And the winner is…

You know what this is? This, is a perfectly healthy goat kidney. ~ Rach

It’s been a wacky few weeks for sure. I have been feeling really strong of late but am still having ab issues. Seems I can really hammer for several miles then things start to creep up on me to the point where keeping any semblance of a steady pace is not much fun.

So today I headed to the doc for an MRI. Very expensive tube nap.

Results came back quickly and the preliminary diagnosis is Osteitis Pubis – commonly referred to as a Sports Hernia (ed: not true, these are completely different beasts… family docs aren’t very well-versed in this stuff, apparently). Not the best news but at least we can move forward with improved confidence. I have an appointment with Dr. Paul in a couple weeks to review options and to learn more about the extent of the injury. The best part is that I thought it would be a good idea to check out the MRI images… like I knew what the hell I was looking at. Rach pointed out that if you showed me a photo of a healthy goat kidney, I wouldn’t know the difference. Good stuff.

So until then, we’ll play things by ear, see what the plan is and probably start riding more. I talk with another doc tomorrow to see what his short-term thoughts are. Hope to know more in the coming days.

On the plus side, I went over to Gunnison for Dad’s Day and just want to go on record to say that the PGA is in no danger of me coming in there and ruining their image. As usual, I am a horrendous golfer. But it was fun to get out with my pops – even if I was an embarassment. I did hit a few pretty decent shots but I don’t envision a career on the links in my future. Immediate or long-term.

I did have a relatively decent run while in Gunny. Just jammed out on the street for 11 miles. Felt awesome for 7 or so then things went downhill a bit. I definitely went out too fast but also the ab wackiness kicked in with a vengeance starting shortly thereafter and was in full effect by mile 10. It was fun to go fast again, if only for awhile. Street and dirt are two different beasts.

So I’ll keep the reports coming. Keep your fingers crossed.


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