The trend continues…

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. ~ Bob Dylan

I seem to be the bringer of precipitation of late. Yesterday, I finally got motivated around 2:00 for a 2-hour run and shortly after heading out the door, it began to snow. No big deal, I came prepared with my new Marmot Precip Jacket – which, incidentally, I like very much. But running in the cold definitely is a different beast than in more moderate temperatures and I would not consider this to have been a particularly “good” run. We ended up with about 3 inches total accumulation. Springtime at 9000 feet.

It was definitely beautiful out. I explored the trails around my house, did some maintenance, and felt better for having dragged myself off the couch for a couple hours of training. Generally speaking, people don’t like to run. I find this is a significant contributor to the blank stares and quizzical looks I receive whenever people learn of my Leadville plans. I have found that there is a definite period of time one must invest in the sport before it becomes something enjoyable. And this time varies from person to person for sure. Running hurts. Make no mistake. But once you develop a small level of fitness, you get past this pain to understand why thousands of people enjoy this sport. You see more, experience more and the world slows down around you. It can be a peaceful endeavor. One to which I have grown quite fond.

On Tuesday, I managed to get in to see Mark Plaatjes, 1993 World Marathon Champion and winner of the 1991 LA Marathon. Mark now lives in Boulder and is a Physical Therapist who has now helped me get back on the trails on several occasions. Mark did some work on my still-swollen left knee and tweaked right ankle. I am definitely still feeling both but anticipate that his efforts, along with some stride modifications, will help me get back to form in short order. It is great to be able to go see someone who has experience in sport. I always feel better knowing that my healthcare providers can sympathize with the frustration of not being able to perform at one’s peak due to an injury.

On a completely unrelated note, if you didn’t know already, I tend to watch a lot of movies. Not as many as I once consumed but more than the average viewer. Currently, most of these are viewed at home on DVD but I still get a lot of pleasure watching film. As an added feature to runsturun, I’ll start posting what I have recently watched. I may even review a few of them for you. (I used to write for Filmthreat – a few of my reviews are still up there if you search hard enough.) So I’ll catch you up on this past week’s screenings and then try to keep up on a regular basis from now on:

  • May 12 – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: I often re-screen movies and this is one I have seen several times. Sam Rockwell was awesome and this is perhaps the only movie with Julia Roberts that I would ever recommend.
  • May 13 – Inside Man: I actually enjoyed this film quite a bit. It is Spike Lee doing not Spike Lee. Not that Spike Lee doing Spike Lee is a bad thing.
  • May 18 – Casino Royale: I am not a Bond fan but was told by several people that this was the antithesis of the standard Bond movie. It was okay. Cut out a ton of the Venice segment and it would have been a lot better. I would say that Daniel Craig did a decent job walking in Sean Connery’s boots.
  • May 22 – Amelie: Again, another repeat viewing. This is a beautiful film. Watch it immediately. An interesting note, this film contains lots of sexual situations, references and some nudity and was marketed as a family film in the EU. In the US, it received an “R” rating. Just another example of how screwed up this country is. (Casino Royal, filled with violence and scenes depicting torture, got at PG-13.)
  • May 23 – Volver: Almodovar is pretty amazing. His films are typically snippets of time and feature severely-off-camber themes. This is no exception.
  • May 23 – Pan’s Labyrinth: Another repeat and a beautiful/horrible film. This one is not for the squeamish and was marketed as an adult fairy tale. This film is incredibly well done and is an example of all that is wrong with Hollywood. I find foreign film to be more willing to take chances and push the envelope than domestic endeavors. Pan’s is no exception.

That’s it for today, ladies and gentlemen. I plan to ride the Singlespeed at lunch or post work if anyone is interested in joining in the fun and/or games.

See you out there.


Edit: And I just stumbled across this gem celebrating the death of the Hummer. Good times (and that says a lot considering the behemoth I drive).

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