Slow and easy…

Release the Kraken! ~ Zeus

Thurs 11 Mar: 00:30, 2 miles, Shoe testing in Boulder
Sat 13 Mar: 00:40, 4.42 miles, Sloppy ‘hood run with surges

Two relatively mellow runs in prep for tomorrow’s long effort. Feeling okay, not great. Looking to make some footwear adjustments to try to adjust to my stride changes. Tested that out today and will shoot for testing again for part of tomorrow’s run.

My next race is two weeks away. Time is flying right now and I am looking to set up crew and pacers for Leadville soon. Still working out all the details but the target is approaching and will be here before I know it. Feeling like I am on track for sure.

Getting some Spring cleaning done as well and am hoping to finish out the garage attic as my new office this summer. We’ll see how that goes. It is stuffed with well… stuff right now so that has to be dealt with first then we can move on to the actual build out. We’re also making some big strides at work right now, which is nice. Good to have goals and to have some momentum building.

That’s about it for now. Check in again tomorrow for a run report. Going to be out there for 4:40 and the weather is supposed to be a bit crappy so it could get interesting.


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