Go long…

Don’t bail: The best gold is at the bottom of the barrels of crap. – Randy Rausch

Sun 14 Mar: 4:41, 29.18 miles, North Boulder road/trail loop

While running on the dirt road system North of Boulder yesterday, I commented about the amazing feeling one gets when 2 hours of running just ticks by. We were about 12 miles into what would eventually become a 29+ mile Sunday jaunt and I realized that I had reached the point in my training where things are starting to really click. My mileage has increased to the point where I can go out for hours at a time without too much stress and a lot of satisfaction.

Yesterday, I started solo then hooked up with Art Ives. We then met up with the group to form a solid pack of about 10. It was chilly and a bit windy but everything just felt right. Cloud cover built throughout the day but nothing seemed to get in the way of forward progress and Art and I quickly settled into a nice rhythm that saw us slide off the front of the group. It was just one of those days where I was able to sustain a steady pace without a ton of effort. Good times.

We made our way back West and jumped on the Foothills Trail. What a joy to be back on trails, if only for a short period of time. Soon we hit the Boulder Valley Ranch trail system then split up, leaving me solo, once again, to complete the run.

In increasing drizzle, I spun through mile 26.2 in 4:14 and polished up the final 3 miles in 27 minutes. Finished strongly, on target and smiling all the way. A great early-season effort.



Patience, Grasshopper. ~ Master Po

Tues 9 Feb: 00:40, 4.2 miles, Treadmill surges
Wed 10 Feb: 00:39, 4.8 miles, Boulder Creek Path progressive tempo

First of all, my birthday rocked. Went skiing at Eldora in the morning (very briefly) then headed down the hill with Rach to see the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Really enjoyed that film. We then jammed back home, stopping to pick up food at Kathmandu in Nederland. Then some serious kickin’ it was thrown down. All in all, a great way to spend my birthday.

Tuesday I was back at it and hit the gym after meetings in Denver to do a quick, easy run with some surges. Felt fantastic, frankly and spun easy 10s with a few surges thrown in for good measure. Then I did a couple circuits in the weight room and called it a night.

Today I had more meetings in Denver and then a client hike/meeting in Boulder. Hiking Sanitas and talking shop were both great. Still a bit snowpacked and icy in spots but nothing too horrendous. I then got in a quick run along the Boulder Creek Path at dusk. Glute/hamstring was a bit tight throughout and I have a very poor ability to monitor my efforts but overall it was a great run. Yeah, I went a bit too fast but I had fun, dammit.

Tomorrow will be race prep day then I hit the road Friday morning to head to Moab for the race. Looking forward to it for sure. Just need to work on my throttle control.


Slow and low…

Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. ~ William Faulkner

Sun: 3:00, 18 miles, LSD road and trails

Ah, the long slow day. Time to reflect, mingle and just keep putting one foot in front of the other for 3 hours or so.

Today I met up with the group in Boulder to get in some time on the old feet. I parked at the mall then jogged over to Pott’s Field for the meet up. After a short delay, we were off, making our way through the mostly abandoned Boulder surface streets on a crisp, cool Sunday morning.

We headed west and ended up at Eben G. Fine park at the mouth of Boulder Canyon then meandered up to Chautauqua. Enchanted Forest to Mesa to Bear featured mixed running with variable conditions. Many areas were completely dry but north-facing sections were icy. If you are planning to log longer hours Mesa-west, traction might be advisable.

One item of note: there were TONS of runners out today on Mesa. Many traveling in packs and most who really appeared to know what they were doing (vs. casual runners). Boulder is a running town but this was an interesting phenomenon, even for Boulder. Great to see groups of people out there getting after it for sure.

After jamming back down Bear Canyon Drive we worked surface streets again to Martin Park then jumped back on Boulder’s extensive network of bike paths. With about an hour remaining in my scheduled run, I headed back north flying solo and picked up the tempo to try to log a full 18 miles in the 3-hours scheduled. Mission accomplished.

I learned some things today: I can sustain a mellow pace for a significant amount of time; public restrooms are available at the Chautauqua dining hall if you need them; miles tick off quickly when running with a large group (I actually knew this one); I sweat like a hypertensive gorilla even when it is cold out (um… I knew this too).

All in all, it was a very good run. I did have some lingering issues later in the effort with the spot between my shoulder blades catching fire and some slight abdominal and sciatic nerve involvement but post run I wasn’t completely wiped out nor do I feel damaged in any way. I even had the energy to do a little more work on the house I started yesterday. Project finished. Bring on the snow!




They need dip-tet boosters yearly or they develop lockjaw and night vision. ~ Dot

1:30, 11 miles, tempo

Got my run on this morning then went to the doc for a check-up and tetanus shot. All appears to be doing well with the bod and I didn’t even feel the shot. That nurse was a magician, I tell ya. Either that or she faked the whole thing and is selling my tetanus medication on the black market.

Ran tempo this morning and almost missed the train. Started at around 75th and Jay in Boulder and leisurely ran up to the starting point only to remember that I forgot to slather on the Body Glide. This… ladies and gentlemen, is a problem. So I started my tempo early and jammed back to the car then pushed the pace up Jay to meet with the Wednesday tempo crew. I made it with seconds to spare (well, or a few late) and ran a progressively faster tempo for just under 5 miles at which point I shut ‘er down and jogged back to the car. Good, solid run for me and I really felt great throughout.

Took Beep-kitty to the vet this morning as she had some follow-up surgery from a lump we discovered last week that proved to be cancerous. Dr. Bock felt like the procedure went really well and that he got good margins. The lab results should be back in a day or two then we’ll know for sure but she seems to be recovering nicely at this point.

I also got my old G4 desktop back from the shop and it is in need of a power supply. That’s $400 so the old girl may get repurposed as a liquor cabinet or a planter or something since that is about $100 more than the stupid thing is worth. (Purchased in ’03 for ~$3000 – lovely.)

Tomorrow work and a quick, easy run.



We have the technology. ~ Narrator

1:28, 10.77, 55 minutes tempo

Tempo runs can get a little interesting. Today’s was mellow at the start, then smooth and awesome, then pretty miserable. Typical, really – but the wheels really came off about 45-50 minutes in. Especially when I tried to keep up with Art who was spinning 6:40s. Not pretty.

I parked just over 2.5 miles from the start and warmed up on the paths and roads of east Boulder. Then we did a few strides and queued up for tempo – splitting into about 3 groups. This is the third week I have come out to run with this group and it is a lot of fun to get in some good miles with other runners. My group started second to last with Art chasing and moved along at a pretty steady 7:30ish pace. Fairly sustainable from my perspective. About mile 3 I was feeling solid and kicked it up a notch to about 7:15s.

Overall, I wasn’t feeling super red hot today. I was still wearing the effects of Sunday’s long run and yesterday’s massage left me feeling a bit clunky. I ran alone for the next couple of miles then heard Art rapidly approaching so I slowed a bit to let him catch then tried to keep up as we ran past my starting point and across Valmont. He actually toned it down a bit from his standard 6:40 pace (I think) but I was unable to match that for long and soon turned back around to finish up my scheduled 55 minutes (poorly) then run some semblance of cool down.

All in all it was a great run. I was able to push myself and run very relaxed, just wasn’t quite able to keep up with someone faster and vastly more experienced than I. Nothing to be worried about for sure. Just part of what one has to experience to get better, stronger, faster.


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