Rest week…

Though the streams are swollen, keep them doggies rollin’. ~ Frankie Laine

Mon June 14: 00:23, 2.48 miles, South Beaver Creek night run
Tues June 15: 1:01, 5.84 miles, Secret to Thorne surges
Wed June 16: 2:00, 13.45 miles, Dearborne tempo
Thurs June 17: 2:32, 9.43 miles, Arapaho Pass/Glacier Trail run/hike
Sat June 19: 1:57, 10.75 miles, Casa trails easy
Sun June 20: 4:09, 21.93 miles, Boulder Foothills/Mesa
Total: 12:03, 63.88 miles, 8,258 vertical

Good, mellow week of running. Felt strong and rested and worked on getting the slower pacing down. No major, or even minor troubles to report at this point. Just gearing up for the race and getting supremely focused.

I even came to the realization this week that I am psyched to get through the event… wait for it… so I can run. Yes, there is nothing really okay with that. This thought came to me while actually ON a run as well. So essentially, I am excited to complete the training (running) for Leadville so I can run some more. Not right at all but amusing. I think I am missing a bit of the spontaneity that comes with not having a fixed goal to which I am focused. It will be fun to have some flexibility for sure so I can go on a big run on, say, Friday if someone has something wacky planned.

The highlight of the week was probably my trip up Arapaho Glacier Trail. This was a scheduled run/hike and so I jammed up 4th of July to the trailhead for Arapaho Pass. The trail up high was still snow covered and a little punchy until I turned off to go up the Arapaho Glacier Trail where conditions were mixed but the snow was a bit more firm when it needed to be crossed at great length. Lots of water flowing up there as well which made for soggy feet but I didn’t really mind. The wind was howling up there, however, which made going a little tough but fun. I am learning to appreciate everything nature has to throw at me and take it all in stride.

One item of note for the week: Early morning runs are pretty sweet. I got out on the trails by about 6:15 on Saturday and all was right with the world in that moment. The birds were singing, there was a peacefulness and tranquility that one just doesn’t seem to find at other times of the day. Even when I am alone in the woods, there is a certain “buzz” one can sense when other people are active in the area. I may go hours without seeing anyone else but during the day, you can just feel the activity. Early in the morning, this same energy is missing. In a good way. Coyote are yipping, the sun is making its first impact on distant hillsides and the cool air makes each exhale visible.

Good times.


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