Heading up…

The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. ~ Hunter S. Thompson

Bob is swinging by around 10 and then we are heading up the hill to Leadville. We have to pick up our race packs by 2 (I find this to be annoying, at best) and then are going to find a place to camp for the night. We’ll probably do a short run, take a dip in the lake or sit in one of the area’s 38 degree creeks, grab some grub and then get our sleep on prior to tomorrow’s big event.

The course is a 25-mile out and back along double-track historic mining roads to the east of Leadville. Overall altitude gain of about 7800′. All at 10,000+ elevation. Good times. Last year, I did the first 50 of the Leadville 100 course in about 12:30 (similar elevation gain over that distance) so I am thinking I should be able to get this done in 12 and may push for 10 if I am feeling well. My main goal is to finish, however.

I won’t be posting during the event but will keep you updated here or on my Twitter account when I am able. Check in and keep track of the progress.


Just not sure…

[insert quote here]

Post run on Tuesday, I was pretty sure that I was going to give the Leadville 50 a go. It leaves the gate on the 20th of July and I gave myself until mid-June to figure out if I was ready or not. Tuesday, I had a great run around the neighborhood. 10+ miles in under 2 hours. Felt spectacular the whole way, dinked around the woods a little on some new trails I discovered last week, etc. After yesterday’s effort, however, I am not so certain about my 50-mile aspirations this July.

I headed out around 10 for what I was hoping would turn into a 20+ miler. I started up the neighborhood trails and worked my way down to the far end of the Beav’ reaching the highway in just over 6 miles at a strong pace. I actually felt great, smooth, fit. A good start to the day.

I ran down the highway for a bit and then jumped on CR97 which links up to Magnolia. I walked the steeper sections but still felt like things were going as planned. Once I hit Mag, I headed east and then up the Blue Dot trail. Starting to feel a little fatigued and having problems keeping my heartrate down, I backed off a bit once I got on the dots and then just started feeling worse and worse. I ran out of water about 2 hours in with another 20 or so to Ned. Bummer. This wasn’t helping my performance at all.

I found a house with an outside faucet, filled up and guzzelled the fresh water pretty much immediately then stopped in to the grocery store to refill (per plan) and to buy a soda. By this point, I was really sweaty, fatigued and uncertain about my ability to finish the run as planned.

I headed out towards the Highschool trails at a brisk walk with intermittent running but mostly just walking at about a 15-minute pace. Once I got to the trails, I re-evaluated my condition, the amount of time/distance to go and my current effort and decided that the shortest way home with a chance of rescue was the best plan. I was still able to walk at a decent pace and run a little but getting stuck out in the woods just didn’t seem like a terrific plan. I texted in the troops (Rach) and headed back to the Peak to Peak in order to ease a pick up.

She got the message and came down to Ned to pick me up. I was about a mile west of Ned by the time she reached me (not knowing whether or not she received the message) and that ended my day. 16+ miles 3+ hours. Not pretty.

I am really not sure what happened. Perhaps I went out too fast, didn’t eat enough, just wasn’t feeling it… probably a combination of those things. The heat (if you want to call it that) was a bit of a problem for me but I will have to deal with that if I am to do the race so I need to keep training in the mid-day hours. I may give it another shot over the weekend and see if I can manage to keep it together for 25 – 30 miles or not. I feel okay today but slept for a long time last night. We’ll just have to see. Leadville or no, I plan to keep on running as it does make me happy.

Post run, Rach and I headed down to the Bunny Ranch as I wanted to spend some time with her, get a smoothie and some food and she needed to pick up meds from the shelter for Skipper. We came home, whacked down a huge plate of veggie sushi and watched Kurosawa. I had to head to bed about half-way through but enjoyed the film to that point (The Idiot). I’ll have to watch the rest tonight.

So there you have it. Not sure what “it” is, but there you go.


Two days…

Let’s see how many turns we can make down this little pitch. ~ Luke Miller (I think…)

Rach always says that I am a much happier camper when I am able to get out of doors. When confined indoors, I am like a caged bear. So the last couple of days have been happy camperish, for sure. Though I do smell like a caged bear.

Yesterday I went for a run on the snowpacked road on which we live. Not super fast but it was good to get out there. There was some sort of weird inversion going on so it was about 40, which was nice. From our house to the end of the road is about 3.75 miles and about an 800 foot drop to the turn around and I spun pretty even splits. I was definitely whooped and a bit sore today but it felt good to get out there.

