Three feet high and rising…

That pile is Rach’s car.

I didn’t even have to use my AK.
~ Ice Cube

Yesterday was pretty sweet. Pete and I met fairly early at Kermit’s to get in some pow turns at A-Basin. Turns out we were ahead of the major cluster that eventually closed I-70 but a little behind on the first chair action. That was okay, however as we still got in many hours of great skiing. AND managed to make it home without getting stranded (though it did take Pete 6 hours or so).

So the conditions were prime after 16 inches of snow overnight and more consistently throughout the day. It was seriously puking snow up at the Basin and the locals were out in force. Even Gary made the scene after suffering some sort of back injury that kept him out most of the year. Pete and I rallied on Pali all day in search of the goods and fun stuff to drop. The wind was doing its weird wind thing (out of the Northeast again for some reason) which made seeking the best snow a little more of a challenge (it usually loads up with winds out of the West) but we managed just fine. Pete worked on sticking the drop off Mini Kong and I finally stomped Little Grandad. Sweet!

The drive home was slow going and Pete’s car was seriously buried by the time we got back to Kermit’s. Once I got home, I was greeted with a couple feet of snow in the driveway (and a rather large pile of munge from the plows). I had mowed the driveway prior to heading up in the morning so this was all accumulation during the day. I mowed again (while it dropped at least 4 inches an hour) then once more before bed. We also lost power, which was pretty awesome but the best was the jackassery that went down during the course of the evening.

Since we had no power, entertainment became watching people try to deal with the heavy snowfall. First, some guy drove down the road, backed up WAY back up the road, then came back down and for some inexplicable reason tried to do a 30 point turn-around in front of our house only to get stuck in our driveway as his truck died. Apparently there was some marital tension going on as well and I think that at one point keys were tossed into the snow bank but I am not certain. In any event, they finally got the truck rolling again only to reappear two hours later in a different car, which they stuffed into the snowbank at the edge of our driveway, did another 13-point turn around and went on their merry way. There were also many snowmobilers racing up and down our road which always is good for a laugh.

So our power came back on about 10:45 then we went to bed. When I got up, the road crew had deposited a pile of snow and road munge 4 feet tall at the end of our driveway. Disappointed. I spent much of the morning getting that moved out of the way then the rest of the day getting the truck out and able to roll. All in all, we got over 3 feet in about 36 hours and it is still snowing lightly as I write this. Springtime in the Rockies… gotta love it.


And you think I’m nuts…

Sliiiiiiiide. ~ Marla Singer

The Marathon of the Sands is a 6-day race across the Sahara where competitors must carry all their gear and the only real support is rations of water and tents in which to sleep at night. Amazing.

Speaking of racing, I met with Janet Runyan yesterday for the first of several sessions scheduled to help with my running form and to get some training and racing advice. She is a past winner at Leadville and National Ultradistance Champion so I am very excited to see how she can help my performance and help me get and stay injury-free. She recommended some posture adjustments yesterday that really seemed to help and I am planning to go out today to see how much “sticks”. It is fairly warm up here today so as long as it doesn’t rain, I should be okay. She did think that the first 50K I have scheduled was a bit aggressive so I will probably scale that back to the 25K event.

I did get out for some turns at the Basin on Sunday. Luke and I pretty much tore it up and Pete and Edy were up as well. Pete joined us for a couple of fun runs. The conditions were a bit funky but REALLY good turns were to be had if you explored a little. We got into some really good stuff up on East Wall and did a run out the Steep Gullies which was pretty great.

I ran Betasso on Monday evening and it was more of a slog than anything to write home about. Felt pretty poorly throughout but did manage 3 laps before calling it a night. Hoping I can get my psoas issues resolved very soon.


Take Grandpa skiing…

Keep your ugly fuckin’ goldbrickin’ ass out of my beach community. ~ Malibu Cop

Day 49 featured a late start, great snow and lots of obnoxious, drunken college kids at the Basin. Luke, Nichole and I headed up late (post conference call with Renewable Choice Energy, one of our clients) and immediately started spinning laps on Pali in search of our favorite spots and good snow. Both were in large supply with forays into the Black Widow, Mini Kong, Waterfall, West Turbo and more. Deep and fluffy at the bottom of 2nd too… just thinking about it makes me inclined to get back up there ASAP.

Anyway, the mountain was virtually empty save for a rather large pack of heavily inebriated co-eds and hangers on. I guess April Fool’s Day brought out the riff raff but seriously, if you can’t stand up in the lift line, you really shouldn’t be on the hill. Fortunately, they were pretty easy to dodge but I felt bad for the lift ops who were being berated left and right. Anyway, I suspect more of the same will be in order this weekend with the beach being in full effect.

I didn’t ski particularly well but had a great time. My knee was giving me grief for whatever reason and my abs are still a mess. Seeing yet another doctor about that next week. I have to get that resolved else my racing plans for this year are going to be in jeopardy. Hopefully this guy can help out.

Other than that, we’ve just been jamming on work stuff and staying busy with the critters. I am planning to attend a running injuries seminar tomorrow night so maybe that will provide more insight into how to prevent and treat.


Lovin’ Lost Lake Laps…

Phew! I haven’t felt that good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland in 1978! ~ Mark “Rent Boy” Renton

Ok. So good I had to just do a brief post…

Luke and I grabbed first chair (well… 15th) at the Rock this morning and made about 3 turns down Ambush on our way to Corona where we were the first to drop Salto, which was nice. Then we headed out the gate for three AWESOME runs in the Lost Lake Chutes. We were spinning 45-50 minute laps even while slogging around in the woods breaking trail trying to find the good traverse line. Left, Hourglass, Left of Left. Quite a bit of sluffing but only a little evidence of fracturing on heavily loaded areas. Man, it was really good.

Luke took first turns in Left and skied it all the way out to the lake making only a few huge, sweeping turns on the face. I followed suit, straight-running the pinch.

We then lapped it back up and Luke jammed down Hourglass to the lake. I came FLYING out of the bottom of the ‘glass grinning ear to ear.

We then rallied one more lap and I took first tracks down the left edge of Left where it was still really deep and pointed it out the bottom. Luke aired into the left notch for the day’s boldest line. Great stuff.

We spun the 4 laps and were back at the car by noon. Amazing morning of great skiing.


Very quick one…

RIP Shane McConkey – Graeme Murray/Red Bull Photofiles

I like your style, Dude.
~ The Stranger

I have finally been getting back out consistently, which is nice. Ran 4x last week (1 mile treadmill on Sunday, 3 miles trail on Tuesday, 5 miles trail on Friday and a 10 miler on trails on Sunday) and skied Wednesday, Saturday and Monday. This really put the stomp on my knee but was all fun. I hit Vail yesterday for some big pow turns and am heading up to Eldora in a few to spin a few laps out the gate.

As you may have guessed, we finally got snow after a LONG spell with nothing. It is still snowing now but just a little.

Also, I think that I just found another race to do: Golden Gate Dirty Thirty. Seeing how this is in my backyard, I pretty much HAVE to represent, right?

And on a very sad note: RIP Shane McConkey. He will be missed.

I’ll catch you up with more ASAP.


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