Fall is ariving with a vengeance…

Play Dream Police, god dammit! ~ Some guy

Rach and I went to a fun party at Cort and Dickie’s place last night. Good times. One over-zealous Cheap Trick fan made our night by shouting requests at Cort’s band. We had to jet before hearing their rendition, however.

Running went really well this past week. Just stuck with the program and made gains all around. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tuesday: 40 minutes (~4 miles) with slow warm-up and 7 surges
  • Wednesday: 1:15 (about 8.5 miles) with 25 minutes of tempo
  • Thursday: 40 minutes (~4 miles), recovery
  • Saturday: 40 minutes (~4 miles) with slow warm up and 5 surges
  • Sunday: Shooting for 2 hours, mellow (I’ll let you know how that goes)

I also worked with Janet this week and feel like we added some stride elements that are really going to improve things for me. Working really hard on initiating my stride from my hips and that seems to be feeling pretty good. Also got new orthotics made by Russ at Podium and so far, they feel great.

I reacquainted myself with the “crawl space” (in quotes because only someone under the age of about 5 could actually crawl down there) underneath my house and found that the critters are working their magic once again. So I need to redo some insulation and heat tape. Whee. I did get my office phone line working again (critter sabotage), so that is nice. Going to experiment with the Wifi a bit to see if I can improve reception all around and plan on diving back under the abode this week to get things all patched up before winter, which is rapidly approaching.

Enjoy the cool weather and fall colors out there.


Hard frost…

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~ e e cummings

Tonight saw our first really hard frost of the season with sustained temps overnight in the mid=20s. We have had a few lighter frosts this season already but last night is the first night that we had cold enough temps (for long enough) to really hammer home that Fall is approaching.

At the risk of alerting the valley-dwelling leafers, the aspens are starting their yearly burst into full on color mode and should really get going in the next couple of weeks. Last year, I wanted to organize a run up on the Leadville course to enjoy one section in particular that is just packed with amazing aspen groves. We’ll see if that happens this year. Given racing schedules, weddings, lack of running fitness, and buddies in India, it may end up being a solo venture.

I have decided to only bore you once a week with running exploits (doing more of a weekly synopsis as opposed to the daily detailed update) so I’ll only mention my daily runs in passing with fuller reports coming at the end of the week. That being said, Caleb and I did a 20-miler yesterday on the Backroads course that was quite fun. Then I went to see Pineapple Express which had moments of goodness but overall was pretty much a trainwreck. Not on my recommended viewing list.

The birds (along with the bears) are going nuts right now and so I need to head to Boulder to get more food for the freeloaders. May check out Burn After Reading while we are down there. I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s homework: Register to vote if you haven’t done so already.


Too much, too soon…

“Leafers!” ~ Peter Griffin

Yesterday: Hike – Raccoon Trail, 1 hour
Today: Work
Tomorrow: Hike

Still swamped with work. What else is new? At least Rach is making me get out of the house for hikes. Gotta love that.

I also took some time yesterday to continue chopping down trees. I am almost done with this project and man, lumberjacking is hard work. Glad I don’t have to do that every day. I probably have another 5-7 large trees to drop and a bunch more smaller ones. Slowly but surely getting it done.

We were hoping to do a Fall Colors run this weekend up on the Leadville course but time simply didn’t permit. I am guessing next weekend will be the last chance to get peak colors so we’ll try to make it happen then. I have 4 projects due by the 1st though so I am not sure I’ll be able to get away.

Gotta jam back to work.