Back on that pony…

Ya gots ta sass it. ~ Homer Simpson

Mon 22 Feb: 00:19, 2.375 miles, track barefoot
Tues 23 Feb: 00:48, 5.58 miles, North Boulder loop with surges
Wed 24 Feb: 1:41, 12.19 miles, Watson Park tempo
Thurs 25 Feb: 00:41, 4.2 miles, Neighborhood snow run

Great training so far this week supported, as usual by Rach’s yummy, vegan cooking. “Yummy” modifies “cooking” in case you mis-read. No vegans were cooked. It might be interesting to keep track of actual caloric intake sometime but given that everything Rach makes is from scratch, that might prove to be more of a challenge than it’s worth. But I am guessing the number is large. And probably a little scary.

I got back after it on Monday with a short run on the track. Opted to go with the Vibram KSOs to continue to hone the barefoot stride as it seems to not only be more efficient, but causing my calves to want to secede. Guessing it will just take a little time to get them to fall into line and actually, as runs progress, they start to loosen up. Anyone else out there running barefoot with advice? Any would be welcomed.

I also hit the weights for a couple of quick circuits. Really think adding strength training to the regimen is helping out. Thanks again to Duncan Callahan for the info.

Tuesday’s run, as Marcia Brady would say, was just dreamy. Dropped Sharkey III off at Super Rupair and spun a lap in North Boulder. About a quarter of the run was on the snowpacked Foothills Trail then I moved on to the slab for some surges. Really continued to work on the barefoot stride and I believe that the results were positive. Great run overall for sure.

I jammed back down to Boulder Wednesday morning for a run with the group. Warmed up around the Res for about 45 minutes then joined Art and Scott for tempo. We spun low 7s until Scott dropped the hammer and the group split up a bit. I continued to roll low 7s for 6 miles total then cooled down for about 15 minutes. Terrific run.

Today I headed out again, this time in a pretty serious blizzard. Felt good to get out there in crappy conditions and I spun easy sub 10s for about 40 minutes around the ‘hood. Felt great. Depending upon how much snow we get, I may have to head up to the slopes tomorrow morning for a few turns. Will play that one by ear and keep you posted.


Quick recovery…

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. ~ Randy Pausch

Mon 15 Feb: 00:30, 2.96 miles, ‘Hood loop night run
Tues 16 Feb: 00:41, 4.05 miles, Janet’s house surges
Wed 17 Feb: 1:39, 10.73 miles, Watson tempo

Really not sure how much “recovery” I had to do post-race as I felt fine immediately afterward (once I got rehydrated and some food in me) but training this week has progressed without incident. I took Sunday off then did a quick night run on Monday. Love running at night. It was quite chilly, however (~5°F) so it wasn’t really a run I wanted to extend in any way. Felt a bit fatigued at the start but as time went by I felt better and better.

Tuesday, I met with Janet and did a few surges and shot some video. We’re making a lot of micro-adjustments now as I seem to have done a pretty good job of evolving my stride to be more efficient and fluid. I still don’t make it look effortless but am getting there.

Yesterday, I headed down to Boulder early and warmed up around Boulder Reservoir. Just took it easy, didn’t worry about pace or anything but loosening up and getting warm. After a few surges, we started the tempo portion of the run along the streets north of Coot Lake. I was planning to roll 8s but felt so well I decided to just let it flow and ended up in the mid-to-low 7s for the 5-mile tempo. Cooled down and called it good. Which it was.

Working today then heading to the Butte with Pete tomorrow for a weekend of skiing. Looks like the conditions aren’t terrible there so I am looking forward to getting in a couple of fun days on the home turf. I am in terrible ski shape right now so we’ll be taking it pretty easy. Still skiing all the fun stuff but not raging all day like usual. Other than hoping A-Basin opens up hiking terrain on East Wall (mostly so I can log some high-altitude stair repeats), I am considering this season a bit of a wash. Happens… just hasn’t in a long, long time.

Tentatively putting the 24-hours of Moab back on the schedule as a team event with Sean. That should be fun. We’ll just do the 12-hour event and I’ll keep you posted about that being finalized.



Patience, Grasshopper. ~ Master Po

Tues 9 Feb: 00:40, 4.2 miles, Treadmill surges
Wed 10 Feb: 00:39, 4.8 miles, Boulder Creek Path progressive tempo

First of all, my birthday rocked. Went skiing at Eldora in the morning (very briefly) then headed down the hill with Rach to see the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Really enjoyed that film. We then jammed back home, stopping to pick up food at Kathmandu in Nederland. Then some serious kickin’ it was thrown down. All in all, a great way to spend my birthday.

Tuesday I was back at it and hit the gym after meetings in Denver to do a quick, easy run with some surges. Felt fantastic, frankly and spun easy 10s with a few surges thrown in for good measure. Then I did a couple circuits in the weight room and called it a night.

Today I had more meetings in Denver and then a client hike/meeting in Boulder. Hiking Sanitas and talking shop were both great. Still a bit snowpacked and icy in spots but nothing too horrendous. I then got in a quick run along the Boulder Creek Path at dusk. Glute/hamstring was a bit tight throughout and I have a very poor ability to monitor my efforts but overall it was a great run. Yeah, I went a bit too fast but I had fun, dammit.

Tomorrow will be race prep day then I hit the road Friday morning to head to Moab for the race. Looking forward to it for sure. Just need to work on my throttle control.


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