to Tolland from where I can jam back to Rollinsville and home pretty easily. It has been awile since I have done this route but it is a fairly major road so I didn’t anticipate any problems. Well, that is what I get for anticipating. When I got close to the top, the road was gated with signs warning about trespassing. Apparelty this goes through private land and they have blocked access in the last year or so. Bummer. Well, I didn’t really want to just turn around and found another trail that I assumed would by pass the private land (it is all public up at the top). Wrong assumption.

So I ended up on a smaller trail… I think it was 413, can’t remember and so I took it. As it wound its way around the contour of the mountainside, it became snow covered in North-facing spots but I trudged on. Soon, I started seeing landmarks that were somewhat familiar so I kept on following the trail until I was in an area that became more and more familiar. One of the benefits to living in an area for 15 years and exploring the territory extensively. The trail eventually dumped out onto Moon Gulch road and I quickly made my way home. A fun adventure at least but definitely a bit more than I had initially planned.

And our site launched yesterday. Check out the new Relish Studio site and tell everyone you know who you think might need design and development services.

Ok, back to work. I think today is the last day for early voting in Colorado so get out there and get ‘er done.


Hard frost…

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~ e e cummings

Tonight saw our first really hard frost of the season with sustained temps overnight in the mid=20s. We have had a few lighter frosts this season already but last night is the first night that we had cold enough temps (for long enough) to really hammer home that Fall is approaching.

At the risk of alerting the valley-dwelling leafers, the aspens are starting their yearly burst into full on color mode and should really get going in the next couple of weeks. Last year, I wanted to organize a run up on the Leadville course to enjoy one section in particular that is just packed with amazing aspen groves. We’ll see if that happens this year. Given racing schedules, weddings, lack of running fitness, and buddies in India, it may end up being a solo venture.

I have decided to only bore you once a week with running exploits (doing more of a weekly synopsis as opposed to the daily detailed update) so I’ll only mention my daily runs in passing with fuller reports coming at the end of the week. That being said, Caleb and I did a 20-miler yesterday on the Backroads course that was quite fun. Then I went to see Pineapple Express which had moments of goodness but overall was pretty much a trainwreck. Not on my recommended viewing list.

The birds (along with the bears) are going nuts right now and so I need to head to Boulder to get more food for the freeloaders. May check out Burn After Reading while we are down there. I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s homework: Register to vote if you haven’t done so already.


The week in review…

Man, just ’cause it’s a theme song don’t make it not true. ~ Kirk Lazarus

You read about my debacle last Sunday… the rest of the week went relatively well considering the hurt I tossed on myself. I screwed up by getting off my gameplan a bit in the later part of the week but felt okay most of the time. So I certainly am not going to complain any.

I rested up on Monday then did a “road” loop up by my house with some strides. Since the terrain up here is hilly, sometimes running strides can get a bit tricky. Either up or down, the undulation provides for some excitement. Technically, strides are supposed to be run at 5 or 10K pace. This is challenging enough when one doesn’t know their 5 or 10K pace — toss in a hill or two and things get really exciting. So basically, I just throttle it up a notch or three for what feels like 100 meters and call it good. Repeat, rest, repeat, try not to completely blow up. I definitely was still feeling Sunday a bit on Tuesday but the session went well.

Wednesday I needed to head down to Boulder for a film festival jury session so I went early and met up with Pete for a recovery run. Pretty much the perfect duration and tempo and it was great company. We just ran from his place over to the Boulder Creek path then up to Eben G. Fine (I think it’s “G”) then back at a steady, conversational pace. Perfect.

I had planned to do a 10-mile aero run on Thursday but the day got away from me then I headed to Boulder on Friday to try to do a make-up run but forgot my bottle, the weather was crap and Rach wasn’t feeling well so I bailed and just took the day off. Which left Saturday for fun and/or games. A 4-mile recovery run was on deck but I opted for a 13-mile loop mostly on pavement. This was supposed to be an aero run but screw it, I turned it into just a steady pace run. Push it on downhills to an approximate aero pace then try to keep a low 10 or better uphill. Probably too hard but it was fun. I did the loop at about a 3:40 marathon pace which is encouraging. At least that is what I am telling myself so please, don’t let me in on it if I am full of it.

