RIP Skip…

Skipper Dipper
Skipper doin' the flop.

You were sitting backstage in a dress. A perfect mess. ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sat 27 Feb: 00:40, 4.18 miles, Treadmill barefoot and weights
Sun 28 Feb: 3:55, 24.35 miles, North Boulder LSD

Quick update since I have been on the computer way too long today. The running news this weekend was all good. In contrast to other events. Our beloved bunny, Skipper/Skipper-Doodle/Skipper-Dipper, died this weekend. He was an awesome, HUGE New Zealand with the sweetest disposition and a knack for making friends. He came to us with serious problems with his jaw and Rach nursed him through multiple surgeries and many late nights. He delivered the goods, always excited to see us and to hop his big butt around for our entertainment. He will be sorely missed.

On the running front, I put in some barefoot miles on Saturday on the Treadmill then lifted some weights. Barefooting is interesting and I am fascinated by the biomechanics of it. Since my experiment last week where I noticed a marked jump in effort after switching to shoes mid-run from barefoot, I have been paying a lot of attention to my stride and how it affects my efficiency. On Saturday, I warmed up for 30 minutes barefoot and felt great. When I switched to shoes, I felt a lot less great and started to immediately experience tightness in my glute. I removed my insoles and that helped a bit but not completely. Interesting stuff. Going to keep my eyes on it.

Sunday, I jammed down to Boulder for a Long, Slow Day. Warmed up for about 9-10 minutes (1+ miles), then joined the group for a tour of the back-roads between Boulder and Lyons. Felt very relaxed (average heartrate: 144) and relatively sporty (average pace: 9:42) throughout. Got full expression in my right hip, which is something for which I have been striving for a couple months now and felt smooth and fluid throughout. Excellent.

Finished February with a good 52+ mile week and ended the month with 157+ miles and one race under my belt. All in all… not too shabby.