Trigger pulled…

What’s it gonna be, punk? ~ Harry Callahan

Tues 20 Apr: 00:46, 5.22 miles, Mtn. Meadows/Beaver surges
Wed 21 Apr: 2:01, 13 miles, Boulder tempo – Dearborne
Thurs 22 Apr: 00:50, 5.25 miles, Boulder Janet’s house easy

Good solid week of training thus far. Feeling fit, back to health and ready to get after it. So much so that I pulled the trigger on Leadville and received confirmation that I am in and running this year’s LT100 on August 21. Whee!

Tuesday I was feeling slightly unmotivated but once I got out, felt terrific. Just kinda went with the flow with 7 surges on our road after a short tour of the neighborhood for a warm up. Added one hill sprint for good measure and felt like it was a good, organic run. Just did my surges wherever they felt right, mixed it up a bit and had fun. The perfect kick-off to the week.

Yesterday, I jammed down to Boulder for a tempo run. Warmed up for 1:20 or so super easy and even managed to hook up with Art Ives for part of the warm up. Totally unintentionally, at that. It felt kinda cool to dump out onto Baseline right as he passed coming from a totally different starting point. So we ran together through east Boulder farmland to the start and then started our tempo together.

I was running far less than Art so I peeled off the front after about 3 miles of steadily decreasing splits and finished my 5 miles strongly with negative splits overall: 7:30, 7:15, 6:55, 6:54, 6:42. Not blazing at all but comfortable and strong for the likes of me.

Today I met with Janet and just ran super easy. We worked on a couple of wacky form items that continue to make me a bit less efficient than I might otherwise be. Talked a bit about Pbville strategy, nutrition and crew and whatnot and generally got pretty pumped for the event. So when I got home, I signed up.

Things are falling into place. Rach has me on a super-healthy diet, I am feeling really healthy and have a positive mindset. The next two weeks will be a bit goofy as I have weddings both weekends (head to Colorado Springs tomorrow for Dad’s event then Palm Springs next Friday to see my buddy, John get hitched). I’ll be working in runs during both weekends, however and hope to really keep things moving in the right direction for a good kick-off to the last 120 days before the big event.

Thanks to Bob, Lindsay, Pete, Edy, Brad and Jess for offering to crew again this year. Hoping Janet and Art will do some pacing and, as always, I can’t say enough about how much help Rach is. Amazingly supportive of all the time my training takes and keeps me incredibly well-fed. In fact, she just delivered another kick-ass meal to me as I write this. Time to eat!


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