Less than a month…

Some people run a race to see who is the fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts. ~ Steve Prefontaine (thanks, Nichole!)

Yesterday: PT
Today: Ride or Run – Around my house, ~ 1.5 hours
Tomorrow: Run/Hike – Hope Pass, 5-6 hours

Sorry for the lack of updates, this has been a hectic week and I didn’t have a lot to report.

I have been nursing the shin problem for the last week and finally broke down and went to see Mark Plaatjes yesterday for some much-needed PT. He whipped out his evil thumbs and went to work attempting to rip my heart out through my lower leg. Good stuff. I have noticed over the past few days that merciless massage made it feel a bit better (if only temporarily) and Mark is definitely the go-to guy for this. He then used some laser/light therapy thing on me and then hooked me up to the car battery again with the super-heating pad action. It feels a bit better today though really sore to the touch which is expected. Hopefully this will take and I’ll be able to finish off my training strong and taper to race day.

So let’s see… I did do a short run on Tuesday but other than that have been trying to stay off the leg and have been really busy. I almost went for a run about 11 last night but then decided sleep would be better for me. All in all, I feel like I have things under control, am very fit, and feel pretty decent about the race mentally. The Fish Hatchery to Twin Lakes (and return) section has me a little nervous since I have not run that portion of the course and this features the longest stretch of pavement on the course. I have seen everything but Hope Pass now so that makes me aware of everything at least. I am planning to go up to look at Hope either this weekend or early next week.

Ok. I’ll keep you posted with plans and progress.

See you out there.


Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday…

This is a very deep cut. ~ Morris “Mo” Wanchuk

Seems that gravity is more than just a theory, my friends. Yesterday witnessed two casualties of Newton’s First Law: Brad decided it would be a good idea to test the tensile strength of a street sign, and I introduced my mouth to a very large rock. The rock, as you can imagine, won.

Our Singlespeed ride was a blast. I may have to outfit my ride with a fork, however, as I quickly remembered why full-rigid went the way of the dodo bird. How did we ever ride this way? Still, a good time was had by all and Brad and Luke kept the fun and/or games in full effect. We headed out from Brad’s house (post road sign encounter) and jammed up to Betasso for a quick lap. Then it was back to town to toss on the running duds for a run with Jess up Sanitas. Up was a steady slog, as usual. On the descent, the excitement began.

Essentially, I blew a step, tripped and decided somewhere along my fast arc to the ground that it would be best to lead with my face. Fortunately, my teeth are all intact and my jaw only feels slightly like I took a pummeling from Mike Tyson. Or Cicely Tyson at least. Overall, the damage wasn’t too bad: a scraped and banged knee, hip, wrist and chin and a small cut on my lip. If you want to bake a cake, you have to break a few eggs. Unless you don’t eat eggs in which case you can use Egg Replacer and my analogy gets all shot to hell.

Today, I may go for a short ride run at lunch and maybe a hike after work but will chalk today up as a rest/recovery day. Luke and I were going to try a modified Cirque de Boulder tomorrow but I think that will be postponed for the time-being. I’ll keep you posted.


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