As I said earlier, Rach hasn’t been feeling so hot of late but she is such an awesome pants that she went into the shelter today to help with a bunny massage class and meet with some volunteers. Someone accidentally locked her keys in her car so I jammed down on the cycle to unlock her car for her and then was just able to make it to a screening of Tropic Thunder. Pretty funny, I must say. Not the best movie ever by any stretch of the imagination but if you want to just kick back and be entertained for an hour and a half, I recommend it.

Tomorrow we head back to the shelter to clean runs and then will probably come back up to the hills where I’ll try to throw down a 15 miler. I may head to the dirt for this one or just head over to Mag or Rollins Pass and do something on the less technical terrain they offer. Haven’t decided yet. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s advice: Don’t punch anything harder than your hand. (That doesn’t relate to anything, I’m just sayin’ is all.)


Did you watch the movie?

World Ocean impact map courtesy of Nature.com

Out there is our home. Home AUTO, and it’s in trouble. I can’t just sit here and do nothing. That’s all I’ve ever done! That’s all anyone has ever done on this blasted ship.
~ Captain

So there has been a lot of backlash from certain groups surrounding the magnificent film, WALL-E. Apparently, many of these people paid their $9.50 (or whatever movies in their area cost these days), bought their $6 tub of corn and $5 soda, selected their favorite place to sit and completely forgot to watch the moving pictures being projected on the massive screen in front of them.


Now I can understand that some of these groups have misguided ideological mindsets that prevent them from rational thought regarding such notions as human impact on global resources, environment, etc. (c’mon, guys… if you have ever looked at a landfill, or say, Los Angeles, it is pretty obvious we are making our mark upon the planet) but the latest group to take offense at the message contained in WALL-E apparently, consists of the overweight. Gawker has a summary.

So this community of fitness-challenged individuals claims that Pixar has made a film that demonizes the community as a whole for being slovenly and contributing to the demise of the planet. So much so that humans are forced to leave earth and send down cleaner robots (WALL-E units) to help tidy things up so that stuff can actually grow and thrive on the surface once more.

Here is where I start to take offense with their criticism as the film make it abundantly clear using several very obvious and specific examples that the largeness humans have attained in space HAPPENED IN SPACE, not on the earth as these groups maintain in their complaints. Sure, Pixar is trying to demonstrate that our current love affair with throw-away products and super-sized, fat-laden “meals” has contributed directly to the state of the planet in which it has become uninhabitable but by no means have they stated that the morbidly obese are solely (or even at all) to blame.

Example number 1: The evolution of the Captain – In one scene, the ship’s captain looks back at headshots of all his predecessors and realizes that they get progressively more obese as time progresses (started out slim, got fat while in space, get it?)

Example number 2: Fred Willard, not so chubby – Now I am not going to say that Fred Willard is the poster child for fitness but any person with functioning eyeballs can see that he is not obese and according to the movie, he was running the show when humans finally had to abandon (earth)ship. So therefore, one can surmise that there were still some skinny people in charge when the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Example number 3: The back-to-earth instruction manual – This document clearly states (and is backed up by known science) that the humans’ bones may have atrophied during their extended sodjurn in space and this may contribute to their no longer being able to walk in a normal-gravity situation. This would lead us to the fairly obvious conclusion that they got this way while in space instead of pre-departure.

Yes, the characters are all slovenly, and obese, and more interested in television than what is going on around them, and seemingly addicted to Super Big Gulp servings of liquid meals but they redeem themselves and all seem more interested in living (a much more difficult) life on earth than being waited on hand and foot in outer-space. The message of the movie is to wake up, get off the couch and find your fucking dog. (Actually, it is to stop spending all your time in front of the boob tube, stop being wasteful and become a steward of the planet instead of a slave to consumerism. Stop buying plastic shit and oversized meals being foisted upon you by big-box, mega-mall shopping centers and fast food joints.) The larger of the human species are not to blame per se but we may all end up floating around on motorized couches and eating our meals through a straw if we don’t get off our asses and do something about the exponentially escallating impact we are creating on our natural resources.



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