Laying low…

It isn’t a mountain bike ride until somebody bleeds gets hit on the head by a falling lodgepole pine. ~ Ancient Mountain Biking Proverb

Yesterday: Nada
Today: Ride – West Mag trails, 3 hours
Tomorrow: Ride – Casa del Critters, 2 hours

Yesterday, I jammed into Boulder early to zap my leg with some ultrasound. Good times. Hopefully this, plus rest, massage and more ultrasound will get things working properly again. Still having some isses today for sure. I am glad I decided that trying to do Hope was a bad idea.

So, to keep myself off the gimpy shin, I met Brad and Jess in Nederland for some mountain biking. We headed up the trails off of West Mag and ended up monkeying around looking for a stretch of singletrack I stumbled across on Wednesday. Then Brad got bonked in the head by a pine tree that apparently had a deathwish for the Bradster. I had passed by the offending flora only to hear Jess ask if Brad was okay. Apparently, Brad gave the tree some grief about its rainbow suspenders back in gradeschool and well… made the list. Other than a headache, sore neck and now being an inch shorter, we think Brad is going to be okay.

Tomorrow, I plan to stay off the leg again and ride around the neighborhood for a couple of hours. I have a ton of work to do as well so will just stay in the area to get everything done.

Movie time: Last night we watched 11:14. Not a bad movie but not great either. One of those multiple story-line movies where several seemingly unrelated incidents come together at a point in time. Frankly, Kieslowski did it much better but this isn’t horrible.

See you out there.


Productive Friday…

I’m reinforcing the header! ~ Buster Bluth

Yesterday: Nuttin’
Today: Ride – Casa del Critters, 1:45
Tomorrow: Longish hike/ski/run?

Just a quick one to try to get me in the habit…

Today I took the day off from work and freelanced and organized my home office a bit. Still not complete but getting there. I have a bunch of projects on which I am working with more on the horizon. I will definitely need to get myself in the groove, so to speak, in order to not get too bogged down with working all the time. I managed to squeeze out for a fun little ride in the local neighborhood and hooked up a trail I have been trying to link for a couple of years. Good times.

I actually am riding pretty well right now and managed to get almost all the way across a really technical spot I have been trying to nail for quite some time. That felt pretty good. I had one unplanned dismount (I didn’t hit the ground) that bent my derailleur hanger a little bit and somehow jacked up my front shifter as well. Weird. I guess that is what I get for riding the geared rig.

I signed up to work with Habitat for Humanity on the 2oth to help build a house on West Kentucky Avenue in Denver. I helped out this fall with a project in the same area and it was a lot of fun. It felt good to be able to lend a hand to a project of that type and to volunteer some time to help out others. With my work schedule becoming less structured, I am hoping to be able to do more volunteering on a regular basis.

Tomorrow I plan to get out and about for some sort of adventure. I may just end up doing a really long run but am not quite sure of the plan. If you have any thoughts, feel free to let me know.

Don’t you go changin’.


Living with nature…

Life is rated R. ~ Seth Rogen

In a Fresh Air interview yesterday, Seth Rogen made the point that if one were to follow you home, you would probably do something that would warrant an R rating within about 15 minutes. I would have to say that he is correct. Fortunately, most of us wouldn’t do anything PG-13-ey because there is usually blood and guts involved there. (Don’t get me started.) Thus far, I have made a concerted effort to keep this blog G-rated and I expect to continue that trend. Just in case you were wondering, however, my life definitely receives an R rating across the board.

But I digress…

Yesterday, Luke and I did a quick post-work spin around the North Boulder area. I was riding my squishy bike but tried to keep with the spirit of Luke on his S.A.S.S. by staying in one gear. Singlespeeds were not meant to weigh 35 pounds or whatever my bike weighs at this point. This I can say without hesitation. We rode around for about an hour and I felt pretty [expletive deleted]-y for the first few miles then settled into things and actually felt okay. I did realize that I am really jonesing to run, which is a really good thing. I am going to try to force myself to take it easy for a few more days but want to work another long run into my schedule soon. Maybe next weekend.

