Rach rules…

What’s wrong with being sexy? ~ Nigel Tufnel

I meant to get this posted earlier in the week but have been distracted.

You ever have someone that just knows you? Well, I do and she is awesome. The other day, she was relating the story of her grandfather and how he left his family with a creed:

What one lives for may be uncertain, but how he lives is not…. Man should live nobly though he does not see any practical reason for it, simply because in the mysterious, inexplicable mixture of beauty and ugliness — virtue and baseness — in which he finds himself, he must want to be on the side of the beautiful and the virtuous.

~Oren K. Palmer

Wonderful words to live by.

So given that I am one of those people who never lets a serious moment pass without an attempt at a joke (usually pilfered from someone else), I said, “Rach, you know what my creed is, right?”

To which she replied in a slurred English accent, “Have a good… time… ALL the time.”

Gotta love it when your special lady taps into Viv Savage’s philosophy of life — and precisely the obscure quote from a 24-year-old movie that was going through my head.


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