Today, I met Luke and Nichole at the Rock for a couple hours of skiing. Salto was open so Luke and I jammed out there for some of the good stuff. Conditions were weird and my legs were missing in action but it was fun to get some turns in on my favorite run at Eldora. I am definitely taking a break tomorrow… Hope to pick things back up on Saturday.

Nichole was doing awesome today. This is her second season (I think) and she is making great tele turns. Great to see her progress for sure. All in all a great couple of days in the high country.



Too much, too soon. ~ Referee – Slapshot

These past few weeks have been crazy. In the past week alone, I have been over to Gunnison twice, logged day 9 on the slopes, super busy with work. Generally frantic.

So I’ll just jump right in…

We are finally getting some snow. Much needed and appreciated. Rach reminded me of an old Eldora maxim – STBG (Stop the Brutal Grooming) – which was in full effect today. We pulled out Luke’s stash of Big Dogs for a full-frontal assault on some tasty pow but were disappointed to find that Eldora slope-control had groomed the hell out of everything. Good times were still had but damn. Hook a brotha up. We have received another 6-8 inches at my house since getting home around noon today so perhaps a quick run up the hill will be in order tomorrow to see if the heinous grooming continues…

To be honest, Leadville has been haunting me a bit since the race. I am pretty confident that I gave it everything I had last summer but think I am going to give it another try in ’09. Too much going on right now to take another stab this year but I think that I’ll be able to tackle it again in a couple years. I may do a 50-miler this summer (Collegiate Peaks Ultra) and would still like to pace if I can find a good match. I haven’t been running much at all and now, with the snow, am probably going to have to find different ways of logging miles. I really miss it, though, so think that is a good sign.

We have been hard at work these past weeks and have continued steady progress on the Quintess site. We launched McLean Forge a couple of weeks ago and have a steady stream of project requests. Good stuff.

I have been taking time to watch a lot of film of late. Here is a run-down of some of the titles:

  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead: Pretty amazing performances in a severely mediocre film.
  • Blades of Glory: Quite amusing. Watch this one.
  • Three Kings: Fairly straightforward narrative but great execution.
  • Flirting with Disaster: Another David O. Russell vehicle. Funny stuff.
  • End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones: Decent rocumentary about a great band.
  • The Bad Seed: Hilarious. Unintentionally so.
  • Curse of the Golden Flower: Not so good.
  • Waiting for Guffman: Not Guest’s best effort but really amusing nonetheless.
  • Secretary: Pretty awesome.
  • Fargo: It has been awhile since I have seen this one. Still really great.

So that about covers it for now. Peace.



The man who looks for security, even in the mind, is like a man who would chop off his limbs in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble. ~ Henry Miller

Yesterday: Run – Casa del Critters, ~1 hour
Today: Singlespeed Ride – Boulder area?, ~2 hours
Tomorrow: Run – High Lonesome?

Pretty definitive there, aren’t I?

So things are winding down for me here at work. Friday is my last day and then I join the ranks of the self employed. I have a bunch of consulting and production work lined up and feel good about this move. It will provide some flexibility in my schedule that will be quite welcome in the coming months and will allow me to build on my strengths in business and strategy development. Plus, my commute will be MUCH shorter!

So I purchased a camera that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. This is the second time in two weeks that I have purchased something with guaranteed delivery that hasn’t been delivered. Both times, they claimed no one was home when, in fact, Rach was there. Lame. As most of you know, we live in a pretty tiny house. Either these guys are knocking VERY softly or are not waiting any time at all for Rach to get to the door. Regardless, I am psyched to get this new camera so that I can post shots more frequently.

Last night I went for a run in the woods around our house. It was cool and raining so I had to bundle up a bit but it was fun to get out in the weather and the sloppy conditions to run around the wilderness. I tried to hook up a new trail someone built but it seems to only be about half-way done at the present moment so I had to bushwhack back around to the main trail. I have explored so much terrain in these woods that I pretty much know my way around at this point. I can remember way back when we first moved to the area and I would get lost up there frequently. Not really “lost” per se but confused about where I was in the grand scheme of the area. In this particular area, if you head one direction for any period of time you will eventually hook up with a road of some sort. You might be a few miles from home but you wouldn’t be too bad off.

So my run went pretty well. It was short but I felt strong. I am looking forward to riding the bike tonight and then cruising through the remainder of the week. This weekend, Rach and I are going to be at the Spring Fling at the House Rabbit Society helping to raise money for the critters. I am hoping to do a very long run on Sunday if anyone is interested.


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