Rub some dirt on it and get back in there. ~ Coach Sanders

Another long week on the work-front but managed to get in quite a few high-quality runs. Capped the week off with a 20-mile effort on Sunday. Felt okay for most of it but faded pretty hard at the end. Guessing this does not bode well for a particularly blazing time at Denver but whatchagonnado? Just having fun on the 17th will be plenty and knowing me, I’ll put in a decent go for at least a good portion of the race.

Now on to the slough run… I used to take the day off after longer/more intense efforts but have grown to really appreciateĀ  a short, easy run the following day. This run usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and works really well to shake off any soreness/tightness and get the legs moving again. I have found that it decreases my recovery time markedly and gets me moving back in the right direction. During the lead-up to the ’08 Silver Rush, I even did some doubles which seemed to have a similar, positive influence.

Any helpful recovery tricks up your proverbial sleeve?


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