Honk if I start to doze off. ~ Rach

Well I clearly haven’t been keeping up with things around here and am determined to not let things get that out of hand again. Here is a rundown of activities and whatnot over the past couple of weeks:

  • Running: I haven’t been getting out nearly as often as I would like but when I HAVE gotten out, it has been quite good. Since I signed up to do the Las Vegas Marathon in December, I have started trying to focus more on faster pacing. So far I have come to realize that a) running fast is tough and b) I am not very fast. I did a 7-mile run last week in the woods that went really well. I think I kept about a 10-minute pace without killing myself. On Tuesday I ran a 13-miler in Gunnison in about 1:50 or so. I even spun 4 laps on the track to see how fast I can run a mile (not very). Interesting that my “fastest” mile pace is about 7 minutes but I can hook up multiple 7:45s. Gonna have to work on that. Overall, I feel good about where I am right now as I have a long time before the marathon. I’ll probably screw everything up by tossing in a 50-miler sometime in the next couple of months but that is pretty typical of me.
  • Gunnison: I spent the last few days over in Gunny visiting with family and friends. We held my mom’s memorial service on Wednesday so there were a ton of people in town. It was great to get to see everyone but I am a bit exhausted from the festivities. Rach showed how awesome she is by coming over for the service and then entertaining our niece, Kailey for the evening (as well as everyone else). She is taking a well-deserved nap right now.
  • Golf: I continue to stink it up on the course. I did okay on the front 9 (playing with my dad, brother and uncle, John) but fell apart on the back 9. I am guessing finishing a half-marathon less than an hour before tee time didn’t help me any but really, I probably would have been just as bad regardless.
  • Bears: Saw a bear up at my aunt and uncle’s (Betty and Dale) place in Spring Creek. Always neat seeing the big critters.
  • Loss: One of our most beloved bunnies died Monday morning. Poor Sean. He was a great fella and a good friend. I will miss him a ton.

So that’s the Cliff’s Notes version. I’ll be better about updates in the future.


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