It’s all a puzzle

Where’s that red one gonna go? ~ Eli Cash

Tues 13 Apr: 00:39, 4.86 miles, Mtn Meadows surges
Wed 14 Apr: 1:30, 10.5 miles, Gap Road Racoon Trail Thorne Lake tempo
Thurs 15 Apr: 00:26, 3 miles, Mtn Meadows loop barefoot

Coming around at this point for sure but still not back to “normal”. Working on it for sure but apparently this is going to take a little time. Not one of those things one can rush.

Overall, I feel like I am in a pretty good place right now. Feeling fit (when not puking my guts out), way ahead of where I was in ’07 (looking at my training from that year just makes me shake my head) and healthy – all great signs for a successful season. The events of last week could have come at a better time but definitely could have been much worse.

The next few weeks are going to be wacky so I’ll have to get in what I can get in and be at peace with whatever numbers fall out. I would go super long this weekend but that would be ill-advised so I’ll hope to go medium-long and finish with a smile. Next weekend my dad is getting married so I’ll have to work training runs around his schedule a bit and the following weekend I head to Palm Springs for another wedding. Again, my run will have to be threaded among other activities.

But May, June and July await and I am pumped to ramp up the mileage and get teed up for a successful run at Leadville. I have put all the pieces on the table and now just need to make them all fit together.


Now I’ve done it…

Gentlemen, start your engines. ~ That guy who starts car races

Just signed up for two races: The Sage Burner in Gunnison on May 23rd and the Dirty Thirty in Golden Gate Canyon State Park on June 6th. Both are 50K events that I’ll be treating as training races for the potential big event, Leadville. Still haven’t pulled the trigger on that but am feeling more and more confident that I’ll be able to commit to it soon.

This past week saw several more ski days (up to day 52 now) and some great runs. Still haven’t eclipsed the 2 hour mark but am guessing that will come very soon. I did three runs this week: Sanitas on Tuesday, Crazy Snow Woods Run on Thursday and Green Mountain on Friday. I am not feeling super strong but my knee isn’t bugging me at all, which is a plus. Now I can just focus on resolving the psoas thing and be back on track.

I bailed on skiing today, just wasn’t in the mood, really and stayed home with Rach to hang out and watch movies. Just what the doctor ordered. I may head up tomorrow to either catch Eldora’s final hoorah for the year or see what other plans can be hashed out for Sunday shenanigans.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.


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