Stupid filters. Doing their job…

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. ~ Albert Einstein

So you may recall my detailing some motorcycle woes awhile back. At that point, I attributed the stalling problems to heat. Well, yesterday I was heading down to Boulder for an Adventure Film get together and it happened again. And let me tell you… it wasn’t heat related since the weather was quite cool.

So I abandoned my efforts to get to Boulder and ran by my local cycle shop/mechanic (Earl at Earl’s Motor Sports) to see if he had any thoughts. Not really, so I scheduled to bring the bike in to him today and limped the beast home.

I tried one last, hail Mary and called Jesse at Kientech Engineering who is an expert on all things Suzuki DR related. Voicemail. Damn. Nearly 2 hours later (8:45 our time), he calls me back and recommends that I try popping the secondary fuel filter out since it usually doesn’t do much as the first filter gets the majority of the gook out. All I can say is that these guys are super nice and I couldn’t believe he called me back that late at night. Just awesome service.

So I ordered a couple of parts to make the call worth his while then decided I couldn’t wait to check and headed out to the garage to inspect the pre-carb filter. When I popped that sucker out, I found it to be completely gunked up. Full of sediment and other gross, black stuff. WOW! So instead of taking Jesse’s advice completely and tossing the little guy, I cleaned it out and crammed it back in place. I figure if it is that full of goop, it is probably serving a purpose at this point, ya know? I will put that on my list of regular maintenance/things to check.

So I am guessing this is going to help my bike out A LOT! Gotta love simple fixes and people willing to take the time to call you back.