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Three tomatoes are walking down the street — a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and squishes him… and says, ‘Ketchup.’ ~ Mrs. Mia Wallace

Yesterday: Hike – Raccoon Trail, 1 hour
Today: Run – Switzerland Trail, 2 hours
Tomorrow: Hike

Ok. I have to catch you up on recent events.

I jammed over to Gunnison on Friday to hang with the ‘rents. Played 9 holes of golf with my pops, did some stuff around the humble abode, ate some good Mexican food, hung out with my mom. That kind of stuff. It was a nice weekend for sure.

Gunnison is an interesting town. Crested Butte is nearby so there is a definite hippie/liberal element (plus, there is a college there which adds to this vibe) but the rest of the area features a lot of farmer/rancher types which makes for an interesting mix. It is always good to get back over there for sure as the area is beautiful and filled with Stu-style goings on. Lots of mountain biking/trail running/skiing/outdoorsy goodness. I am psyched we moved there and that my parents have stayed. The X-Card went on sale again. Just put that on the list of things to get. Which reminds me. I need to get my Eldora pass as well.

The aspens are threatening to turn throughout the high country. I think two-three weeks will be the peak. I am hoping to get the Crüe together for a Leadville run from Half Moon to Twin Lakes and back. This section of the course is aspen-central and would be gorgeous if timed right. We’ll see who is interested in an adventure of that sort.

Today’s run was a real surprise. I actually felt pretty well throughout and ran a steady pace for a full 2 hours. Luke wasn’t feeling so hot towards the end. I think he is coming down with something. I, on the other hand, had enough in me to turn some serious times in the last 2 miles or so and finished up strong. I definitely couldn’t have sustained that pace for long but it was nice to get the legs turning over.

Luke and I talked about Leadville and whether or not I am going to give it another shot next year. The jury is still out on that one and I think I will try to hold off on any decisions until after February. In the meantime, I’ll keep training to stay in shape for ski season and the Enduro and see how I feel about things later in the year. If I could figure out a way to do it without having to invest so much time training, I think I would give it another whirl. I just don’t know if I can spend that much time away from my sweetie again this year. We’ll see. In any event, it is really great to be able to run again. Today was just awesome along the Peak to Peak.

What else? Just procrastinating horribly. I have meetings all day tomorrow so need to get some work done tonight in preparation. We have been watching Season 3 of The Office which I highly recommend. Funny stuff. It’s not Arrested Development but it is actually decent TV for a change.



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