If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough. ~ Mario Andretti

Headed up to the Rock late morning today to get in a few turns. Hoping to build on the successes of yesterday. It was cold but relatively calm today but conditions were far worse than yesterday’s dreaminess.

I made a few runs back in Salto and was feeling fairly well… not as great as yesterday but definitely getting the flow of things and skiing relaxed. Pretty much what I need to be doing. On my third or fourth trip down through the glades, I stopped to help some poor monkey who was in WAY over his head retrieve his ski. This was shortly after watching him nearly take a header through the woods at an alarming rate of speed. Did I mention he was on one ski? Seems like I did. After he came to a stop, I skied down to him and gave him his missing stick, then made a couple of turns and proceeded to tweak my right knee a little. Nothing major but a definite set-back to my plans for world domination.

So now I am rockin’ the ice shuffle, vitamin I, Arnica (which Pete doesn’t believe in, kinda like gmail) and rest. We’ll see how it feels Wednesday but I definitely am looking out for Thursday when we are planning to shoot in Utah. I’ll keep you posted.


Ex-STREAM skiing…

Idiots rule. ~ Jane’s Addiction

Today’s adventure began with a trip to the Vet. Sam, our wonderful Siamese kitty is sick. This is really horrible news after the loss of Oliver just a couple of weeks ago. We have pretty much ruled out the pet food problems that have been seen around the country but Sam is having the same problems as Oliver and this is not good news. She is back home now and resting.

Post Vet, I hooked up with Luke and Pete for some backcountry skiing. We opted out of another Chihuahua/Margories loop for a sojourn into the National Forest around Eldora. We were promptly kicked out of the Eldora lot and headed down to the Hessie Trailhead to try our luck skinning up the back way. After several false starts, we were on our way.

The skin took WAY longer than we hoped as we did a bunch of poking around to see if there was an easy way to ford South Boulder Creek which, being May 7, is roaring. No luck. So after bushwhacking back up to the main trail and getting a ton of practice donning and removing our skis, we finally made it to Lost Lake.

Conditions were a little sketchy so we opted out of starting our ski from the top of Left/Right Chutes and just launched out descent from the roll. Not a lot of vert but still good lines were lain. Lain? Sure, lain.

On the way out, Pete jacked his knee up which made for some interesting navigating. We decided to traverse over to Corona and jam straight back down to the car. Pete handled it all with good humor and Luke showed off his stream skiing and tree skiing skills on the way out when we crossed back over the creek – sans bridge. Needless to say, I am putting my boot drier to very good use.

I may still go out for a run later this evening but am looking forward to seeing Shirley at In Motion Rehabilitation (Luke, this may be the worst site I have ever seen. Think they’d trade us some bench time for a little help?) tomorrow and then going for a bike ride. Singlespeeders, start your engines for a 4:30 launch. Be there or be elsewhere.


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