I need to start training at night as well to get used to running in the dark. This becomes a bit of a logistical issue when one considers my proximity to large kittens and lack of running partners up by my house. Wildlife tends to leave groups of people alone but flying solo presents a pretty good target for a hungry kitty. Which reminds me of a story…

Back in the day, I went to school in Colorado Springs. People in the area started complaining to the local authorities that their poodles were being grubbed by lions in the area and wanted something done about it. Though I feel sorry for Fifi and for the cats that had to work through all that poofy fur, our encroachment into wildlands presents this type of situation. It is one of the things one has to deal with when one lives in the woods. You just can’t leave mountain lion food lying around and expect it to be there in the morning. That goes for bears too, by the way. If you live in bear country, don’t leave your trashcans outside overnight. I can not stress this enough.

Today, I am going to try to stay off the ankle yet again and go for a ride near my casa after work. I hope to hook up a couple of trails near my house that I found a couple of summers ago. I had hoped to do this on my last longer run but the snow that began to fall during my outing covered any trail evidence. I’ll let you know how it goes. Tomorrow, I hope to get back up to altitude for some turns. There is still plenty of that action to be had.

See you out there.


Edit: Incidentally, I woke up with [expletive deleted] Sade’s [expletive deleted] Smooth Operator coursing through my brain. The only ways I know to get rid of monstrous songs of this nature are to either a) give them away or b) blow your brains out. I am going with option a, today so enjoy!

Lack of motivation…

Ride ’em. ~ Aho Joe

Yesterday has to be chalked up to wussdom. I really wasn’t feeling it so I blew off any training to hang with my special lady and watch The Illusionist. Not so great. The Illusionist, not hanging with my special lady. I intended to go for a ride after work but postponed that endeavor until I got home. Then it started raining and my motivation quickly dissipated. I know I need to get out in that stuff but yesterday just wasn’t the day. But today we ride. Luke and I are planning to do some bike-related activity post work. Anyone interested, give me a shout.



To congratulate oneself on one’s warm commitment to the environment, or to peace, or to the oppressed, and think no more is a profound moral fault. ~ Robert Conquest

Ever wonder how you can make a difference in this world? I sometimes get overwhelmed with the thought of making a significant impact on the human race and go back to my standard ways of doing things. Well today I would like to recommend that we all go out and try to make a small difference. Sacrifice something small that would otherwise tax the environment. Help someone out you would normally just pass in the street. Plant a tree. Refuse both paper AND plastic. Did you know that scientists estimate that it requires 1000 years for a plastic grocery bag to biodegrade and there are something like 50 million distributed yearly. That is just gross. San Fransisco may actually ban plastic grocery bags for larger stores. Go San Fran! Buy re-usable bags here. </soapbox>

So today I got Shirlified again. Shirley Plaatjes is a massage therapist here in Boulder who is not afraid to whale on a person. After this weekend’s madness, I needed/feared the session. I thought I was going to squirm off the table when she went to town on my hamstrings but afterwards, I always feel much better. Today was not exception.

Yesterday, I just chilled out at home and did a bunch of freelance work that needed my attention. No activities were planned and none were accomplished. A good, solid rest day for once. Today I plan to get out on the bike for a bit after work. Let me know if you would like to join me in the fun and/or games.

And now, a product review: I love these socks. Seriously, they are tall, comfy and since starting to wear them exclusively, I haven’t gotten a single blister. I’m tellin’ ya… the Wrightsock is the bomb. I just picked up 8 more pair so that I have enough for every aid station at Leadville if I am feeling the need. Great stuff.

Movies: Last night, we watched Factotum which was okay, I suppose. Based on several Bukowski stories, it starred Matt Dillon and Lili Taylor who both did an admirable job of portraying pathetic drunks. So not a particularly uplifting film nor one that made me too interested in slugging down copious amounts of booze anytime soon. I wouldn’t necessarily avoid it but I wouldn’t encourage you to rush out and rent it either.

Enjoy the day, this is the last May 30, 2007 ever. Might as well make something of it.


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