Countdown to lift-off…

What is without periods of rest will not endure. ~ Ovid

Tues Aug 3: 00:27, 2.86 miles, Casa Trails
Wed Aug 4: 1:38, 11.71 miles, Boulder Road Circuit
Thurs Aug 5: 00:41, 3.24 miles, Janet’s House
Sat Aug 6: 3:15, 16.00 miles, High Lonesome via Devil’s Thumb
Sun Aug 7: 2:26, 13.11 miles, Mesa Trail
Total: 8:30, 46.91, 7931′ vert

Light first week of taper with a few strong efforts. Took Monday off then just relaxed on Tuesday. I felt the need to run fast on Wednesday so tossed out a pretty solid tempo run in the rain. Saturday featured a great run up high on High Lonesome and I finished off the week with a solo night run on Mesa Trail.

High Lonesome is still one of my favorite places to be and it was great to get up there again. There were a ton of people up there, enjoying the scenery and beautiful weather. The double Mesa run was a lot of fun as well. I felt really strong on the way out and then managed to spin negative splits for the return trip. No kitty or bear sightings but I did see a rattlesnake who was a little displeased with my presence.

In taper mode at this point. One more medium weekend, then full rest, lots of eating of Rach’s awesome food and final prep for the race. Good stuff.


One thought on “Countdown to lift-off…”

  1. Stu,
    Bill and I were with your Dad and Donna last night at the Collins’ house and they were so proud of you!
    Wish you could have heard the accolades!
    Janey Scott, Gunnison and Lawton, OK

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