Rain run…

What are you… made of sugar? ~ Rachel

Yesterday: Singlespeed Ride – Caribou/Mud Lake Trails, 1 hour 45 minutes
Today: Run – Neighborhood trails, 1 hour
Tomorrow: Off

Headed out today with rain threatening and then was quickly greeted with a steady downpour. No biggie, I usually dry out eventually. I ran at a leisurely pace for about an hour and felt okay. Not great but just fine for such a short effort. The rain subsided a bit mid-run and then came back in the last 15 minutes or so. With temperatures in the upper 60s, this was no big deal.

Getting organized for the big day. Rach has been helping to get things sorted out and I have a pretty solid pace schedule and crew plan at this juncture. Everything is falling into place and now I am just waiting for Friday when I head up the hill and the countdown really starts. I have some final checks this week, have to buy supplies and food, pack up the rig and get my run on.

Movie review: Last night, I watched Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. This film is set in France in the 1700s and paints a really scary picture of people living in that period. This is a fine adaptation from an equally fine novel. It features some seriously grotesque scenes but is a movie I would recommend if you are into that sort of thing. Really well done.


One week…

…so as the rat’s milk is returned to the sewers, the circle of life is complete. ~ Kent Brockman

Yesterday: Run – Casa del Critters, 45 minutes
Today: Ride – Ned area, 1.5 hours
Tomorrow: Ride – Casa del Critters, 1.5 hours

In one week, I should be somewhere in-between Fish Hatchery and Half Moon. Good stuff.

I can’t believe this thing is only a week away. I started getting my stuff together last night and will continue gathering and organizing over the course of the next five days or so. I think I have everything I need (aside from food) and feel fit and fairly rested. I have been a little sleepy of late and hope to relieve that over the next few days.

Last night I went for a fun little run in the woods around my house. I didn’t feel super snappy until later in the run but that is to be expected. It takes me awhile to warm up, as you might imagine. When I raced bikes, I put on some serious miles one summer and it would take me a couple of hours to start feeling good. I once had a crit in Copper mountain (about an hour-long event) for which I rode to the top of Fremont Pass to warm up. Kinda silly.

Today, I am hoping to go for a bike ride. Trying to cajole some of the Crüe to come up to join me. I also hope to get some things cleaned up and organized around the house so that I can focus on work in the coming weeks. I also need a new chair as my exercise ball on which I normally sit blew up. But I digress.

Movie review: The Black Dahlia is a train wreck. This film – based on the amazing novel of the same name by James Elroy – was simply a mess. Elroy has the ability to weave about 19 seemingly divergent plot-lines together into a coherent narrative that somehow works out in the end. (Not necessarily true for all his books but The Black Dahlia is a fine example of his talent. Also read L.A. Confidential.) It takes an equally skilled craftsperson to massage his work into a film that makes any sense whatsoever. When this is done well, the results are amazing (again, see L.A. Confidential). When not, it gets ugly – fast.

Couple this with inane casting (Hillary Swank as the femme fatale???) and pretty dismal directing by Brian De Palma and you have the recipe for disaster. Avoid this one. Trust me. There are plenty of less painful opportunities to see Mia Kirshner’s boobs.

Get your countdown on.



Oh, why does everything I whip leave me? ~ Homer Simpson

Friday: Night Run – Neighborhood, 30 minutes
Singlespeed Ride – Casa del Critters, 1 hour 30 mintues
Today: Ride – Ned area?, 2 hours
Tomorrow: Off

Ladies and gentlemen… we have broken the 2-week barrier. Despite my recent setbacks, I am feeling strong. Tested the shin on Friday night and it felt great (though, a 30-minute run is really not a hardcore test). I’ll take anything I can get at this point.

I am feeling strong. Tonight’s singlespeed ride was a blast and I hammered up hills that previously I had to push. I went to the chiropractor on Friday and he gave me the thumbs up to start testing out the leg so away I go.

It is pouring down rain here right now (Saturday night post… delayed push due to internet outage) and in two weeks I’ll be approaching Half Moon, roughly 70 miles into the race. Hoping the weather is different then but I plan to move forward whatever gets thrown at me. That is how this past year has been. Roll with the punches and come back swingin’.

I’ll be staying fairly active over the next couple of weeks but with shorter durations and levels of intensity. I had planned to do one more super-long effort but this week was a bitch work-wise. Brad, my first pacer, would like to go up and do Hope Pass so I may go do that one day this week but that would be the toughest effort I would toss in the mix for the remainder of the time until the race. Have to consult my experts on that one.

Movies: We went to see The Simpsons on Friday and it was a lot of fun. Very funny. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was the best movie I have seen but it was certainly a great adaptation from the TV show and it kept things fresh after 20-years of laughs. The team that puts that show together is incredibly talented and I was happy to hear earlier this year that they are planning to bring back Futurama. Great news.

I also watched Lucky Number Slevin. This film started out a bit slowly but then actually became fairly interesting. I had pretty low expectations and, though no masterpiece, was entertained. It had a bit of a Boondock Saints kind of vibe – some decent writing and an ok idea but just not quite as polished as it might have been. Probably worth the watch though.

Ok. My shoes are getting soaked so I guess I’ll be back on the singlespeed tomorrow. Give a shout if you want to join in the fun and/or games.



