Bring it…

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. ~ Sammy Chan and Jule Styne

Current temp: 25.7 degrees
Visibility: 100 meters and falling

This could be the day snow finally falls at the Casa.


[Edit] I spoke too soon. Typical Colorado style, it is now bluebird out. Less than an hour later. Gotta love it.

Let it snow (repeat x3)…

Don’t mess with the fantasy, okay? ~ Gary Wallace

Yesterday: Beer Festival
Today: Run – Towards Ned, 1.5 hours
Tomorrow: Off

Ever have a hot chick drive by and ask you if you want a ride? Normally I don’t just hop into cars with strangers, no matter how smokin’ they may be but today it just felt right. Plus she wasn’t a stranger. Rach had come to rescue me. But I thought I’d string you along for a little while there.

So I left my car in Ned yesterday so I could take the bus down to Denver. Today’s mission… run to Ned to pick the bad boy up. One minor complication — it snowed about 6 inches overnight. This makes for good times.

I headed out about noon towards Ned. Mostly sticking to main roads, I slogged through the slush fairly quickly though I still can’t seem to keep my heartrate down to normal levels. I am guessing this is a double-whammy combo special of still being fatigued from the race and sitting on my butt for the past 6 weeks. In any event, I actually felt okay today. Not great but okay.

Shortly after passing through Rollinsville, I headed west along a fairly well-established trail. This eventually hooks up with the WestMag trail system from which I can just head down to Nederland. Not today, however.

After following the trail for about a half a mile, it cuts into the woods. This is the point at which Senor Trail and I parted ways as it was impossible to find it with the fresh snow and tight trees. So I stumbled around for about 45 minutes — crossing several fences, dodging cattle and generally not knowing where the hell I was. Eventually I jogged into a clearing just west of Kelly Dahl park and jumped back on the Peak to Peak roughly 1/2 mile from where I left the pavement. Awesome. At least I knew where I was finally.

I jogged along the highway for another mile or so until I was propositioned by the aforementioned hottie and jumped in Rach’s warm Subaru for a ride on in to Nederland. All in all a good day in the woods. Or close to the woods as the case may be.

Once home, I got some work done and should be able to launch the Lion Equity site on Tuesday.

All in all we got at least 6 inches of snow and it continued to fall all day. The temperature is dropping now so we should see some additional accumulation overnight if this keeps up. I am sensing an A-Basin outing in my near future. Wednesday, anyone?

Rach spent the day in a significantly more productive (and charitable) manner wrangling critters at Bleating Heart Animal Sanctuary. This is a yearly event (that always seems to coincide with the first major snowstorm of the year) during which volunteers catch sanctuary bunnies, goats, turkeys and other assorted critters; make certain they are in good health; and release them back to the sanctuary grounds. Good stuff. This is the second or third year Rach has participated in the round-up. She has mad critter catching skills.


Last night, we took a trip down memory lane and watched Do the Right Thing. Still a decent flick. I had forgotten that Martin Lawrence was in it. There are some classic lines in this one. Good stuff.

Your homework for the next few days: Go play in the snow.


We’ll count it…

No fair! You changed the results by measuring it! ~ Professor Farnsworth

Yesterday: Lumberjackin’ – Mi casa, 1 hour
Today: Run/Hike – GGCSP, 2 hours
Tomorrow: Golf – Winter Park, 5 hours

I didn’t notice right away with the gale-force winds we are experiencing today, but last night we received our first dusting of snow this season. Actually, as I look out the window, it appears to be snowing lightly now though this may be just residual flakes that have somehow managed to cling to the trees. Not sure how they are doing that but good for them.

I am not a big fan of the wind. Last year we experienced some amazing storm cycles which characterized themselves by depositing large amounts of snow in the area (feet) then quickly following these most welcome dumps with triple-digit windstorms which cooked the fresh pow into something that resembled set concrete. (By the way, it is snowing now. Good stuff!) Hopefully this season, we’ll see more of the dumpage and less of the windage. But I am not complaining.

