Rabbit cages…

Men will never rest until they’ve spoiled the earth. ~ Fiver

Yesterday: Run – Leadville course, 6 hours ~29 miles
Today: Bunny cages – COHRS, ~2.5 hours
Tomorrow: Run – Boulder?, 1.5 hours

Today was our day to clean the bunny runs at the Colorado House Rabbit Society. We (by “we” I mean “Rach”) got up early so we could beat the heat a bit. I somehow managed to sleepwalk my alarm off, which is pretty awesome. Fortunately, Rach didn’t leave me behind but roused me from my slumber in time to whack down a pb&j and head down to the shelter.

We made good time at the shelter and were done just before A Prairie Home Companion came on. Which is nice, because I can’t stand that friggin’ show. People seriously like that stuff? Anyway… I have included some shots taken after we completed our day’s effort. Doesn’t Terri look adorable with her little bow?

Clean bunny runs. A joyous occasion.

Still life with ball and Meredith.

Extreme close-up.

Turbo nap. Elijah demonstrates excellent sleeping form.

Molly likes to sleep on Rach’s head. Rach is not quite as fond of this arrangement.

B.Z. is the newest member of our crew…

She may be vain and evil but we love her.

Movietime: Last night we watched Shortbus, a James Cameron Mitchell film (writer/director/lead actor in Hedwig and the Angry Inch). I rather enjoyed Shortbus but this is not a film for the feint of heart. It features quite a lot of nudity, adult themes and graphic sexuality so if you aren’t prepared for that type of film, this is NOT the one to rent.

Thursday (I think)…

Your prayers stink. ~ Michael Roach

Yesterday: Night Run – The Beav, 1 hour
Today: Hike, Coyote Trail, 1.5 hours
Tomorrow: Ride, Casa del Critters, 1.5 hours

Man, talk about busy. I have been swamped this week with more to come. Better too busy than not.

Last night I did a solo run down my street. I didn’t feel so hot but it was nice to get out for a bit… even in the dark. I definitely need to do this a bit more to get used to keeping a steady pace. I felt great on the way down but once I turned around, felt worse and worse. They say there is no such thing as a bad run and this, I have come to believe is true. You learn something every time out.

Today, Rach and I went for a hike in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. It was a beautiful night to be out: birds singing, cool temperatures. We hiked up to the old homestead and then back the same way. This is definitely a favorite trail… not great for running but an awesome hike.

Tomorrow, I have work stuff to do in the morning and then plan to go for a ride. Saturday, however is another story as I plan to either run High Lonesome or head to Leadville and run the route over Sugarloaf. Any takers?

Movie moment: Last night, we watched Hoot. Not so good. Carl Hiaasen is one of my favorites and the book was fun in a kid’s book kind of way but the movie left much to be desired. I’d skip it.


Edit: Ooh! I totally forgot to mention this. Rach and I had to head to Boulder on Wednesday to pick up her car and we saw three moose cavorting in a pond near our house. I had heard that moose had been spotted in the area but had not seen any to date. There were a bunch of people pulled over to watch the trio swim and splash in the small pond just off the Peak to Peak (Kelly Dahl, I believe). Rach loves to watch animals drink and was treated to some serious guzzling action as the moose dunked their heads completely under water to drink. Pretty cool!