Ka-CHOW! ~ Lightning McQueen

Yesterday: Nuttin’
Today: Ride – Peak to Peak, ~30 minutes
Tomorow: Ride – Big Ned, ~4 hours?

Time was short today so I made due. And felt like crap. Got up fairly early and headed out on the ‘Cross bike. Just had time for a short lap. It was glorious out, so that made the way I felt less gruesome. I have come to understand that not only are some days better than others, but that it takes me forever to warm up these days. So no biggie.

The leg was a little tight but not too shabby. No stabbing shards of glass embedded in my shin. I’ll count this as progress.

I rode down to a meeting today on the motorbike. On the way back up I headed directly into a pretty solid thunderstorm. Typical this time of year. Lightning was striking all around as I wound up the canyon and shortly thereafter it started pouring. I was wearing my trusty Aerostich so no soaked Stus. These suits are awesome.

Tomorrow I am planning a nice, long ride. Probably will head out to the dots and down to Ned. Then I’ll explore around to see what fun can be had out there. I was planning to log some road miles but just can’t seem to muster up the desire to toss on the slicks and hit the pavement. Probably has something to do with the debacle that calls itself professional cycling. Bunch of cheaters, those guys are. Makes me ill.

Movie stuff: Last night we watched Tideland, a Terry Gilliam vehicle. Gilliam is the master of the beautiful/horrible but this one was more horrible than beautiful. Kind of an Alice in Wonderland inspired tale but for me, it just didn’t work. Not on my recommended list.


Long and strong…

Nothing good ever happens after midnight. ~ John D. Roach
(Particularly if you are breaking more than one law at a time.) ~ Rachel Bellamy

Yesterday: Nada
Today: Run – King’s Lake to High Lonesome to Diamond Lake to home, 8 hours
Tomorrow: Nada

Today’s adventure was awesome. Luke picked me up at 6:30 and we headed to Hessee to start our big run. The weather was pretty much perfect and, with the wildflowers in full effect, we were treated to a wonderful run up King’s Lake trail to High Lonesome and back around to Diamond Lake trail.

We started off slowly and maintained a steady pace most of the day. The moon was setting over Rollins Pass as we headed up from the valley floor. Everything was lush and green and we ascended up above treeline (topping out at 12,200 feet). The views from the summit were amazing. We were able to look down on Winter Park/Mary Jane ski areas from our vantage point atop the ridge and there is a remarkable amount of beetle kill on the back range. This seems to be slowly creeping over the divide too which is not good news. I think the best we can hope for is an extreme winter to help cull the beetle numbers as the last few winters have been relatively mild temperature-wise.

We headed north along the ridge line to Diamond Lake trail and dropped down into this great little basin. There are a bunch of fun-looking ski lines up here but, as Luke pointed out, getting to them with all your gear would be a bit of a slog. We continued down the trail, making it back to the truck in about 4 and a half hours. Luke had to jam back to Boulder so I refueled and started my trek back home from Eldora.

Running back down the main road toward Ned I felt great. I was taking it easy, run/walk cycles along the pavement back to the Shelf Road. From here, I took a cut off that deposited me at the far west end of Magnolia and then the fun began.

I jammed up some singletrack and quickly linked into the Habitrail – a fun singletrack mountain bike trail. This trail got its name because it loops around the forest like those cages one can but for their hamster. I took a peek at the map and noticed they have it listed as the Hobbit trail which is just lame but pretty funny. Gotta love it when the forest service is out of the loop.

I intended to follow my old standard back to Rollinsville but then got a wild hair and decided to hook up with 105 which should have dumped me at the top of a gnarly descent to Rollins Pass. Unfortunately, I got a little lost and ended up on some new singletrack that didn’t go where I expected and probably burned about an hour dinking around trying to get back to familiar territory. I finally made it back to my standard route and made it to the Rollinsville store prior to running out of water (barely). I refilled and headed back up the Peak to Peak highway. A storm seemed to be moving in behind me and I made it my goal to reach home in less than 8 hours or at least before getting hammered by the rain. I was able to run when the road wasn’t too steep and made it home in front of the storm but 5 minutes shy of my 8-hour goal. Pretty awesome.

I was able to run, eat and drink the whole run today, which was very good news. I did have some issues with my left shin in the final hour or so which I will need to address but overall, this was a great run. I am feeling more and more prepared every week.

View full album here.

Movie time: Yesterday, Rage and I went to see the new Pixar joint, Ratatouille. I believe this is the best to date and given that it is from Pixar, says a lot. Just a fun movie. Amazing CGI. Go see it on the big screen immediately. Rage has indicated that she has a nice, crisp $5 bill for anyone who can go the whole movie without wanting to tweak the nose of the main character.
(Offer not valid in Wisconsin, Tennessee or Washington D.C.. Offer only good for first person who successfully completes the challenge and reports findings via a certified letter of non-tweakage and passes a lie-detector test (test must be paid for by contestant).)

We also watched Neil Young: Heart of Gold which was a cool concert film. Rage and I got to see Mr. Young play at Fiddler’s green several years ago and this concert film is considered by many to be a great example of how to shoot and edit this type of movie. I can’t say that I necessarily disagree. Good flick.

Tomorrow I plan to do a whole lot of nuthin’ and may hit that up again on Friday. Planning to do Hope Pass Saturday if my leg feels better. I am icing it now so hopefully I’ll recover quickly.

See you out there.