Funday ride…

The greatest delicacies taste of nothing when eaten alone. ~ Hanshiro Tsugumo

Yesterday: Ride – Ned area, 2.25 hours
Today: Rest
Tomorrow: Road Ride – Ward, 2.5 hours

Yesterday’s ride was a blast. Megan met me in Ned and we hit the West Mag trails with a vengeance. Just a fun jaunt in the woods. There are some cool trails up there, many of which I have ridden in the past but things change so frequently that they seem new every time I am on them.

It is really funny how that works. It is the same for skiing, running, hiking… many very familiar places seems so different as their conditions are changed by weather conditions, traffic, the time of day or year. One day a trail can be buttery smooth and the next rutted and bumpy. One thing I have noticed as I now have logged a full year of consistent training is that the same trail can become a totally new experience just based on the day and time one happens to be on it. I have seen familiar trails from the heat of summer to snow and ice-covered in winter; in rain, sun and darkness; painted with the blossoms of Spring and the equally glorious canvas of Fall. This has been quite a year and I hope to continue this adventure for many more to come.

The leg gave me some problems yesterday but I am coping. That is pretty much all I can do at this point. Not worth getting all tweaked about it. I just need to figure out the best ways to approach the problem and do what I can to make it better. Not worth getting all stressed about for sure. That just wouldn’t be productive use of time and energy.

Movie time: Pete recommended the film Harakiri a couple of weeks ago and I finally had the time to watch it. This fine film was penned by Shinobu Hoshimoto (Rashomon) and is one of those fantastic movies that you want to watch again once you get to the end. Superbly crafted and acted, Harakiri unfolds slowly and builds to a conclusion that exemplifies filmmaking at its best. Highly recommended.


Fun run…

Progress comes from the intelligent use of experience. ~ Elbert Hubbard

Yesterday: Run – Casa del Critters/Flume, 1 hour 15 minutes
Today: Ride/Hike/Relax
Tomorrow: Run/Hike – Pawnee/Buchanan Passes, 6 hours?

Yesterday I ran around the house. Not literally, mind you, but in the neighborhood. It was a gorgeous evening – calm, cool. Perfect. The wildflowers are really starting to take off up here and I was treated with a bold display of color throughout my run. Tons of Columbine lined the trailside as I ran on old mining roads and singletrack trails.

It is really fun to see how much differently I am able to handle familiar terrain. I used to have difficulties running this loop and would have to walk major sections. Last night, I ran the entire loop without trouble and was able to moderate my speed to maintain a steady cadence through the run. Good times.

Contracting is staying steady. A bit of a drop-off this week given the holiday but I am still managing to put in a decent number of hours. I picked up another new project today and will need to get started immediately to ensure that it gets completed on time.

Tomorrow, we are going to head up Pawnee Pass and loop back around to Buchanan Pass in the northern Indian Peaks Wilderness. This should be a fun challenge as we’ll get up pretty high, have to navigate some snow (most likely) and will be out for quite awhile. I am looking forward to it for sure.

Movie time: I forgot to mention Shopgirl, a Steve Martin vehicle, we watched the other night. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but found this to be a charming film about loneliness. It was well acted and would recommend it for sure. The pacing is steady throughout and some might find it a little on the slow side but it was an engaging film that had a lot to say without being overly sappy.



Be the ball, Danny. ~ Ty Webb

Yesterday, I hit the links with my parents. It was a beautiful day in Gunnison and great to be outside. I shot a 102 which, for me, isn’t too shabby. I am not much of a golfer but am improving a bit. It was good to have a solid couple of rest days as my ankle is bugging me quite a bit. It feels and acts very similarly to a wrist injury I sustained at the start of the ski season that was diagnosed as tendonitis so I am guessing that is the verdict. I’ll need to get in to see someone about it as soon as possible in order to be able to get back to training. Dr. Paul, here I come.

Today, I may go for a bike ride to see how that affects my ankle problem. Hopefully, I will be able to find something relatively low impact so that I can keep my hours up while recovering. I still haven’t gotten out to explore the trails around our house and would like to link a couple of things up this summer. There is some fun, non-technical stuff in this area and new loops seem to appear every season. I’d like to build a couple more technical descents and keep searching for good places to put them in. The Flume is my current favorite and just needs a dirt hook-up to make it really good. Maybe that will be my other summer project.


Take two…

It doesn’t matter if you try and try and try again, and fail. It does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again. ~ Charles Kettering

Today we’ll shoot for Cirque de Boulder (modified) vs. Luke and Stu round two. The first shot at this run ended earlier than planned. This time, we are cutting out about 7 miles of pavement (the first 7 miles as shown on the map above) and the weather is supposed to be significantly better so I am optimistic about our chances for success.

We’ll start shortly after 4 at the Kelso trailhead and run counter-clockwise on trails around Boulder, finishing at the Bobolink trailhead about 23 miles later. This will eliminate almost all running on pavement and should improve our chances.

Yesterday, I tried to find my max heartrate by doing hill repeats. I am not sure if I got there or not but I did see 190 which, for now at least, will be considered my upper limit. This makes me feel pretty good about running around in the mid 140s as my target for long runs. I actually think I can do that. My resting rate was 44 the other day, which is pretty low for me. A good measure of fitness so I am pleased.

I am heading to Gunnison tomorrow to spend some time with my parents. I’ll probably go for an early morning run on Saturday but plan to take tomorrow off and maybe play a round of golf. I will be back in town Sunday and will likely try to do a run and a hike depending upon how the legs are feeling after tonight’s effort.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to do at least one all-night run prior to Leadville. I’ll be looking to start around 10pm or midnight and run until dawn. I think this will be important training for my overall success in the event. I am currently working out the details and will keep you posted.

Incidentally, if you think I’m crazy, I just read that some guy is going to spin laps on Sanitas all day today. He started at 7:00 this morning and plans to finish his 15th lap around midnight. We run through there on our route so hopefully, we’ll hook up with him for the brief descent of the main valley trail. Good stuff.

Ping me if you want to join in the fun and/or games this evening.


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