Another snow run…

I kinda like Superbowl Sunday. It’s like another holiday that everyone else observes and I don’t. ~ Rach

Sat 6 Feb: 00:40, 4.19 miles, Neighborhood loop with surges
Sun 7 Feb: 1:50, 12 miles, Boulder road loop via 4th

Good runs over the past couple days. Tapering a bit for the race next weekend so kept it short today. Felt pretty well even though I went a bit harder than I intended for whatever reason. Yesterday’s run was an early morning affair as Rach and I had tickets to see the Met’s simulcast of Simon Boccanegra (which was great). Then I hit the gym in the evening to lift some weights. All in all a great day.

Today was another early morning with House Rabbit duties preceding the run. It snowed throughout the day which made the run a bit more interesting than it might have been otherwise. Overall I felt okay… not super but okay. I do like that 12 miles has become routine for me at this point. Glad to be back up to the fitness level that finds me feeling 12 miles is a fairly short run.

This week will be very mellow. Taking tomorrow off from working to play on my birthday then have a fairly busy 3 days before I head out to Moab. Getting pretty fired up to go run in the desert. Apparently the race is full so it should be a lot of fun.