The darkness…

Feb 4 Night run
Mtn. Meadows loops

The will to win means nothing if you haven’t the will to prepare. ~ Juma Ikangaa

Thurs 4 Feb: 00:29, 2.94 miles, Easy neighborhood night run

Snow flurries and light wind traced patterns in the glow of my headlamp as I made my way through Mountain Meadows  for my first night run in a long time. It was good to be back, honestly. I hope to make night runs a more regular part of my training since a) they mix things up a bit, providing some variety when moving along familiar terrain and b) to train myself to run in these conditions as night running is part of any longer ultra event.

I commented to Rach after my run how nice it is to be able to find a fixed average pace and keep that consistent along a variety of terrain. I ended up averaging just over 10-minute miles and kept my heartrate down to 140 bpm average. Not too shabby given that there are a couple of climbs along the route. Finished the run strongly and was treated to another in a long string of amazing meals prepared by my sweetie. Her ability to provide tasty treats is unparalleled. It’s like living with a master chef, only with less yelling, no goofy hats and 7 times the cute.