Mellow Monday…

We are each our own greatest inhibitor. People don’t want to do new things if they think they’re going to be bad at them or people are going to laugh at them. You have to be willing to subject yourself to failure, to be bad, to fall on your head and do it again, and try stuff that you’ve never done in order to be the best you can be. ~ Laird Hamilton

Yesterday: Hit Range Balls/Hike – Casa del Critters, 1:15
Today: Run – GGCSP, ~2 hours
Tomorrow: Ride – Somewhere singlespeedy, ~2 hours

Yesterday, Rach and I took a nice stroll in the woods around our house. The songbirds were going crazy-nuts and surprisingly, we only saw one other person walking his dog. I love where we live – close proximity to fun trails and the ability to get away from it all in just a short walk from our house.

During lunch yesterday, I went to the driving range to get a few cuts in before playing a round of golf with my dad next week. I don’t get to play very often so need to brush up on my skills (or lack thereof) whenever I can. I am looking forward to playing with my pops and hope to break 100. I shot a 102 the last time I played so I am within striking distance of the sub-triple-digit score. We’ll see how things go. I usually do okay for most of the round and then fall apart on a couple of holes pushing my score way up. Dad shoots in the low 80s usually (I think). I am not sure I will ever play enough to be that good but it is fun to get out on the course now and again.

I also went to see Dr. Paul yesterday for my ankle problem (which seems to have been resolved) and my knee (which is still a bit swollen but has decreased in size markedly over the past several days). The knee stems from my unscheduled nose-dive back in May (see this post for details). The shot some pictures and believe that everything is a-ok so that was good news. I just need to select better places for splashdowns in the future.

And today is Luke’s birthday. Age is one place where I will always beat him but visit his blog to congratulate him on trying to catch up.

Until next time…


I do stuff…

I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty. ~ Imelda Marcos

Recently, Rage made the observation that the pile of shoes in our mud room consisted of mostly size 10s. I must confess, the volume of footwear I possess is a bit ridiculous. It seems that every activity in which I participate leads to a new shoe purchase. Plus, I am currently rotating 3 pair of running shoes, etc., etc., etc.. It is a bit obscene. So I looked into recycling programs for shoes to see what one can do to help get shoes that are worn but not worn out into the right hands. Good stuff.

Yesterday, Rage and I went for a hike in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This great little front-range treat is just up the hill from our house and features some killer hiking and biking trails. I plan to spend a lot of time there this summer.

Today, I plan to go for a run after work up near my house. I want to see if the trails in Roosevelt National Forest are clear. I’ll keep you posted.

Edit: No running tonight. I am feeling a bit like a wuss and it was hailing during the period I was planning to head out. I am trying to rally the troops for a Singlespeed ride tomorrow after work. Anyone who is interested, let me know.