The week in review…

Man, just ’cause it’s a theme song don’t make it not true. ~ Kirk Lazarus

You read about my debacle last Sunday… the rest of the week went relatively well considering the hurt I tossed on myself. I screwed up by getting off my gameplan a bit in the later part of the week but felt okay most of the time. So I certainly am not going to complain any.

I rested up on Monday then did a “road” loop up by my house with some strides. Since the terrain up here is hilly, sometimes running strides can get a bit tricky. Either up or down, the undulation provides for some excitement. Technically, strides are supposed to be run at 5 or 10K pace. This is challenging enough when one doesn’t know their 5 or 10K pace — toss in a hill or two and things get really exciting. So basically, I just throttle it up a notch or three for what feels like 100 meters and call it good. Repeat, rest, repeat, try not to completely blow up. I definitely was still feeling Sunday a bit on Tuesday but the session went well.

Wednesday I needed to head down to Boulder for a film festival jury session so I went early and met up with Pete for a recovery run. Pretty much the perfect duration and tempo and it was great company. We just ran from his place over to the Boulder Creek path then up to Eben G. Fine (I think it’s “G”) then back at a steady, conversational pace. Perfect.

I had planned to do a 10-mile aero run on Thursday but the day got away from me then I headed to Boulder on Friday to try to do a make-up run but forgot my bottle, the weather was crap and Rach wasn’t feeling well so I bailed and just took the day off. Which left Saturday for fun and/or games. A 4-mile recovery run was on deck but I opted for a 13-mile loop mostly on pavement. This was supposed to be an aero run but screw it, I turned it into just a steady pace run. Push it on downhills to an approximate aero pace then try to keep a low 10 or better uphill. Probably too hard but it was fun. I did the loop at about a 3:40 marathon pace which is encouraging. At least that is what I am telling myself so please, don’t let me in on it if I am full of it.

As I said earlier, Rach hasn’t been feeling so hot of late but she is such an awesome pants that she went into the shelter today to help with a bunny massage class and meet with some volunteers. Someone accidentally locked her keys in her car so I jammed down on the cycle to unlock her car for her and then was just able to make it to a screening of Tropic Thunder. Pretty funny, I must say. Not the best movie ever by any stretch of the imagination but if you want to just kick back and be entertained for an hour and a half, I recommend it.

Tomorrow we head back to the shelter to clean runs and then will probably come back up to the hills where I’ll try to throw down a 15 miler. I may head to the dirt for this one or just head over to Mag or Rollins Pass and do something on the less technical terrain they offer. Haven’t decided yet. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s advice: Don’t punch anything harder than your hand. (That doesn’t relate to anything, I’m just sayin’ is all.)


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