I didn’t do much yesterday aside from working. I did get out briefly to shuttle some logs to my neighbors as the trailer was hooked up and Joe had some time to help me unload. They have twin boys who are about 18 months old now which makes life interesting for them, for sure. Joe had just put the critters down for a nap when I called to see if he had a spot where he would like for me to put the logs so I got some help unloading, which was awesome.

Today I have a couple of meetings and have a bunch of work to push through. Getting it all figured out, though. September was nuts and I have a couple of outside projects which I am hoping to start in October so it will probably be nuts too. As long as I can get things to settle into a steady rhythm by ski season, I’ll be happy.

Gotta run to prepare for this call. Don’t you go changin’.


PS ~ I have the WORST friggin’ song in my head right now and I fear it will drive me insane. I am not even sure how it got there unless it was some evil little seed planted by the IMDb. I think it was Julie Andrews’ birthday yesterday (or the day before) and now I have that damned yodeling song from The Sound of Music spinning loops in my brain. Hopefully now I have given it to you so it will leave me alone (or at least torment someone else so I can share my pain). Enjoy.

Big shoes…

Rub some dirt on it and get back in there. ~ Coach Sanders

Yesterday’s run was interesting. I definitely learned a few things:

  • Running in headwinds and rain takes it out of you
  • Sticky mud = very big shoes (I knew this already but it was reinforced nicely last night)
  • I need a new jacket – preferably one with a hood
  • I need to practice running at night – MUCH slower than in the daytime
  • I have a great crew

So after a few stumbles, Luke and I finally started running at 5:00. The first few miles were on pavement/bike paths and went quickly. Easy 10-minute pace. We ran on trails here as much as possible but had to spend a bit of time on the hard stuff, which is not really what either of us enjoy. Once we hit dirt, the wind kicked up and it started to rain. This would be the standard off and on for the remainder of our run.

Pete tried to hook up with us out by Boulder Res but we somehow missed him and just kept rolling. We had to walk anything remotely steep as the trails out this way are mostly clay and were pretty slick. We were getting tired from having Gene Simmons shoes and I was trying to stave off the fatigue by pounding yummy humus burritos Rage made.

Several miles later, after running down the Sanitas Valley Trail, we looked up ahead to see our favorite black-haired crew member trotting down the trail towards us. Brad had braved the crummy weather to come join us for a brief section of the run. We shuffled into Eben G. Fine Park and met up with Nichole and Pete just before dusk, roughly 30 minutes off pace but still feeling okay.

Nichole, Pete and Brad practiced crewing (Brad holds a mean apple if you are ever in the need of those services). After a quick shoe change, some dry clothes and refilling our food and water stocks, we were off into the night to run up the first part of Flagstaff on our way to the Mesa trail. This is where things started to fall apart a bit.

I could tell that Luke was not feeling particularly well on the climb up Flag. Usually he is the one pushing the pace but last night, he was experiencing some knee pain that was holding him back. I wasn’t feeling just red hot myself and we decided to take a short break once we got to the Ranger Station. At this point, Luke decided it would be best if he were to call in the cavalry to give his knees a much needed break. I wanted to push on a bit so that I could increase my longest distance and time active and headed out Mesa solo planning to catch the car at NCAR.

I was definitely a bit slower on this section than I had hoped. I also lost my ear buds somehow and, though I searched for several minutes, was unable to locate them in the dark. I must have stepped on them while putting on my jacket or something. So we can add that to the list of needs: New headphones. I finished up at NCAR about 4:45 after starting and estimate my total distance to be ~20 miles. Pete was gracious enough to come pick me up and Luke and Nichole donated a shower. I got home sometime around 11:30 after driving through a pretty good Spring snowstorm to roughly 6 inches on the ground. Spring in the Rockies… gotta love it.

So today, I plan to recuperate – watch some movies, maybe go for a short walk later and let Rage drive the car back and forth over my legs for awhile. Tomorrow I am cleaning cages at The House Rabbit Society in the morning and may do a short run in Boulder in the afternoon or perhaps skin up Eldora for a few turns. Comment if you would like to join me on either or if you have a preference.


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