Heat and Stus do not mix…

I’m Mr. Heat Blister, I’m Mister Hundred and One. ~ Heat Miser

It is amazing how intolerant of heat I am. Yesterday, I was in Boulder and my run got delayed until around noon. It definitely wasn’t what I would consider “hot” down there but I suffered a bit nonetheless. Maybe I had just prepared myself for an easier time but my heartrate was through the roof all day. I must admit, I was having a hard time not running too fast (which contributed for sure) but my heartrate in general was just a lot higher than normal.

This could all be attributed to lots of different issues – from base fatigue to the physiology of how one’s body keeps cool. I am guessing it is a combination of factors. My sleep patterns have been a bit screwed up of late (getting to bed a lot later than normal) and I have been training more consistently as well. I am sure both these have contributed to my current state (which isn’t bad, mind you). Those items, coupled with my heart having to work harder to push blood closer to the surface of my skin in order to cool me off in warmer temps is probably what did it.

In any event, I had a fairly hectic morning then finally got out for an 8-mile loop around central Boulder. I am able to maintain increased speeds on flat roads (which is nice) and aside from the overheating, felt okay. My legs were turning over well and so I worked on form and then did some strides at the end. All in all, a pretty good run.

On Sunday, I did a 13-mile loop up by my place and tried to keep a steady pace of 8:45-9:30 pacing. I spun the loop in just under 2-hours, which is averaging about 9-minute miles. This was supposed to be an aerobic endeavor but trying to keep that steady pace up hills at altitude definitely pushed me up into “going too hard” territory on a few occasions. I may just switch to heartrate training or something to ensure that I don’t overdo it.

Tomorrow, I have a 10-miler scheduled and will be down in Boulder again. Might jump on some trails down there just for kicks or run their awesome network of bike paths. I’ll try to get out earlier this time so as to not get stuck in the heat. Anyone up for a run?


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