Give me a three! Give me a nine…

Never try to tell everything you know. It may take too short a time. ~ Norman Ford

Day 39 was pretty damned good if I do say so my damned self. Gale-force winds made the hike out exciting but created Etch-a-Sketch conditions in the Lost Lake chutes. Really, really amazing skiing. Ben and I did a couple fairly quick laps then met up with Luke for another. Skied the circuit (Right, Left, Members) then I had to bolt to get some work done and keep the right side of my face from freezing again. The air temps weren’t that low but the wind was howling. Bare faced Stu made for a bad combo and I got a little frost nip. No biggie.

Our first run was in Right which was super consolidated and filled with at least a foot of untracked blow-in. Overhead, blinding face shots all the way down to the Nose and Bowl which were also untouched. We then scampered back out to nail Left, which was even better. A little less consolidated (sluffy) but way deep and just a killer run. Members was also just killer skiing. A great day all around.

I came home to get some work done on proposals, some marketing stuff and whatnot. Sometimes I wish I was more irresponsible. Oh well. I have bunnies to feed. Speaking of bunnies, Rach brought Aaron home to be pals with Skipper and Nigel. He is a cutie. So is Rach.

I may have to go back out tomorrow for a short jaunt. Feels so good to get out in the wilderness.



Rinse, repeat. ~ Back of my shampoo bottle

Etch-a-Sketch day in the Lost Lake Chutes. Fresh turns in Right, then more fresh in Left. With the wind the way it was, I am sure that Right would have been fresh again by the time we got back around.

Good times with Pete and Caleb.


I need a vacation from my vacation…

Ride in the boot. The boot’s full. ~ Wacky drunken Aussies on Australia Day

So I have been remiss about updating the blog. My apologies. The last couple of weeks have been hectic, to say the least. So here is a quick update with more details to come:

Canada was a blast. The first several days were REALLY cold and the conditions on the east side of the pass were marginal, at best. We skied Lake Louise, Kicking Horse and did one fairly short Backcountry day just west of Lake Louise above Sherbrooke Lake. Then the good times commenced when we went up to Roger’s Pass for a couple of days. The avy conditions were a bit sketchy but we did manage to find several safe spots with good turns. All in all, a great trip.

Seth Hughes was with us and got some really great shots. Check out his site and the galleries:

Lake Louise
Kicking Horse
Sherbrooke Lake
Roger’s Pass

So I think I am up to day 33 now for the season. Not too shabby.

My guts are still giving me grief (psoas and/or lower abs) so I am off to see Dr. Dave and Shirley to see if we can make more progress. They are definitely a lot better than in October but have still not gotten to the point where they are completely comfy so I haven’t been running at all. Need to get this sorted out then get back on the program if I am going to stick to my plans for this year.

And in case you wanted to see an ad that didn’t pass the “ready for Prime Time” test during this year’s Super Bowl, here you go.

Ok. More details to come.


Still life with Canada Crüe and thumb: Me, Luke, Pete, Seth, thumb

We need to form a full assault, it’s Canada’s fault!
~ The Residents of South Park

Tomorrow I head up to the Great White North for a fun-filled week of skiing and trying to avoid back bacon. Luke, Pete, Seth and I are staying in Canmore (outside of Calgary) and have plans to ski around the Banff area. We are hoping to get in some days at Lake Louise as well as Kicking Horse and other highlights of the Canadian Rockies. Should be pretty kickass.

I managed to get in a few more days this week but stayed away from running despite the unbearably warm temps. This week featured several 70° days in the Denver/Boulder area which is, frankly, stupid. It did snow today (finally) so that should help things a bit. I am not a big fan of this kind of crazy heat in January. I skied at Eldora on Saturday with the Canada Crüe and then at Eldora with Pete and Edy on Sunday. Both days I was virtually pain-free, which was a treat. My abs/psoas muscles were bugging me a bit again on Monday and I visited Dr. Dave on Tuesday to see if he could work some more magic but alas, it was not to be and I am once again feeling it. Oh well.

Wednesday, I headed up to Eldora to spin some Lost Lake laps with Larry. How alliterative. It was 40° at 7:45 when I got up there which didn’t bode well for the snow conditions but the gut of Right Chute was actually quite tasty for not having had any fresh for a week. Larry and I did a couple laps then both headed back to the real world and work. It was great to get out and it really made me look forward to next week even more. Gotta love exploring.

So I hope to keep everyone posted during the trip and will let you know how things are going. Rach is currently baking a bunch of cookies for us to mack on and I am pretty much packed up and ready to go. Next stop, Pete’s house in Boulder to pick him up at 5:00 then we get our flyin’ on and will be in Canada by 11:00 or so.

Stay tuned…


I need some Vitamin I…

I don’t like goats. You know, leever, keedneys… goats. ~ Someone with whom Rach went to school

Sorry to get all technical on you but my guts hurt. Still nursing this abdominal/psoas muscle deal and frankly, I am getting a bit sick of it. I guess I am going to need to get the extra large bottle of Ibuprofen and take Caleb’s lead on whacking them down on a regular basis.

Went to Dr. Dave twice this week. I guess we are making progress on it but man…. He put the serious hurt on me yesterday trying to help relieve whatever is going on in there and today I am pretty sore. I see him again on Tuesday and will probably make an appointment with Mark for next week as well to see what can be done. It doesn’t bother me too much while skiing (but definitely puts a damper on things) but is still really bugging me when I run. I did a treadmill workout on Thursday that went okay… not great but okay. Just over 3 miles at a steady, fairly slow pace. Baby steps, I guess. Those are a bit tough when one is used to taking big boy steps.

Rach is continuing her reign on awesomeness, in case you were wondering. I am turning into fat Stu with her cooking and my limited exercise. Must remember to not eat like I am training for a huge race when not actually training for a huge race.

We are getting the Banff Crüe together today for some turns at Eldora (day 25 for me this season). We leave in a week for the trip which should be killer. (The trip, not the leaving part.) Pete, Luke, Seth and I are headed up for a week. Staying in Canmore (thanks for the hook-up, Dad!) and will be skiing all around the Banff area. Seth is an amazing photographer so hopefully we’ll get some good shots out of it. I recently got back on the Patagonia Pro program and am hoping that we can get something for them while up there which might open up some other opportunites. We’ll see how it goes.

Still trying to figure out this season’s event schedule. I am still targeting the Leadville Trail 100 for late August and a double crossing of the Grand Canyon in early May. I am debating between running more or less and think that Ben’s recommendation about just having fun with it is pretty solid. I would like to do a 50K event in March and was thinking about doing the Collegiate Peaks Trail Run but it looks like it is in early May too, so I guess I’ll try to find one in June or create my own adventure run for late June/early July. There is a cool loop around the Indian Peaks that Ben and Luke did once… perhaps that would be a good substitute. I also may try to get into the New York City Marathon in November.

Ok, I’m off to the Rock. Looks like it could be a warm on and so far, no wind…. which is nice.


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